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Melo-drame of The Three Talismans," amusement of the crowded audienc
also fully realised the expectations assembled to celebrate their Easte
which it had previously excited, and holidays.
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March 23, 1818.-Florlo and Rosa-Sir Launcelot Greaves—The Three Talismans.

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ASTLEY'S AMPHITHEATRE. 'MARCH 23.-This established place over the foot lights is Apollo's head of entertainment was opened for the wilh rays in gold. The pannels are season this evening. when a number of Prince's blue; the styles a light leing beautiful horses which bulonged to Mi. colour, with burnished gold ornament Davis's Stud were added to the cques- The stage boxes are ornamented wit trian department, wilh the accession of silver pilasters, gold trellis work ao some new performers of considerable crimson drapury. The stage doors whit note. Amongst the novellies of the and gold, and in centre of each a gol evening was a comic Pantomime, from lyre. The stage doors and the boxe The Arabian Nights, called the The En. over thein (which are the boxes of ih chanted Horse, written by Mr., W'. Bar. Iwo proprietors) draw back at the sam rymore. Young Jones, (from the Sans time with the frame of ibe Prosceniunt Pareil, was well received as clown: and in order to give 60 feet opening to th aiso Miss Burrell, as guardian of the slage! the audience part of the boos Enchanied lorse. Several splendid is much widened, which has give

were surcessively exhibited, greater space to the riding school, th and great credit is due to Nir. Grieve's ci cle of which is painted as stone work esertions for the improvemeols in the to form a base to the whole. The fronto interior of this house, the appearance the two tiers of boxes and the galler of which called forth loud applauses the are chastely designed in a running orná moment the curtain rose.

ment of diamonds formed oflaurelleares The whole of this extensive Estab. a rosolte in the centre, and tied toge lisent has b:el materially altered ther with a true lovers'-knot, all io gold since last season, by making the inte- on an azure blue ground. light lemon rior, particularly the stage part, con- colour and white styles, which are the sid: rably wider, bigher and longer. The prevailing colours throughout the Thea new Proscenium, or frontispicec, foros tre. The ceiling represenis a dome a l'ic!ure Frame, richly ornamenied, supported by pilasters of Irellis work with ook leaves, roselis, reds, &c. in the centre of which the new ant tastefully displayed in goid; over the superb chandelier, illuminated by gas taulet are the Prince Regent and Duke descends. The new ventilators in the of York's arms, also in goki; the front cieling arc kept in continual motion by dies scine, il landscape, is 40 feet wide the accumulation of air in the Theatre ano 37 high; the above frame is con- -We understand the above improve trived so is to eriend or diminish the ments have cost Messrs Astley and Davis stage to any size the subject may re- upwards of 40001. gaire; in the centre of the Pruscevium

SADLER'S WELLS. March 28.- The attractions of this pany is materially increased by the sce Theatre promise to become as power- cession of Gibbon and the record of ful as in any foriper season. The house Grimaldi, the talents of the former in opened this evening will a new Musi- the vocal, and of the latter in the pan. cal l'iece, a new Pantomine, and a new tomimic department, are justly allowed Aqua-drama, which proved eminently to be of the first order. successful. The sirengih of the com

Naich 23, 1916.-Caught ai Last-The El pente; or, Where is Harlequin -The Ġlieber s oko

The Fire Worshippers,

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It once had such unearthly wealth FOUND ON THE COAST OF MALTA.

As might have brav'd the bandit's stealth!

Still, like your saints' defrauded shrine,

, It boasts its pledge of life divine, Forgotten on this lonely strand, But it has lost the gem, whose worth hab'ect wretchedness how near

Gave beauty to its place on earth
An tea to bin who views thee here!
Like thee en Scotia's wilds he grew

Pledge of my native land, farewell !
Arcs of dars and changeful hue,

Thou art not here, neglected stone! Yer daily coee by science wrought,

The only exile left to dwell

In baleful solitude unknown; Aed care with forms of beauty fraught

Nor bearest thou alone a trace Hea diy farown to whet the glaives

Of love's sweet fable, Psyche's face*. Oficiss Turks and christian slaves !

Those cberub features that express
Yet could those elres alert and bland, The soul all peace and loveliness:
Toa: bover in the purple west,

A heart as firm as thee shall keep
Brizg from one kind consenting hand The beauteous symbol grav'd as deep,
Apie like this, it would be blest

And it may break like thee, but never Parood whatever fairy.wand

Lose the fair image stamp'd for ever, Raised frou ibe geres of Samarcand :

But bes forgetting and forgot,
To bear an saregarded lot,
Ta rate among these rocks away

Aharren and as blank as they-
This, this is wretchedness inore base,

An ADDRESS written by request, and recited

at the Auniversary Festival of the Queen's Peer relie!-than thy resting-place.

