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H.Gravelot in i del. Vot: 2.P: 263.

G.V. Gucht Soul.

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Dramatis Personæ.

Frederick, brother to the Duke, and ufurper of his dukedom.
Amiens, ? Lords attending upon the Duke in bis barij-
Jaques, S ment.
Le Beu, a courtier attending on Frederick.
Oljver eldeft-fon- to Sir Rowland, de Boys, who had for

merly been a fervant to the Duke.

} Younger brothers to Oliver. Adam, an old Servant of Sir Rowland de Boys, now fol

lowing the fortunes of Orlando. Dennis, servant to Oliver., Charles, a wrestler, and servant to the usurping Duke

Touchstone, a clown attending on Celia and Rosalind.

A clown, in love with Audreyr
William, another clown, in love with Audrey.
Sir Oliver Mar-text, a country curate.
Rosalind, daughter to the Duke.
Celia, daughter to Frederick.
Phebe, a shepherdess.
Audrey, a country wo Dukes; with pagés, forefftri,
Lords belonging to the

and other attendants. The SCENE lyes, first, near Oliver's house; and,

afterwards, partly in the Duke's Court; and partly in the Forest of Arden.

} Shepherds.


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S I remember, Adam, it was upon this fashion bequeath'd me by Will

, but a poor thousand crowns ; and, as thou fay'st, charged my brother on his Blef. fing to breed me well; and there begins

my fadness. My brother Jaques he keeps at school, and report speaks goldenly of his profit : for my part, he keeps me rustically at home ; or (to speak more properly) stays me here at home, unkept ; for call you

that keeping for a gentleman of my birth, that differs not from the stalling of an ox? his horses are bred better; for besides that they are fair with their feeding, they are taught their manage, and to chat end riders dearly hired: but I, his brother, gain nothing under him but growth; for the which his animals on his dunghills are as much bound to bim as I. Besides this Nothing that he so plentifully gives me, the Something that Nature gave me, his countenance seems to take from me. He · VOL. II.



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