Lying.inn Hospital, celebrated at the City Ili jedgid the dreaming anchorite,

of London Tavern, Thursday, March 12, Thai man in Edeo must be blest;

1818. The breath, the spirit of delight, Deelt ooly in the garden's guest.

N.R.A.THE DUKE OF SUSS F.X, K.€.PRESIDENT, Ile why the-e summer-bowess among. So rich in bloom, and sweets, and song ; To Canaan's land, -to Israel's earliest Or os yon land, where lingers all

day, Tut time has sava from glory's fall, The Muse this night would wing ber back. Thes fondly torns my soul to dwell Ou see grey roof-one misty dell? And ask your tears o'er that sad tomb to Why-hat that life's own Eden-tree,

flow, Lene, social love! is there for me. Where Jacob mourn'd, and Rachel slept To rate beneath this dark blue tide

belowThe thesand lamps of ocean glide;

Moment of grief,-of horror, and of dread, Pulsa'd on starry flowers to hear

His infant living, but its parent dead! The conl-seeker warbling near.

Cut off in child-birth's hour, and beauty's Tucse are but pageants that beguile

bloom, Kuck fasey back to Alioe's isle ;

The sainted victim to an early tomb !

While her fond busband, wrapt in muto To ber blae eyes of swifter light, Asd lips with living coral bright

surprise, Can these safice to soothe a fate

With breast convulsed, and wildly gazing The gaudy, yet thus desolate ?

eyes, 0:- dark and fruitless as yon pile

Seem'd listening still for that departed Of coralline that weeds defile,

breath, Is the rich spirit left alone,

And fain would ask, if this indeed be

death :Tu crush'd and harden'd into stone !

But not in ancient years, and tribes alone Ve bigat islanders!-ye mouro'd

Such woes have smitten, and such griefs Yeer cross by felon Franks profan'd,

were known. Bet faithful bearts the plunder scornd Death's sable banner yet remains unfurl'd,

Wbile yet the glorious cross semained ; And pity bleeds, where'er bis shaft is And mine could well your treasures spare

hurl'd: If hope-one holy hope was there: Who then, with feeling mind, and friendly

heart, The Cairngora diamond, or Scotch Such tears can view, and not their aid pebble, is sometimes distinguished by this

impart? Bam, being supposed to enchant the per. e at whom it is thrown.

* Psyche's head was engraved on it. Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. Mar. 1818.


ward way,



Shall creed, or nation, check the generous Scarce are the tears yet dry which Br glow,

tain shed That fain would pity and relieve such C'er the dark pall, that wrapt her Prince woe?

dead, That bliss be your's, to whom all gracious When a whole nation fung its pleasures b Heaven,

In speechless tribute to her memory. The loveliest emblems of its power hath O ye! who loved our Royal CHARLOT given.

here, In that dread moment of o'erwhelming Whose bitter agony bedew'd her bierstrife,

Think on the hour of woe that seald h Wher nature struggles with the pangs of doomlife

Think on the cause that ynatch'd her to t When want's påle sufferer, shrinking from tomh. the blast,

Now let her fate its last sad lesson giveFears every breath she draws, may be her Still from the grave lot her example live. Jast.

SAE soothed the grief which misery bade Then helpless, houseless, friendless, doom'd

flowto roam,

The widow's sorrows, and the orpha Bereft of succour, and without a home! Your pity soothes the heart with anguish Prove then your charity, like her's since wild,

And give the destitute a refuge here! And saves at once the mother, and her


Private Secretary for Charities Ye friends of human kind! whose boun.

H.R.H. the Duke of Kenya ties flow

To dry the tears of wretchedness and woe;
This is a cause, that asks your warmest

Where each must pity, and where all must

VULL many a moment of anguish a This is a cause where Princes join your

pain train,

I prove, dear Christina, for thee ; Life's pulse to quicken, and Life's fires And ah! does thy bosom no longer retail sustain.

One feeling of pity for me. The cry of sorrow strikes on every ear,

Long! long have we parted, and since th And differing creeds know no distinction

sad hour, here.

The tear-drop has moistened this ege; Hebrews and Christians, give alike their

And Pleasure and Friendship possess i aid,

the pow'r And trust alike in Heaven to be repaid ;

That emblem of sorrow to dry.
Proud to unité, where varying faiths agree,
In one bright galaxy of Charity!

Alas! shall I never, ob! never review Here soft compassion's flame bath ever That form i so truly adore! shone,

Will Fate ne'er permit me again to i The purest glory of our Monarch's throne ; And the same course a long-loved Sire be- The vows I so ardently swore! gun,

Hope's beautiful visions are fading away Is pobly follow'd by his duteous Son:

And Fancy no louger is kind: Here Love's own roses strew the glowing My garland of love has now suffer'd deca scene,

Though its thorns are all left me behir To bail the patronage of England's Queen; To grace that altar, where with light be.

nign, Streams ihe bright radiance of a Royal



S. W.S

Where, ility's offerings with our incense I SEEthy liefde en goed soul

, And Mercy's angel wafts the sacrifice. Ob! then, concentrate here with star-like

blaze, O'er this asylum shed your guardian rays, And when on earth life's latest ties are

riven, They will but fade in death, to shine in


Mount thro' the bosom of the air ; I see it reach yon heav'nly goal,

And seek a blissful mansion there, O take it, Father, to thy breast,

"Tis harmless as the gentle dove, Fair as yon orbs in splendour drest,

And pure as everlasting love.


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[blocks in formation]

1. Land Forces ...
2. Staff, exclusive of France and India..
3. Public Departments.
4. Medicioes, &c.
Volunteer Corps
& Troops in France
1. Regiments in the East India Company's Territories,

exclusive of Recruting Troops and Companies
& Troops and Companies for Recruiting ditto
9. Royal Military College ....
10. Aray Pay of General Officers
11. Carrisons....
12. Fell Pay of Retired Officers, &c...
15. Hall-pay and Military Allowances
14. Foreign Half-pay....
18. In Pensioners of Chelsea and Kilmainbam Hospitals,
16. Oat-Pensiovers of ditto
11. Rayal Military Asylum
la, Widows' Pensions...
18. Compassionate List, Bounty Warrants, and Pensions

for Woonds 1. Redaced Adjutants of Local Milicia 91. Superannuation Allowances 2. Exchequer Fees

>2,682,671 111


133,539 7,919,999 13 6 Deduct: the Troops in France, and the Regiments for Service in lodia ...

42,892 1,480,309 3 2 Remains: Exclusive of Corps, &c. intended for Reduction ......

90,647 6,439,690 10 4 21. Add: Corps ordered Home from India

4,299 149,361 16 3 2. Clarges for Corps to be reduced in 1818.


54,600 0 Together ....

99,146 6,643,652 6 T Beduct: the Corps ordered Home from India


191_149,361 18 s Renains to be provided for, in 1818..

94,847 6,494,290 10 4 Thar Office, Feb. 6.

PALMERSTON. Oficial retarns, printed by order of the the year ended the 5th of January, 1818, Hone of Commons, Feb, 24, 1818, state 4,308,0071.

The amount of all Irish Treasury Bills catetanding and woprovided for, on the From the Report made to the House of 13th of February, 1818, at 4,684,6151. 7s. Commons, it appears that the sum of

165,0001 has been advanced to the city of The amount of advances made by the London, for the purpose of providing a site Bank of England to Goveromeat on land for the erection of a new Post Office, under and mat, Fxcheqner-bills, and other secu. the authority of Act of Parliament; that tities, os the Joth of October, 1917, at out of this sum there has been already 10,099,4121, 85, Ild.; and on the 5th of expended in purchases 136,3021. 6s. 90.; January, 1818, 10,033,5231, 3s. 2d.

and that warrants have been signed for The total amount of the net produce of payment of purchases to the amount of the revenue of Ireland, as paid into the 21,9871. 145. 10d. ; making together Exchequer for the year ended the 5th of 158,2901. Is. 70.; leaving a balance in January, 1$17, at 4,394,4611.; and for band of only 6,7101, 185, 5d.

Statement of the Monies paid by the Chamberlain of the City of London, on Account o

the several Gaols of the said City, distinguishing each Gaol ; for two Years, ending a Christmas 1817.

Paid in the Paid in the
Year 1816. Year 1817.

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Sessions House, Old Bailey.
Salary to Keeper..
Straw laid into the Street and Sundries
Taxes, &c, and for Record Office.....
To sundry Persons for their expenses, trouble, and loss of

time, in giving evidence and prosecuting Felons Allowance to the Sheriffs for providing persons to execute

the several sentences of the Law

35 0 0 8 16 0 137 5 8

35 00 314 II 3 122 17 8

482 86

442 40

148 4 0

148 4 0

858 14

21,062 16 11

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