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therefore to be sufficiert, in the present state of things, to constitute a foundation on which any political edifice of larger dimensions, might hereafter be raised. If an alliance be formed with her upon a more extended scale, and embracing objects exposed to the risk of failure, such failure will inevitably, as in former instances, draw along with it the loss of the wliole alliance; and we shall have nothing but the coalition of 1805 acted over again :- Whereas, if our alliance is limited to a community of relations in war and in peace, but rendered strong enough to endure until France shall be forced to recognize it,-whether we fail or not in reducing France to accede to the whole of our demands, we are sure of success in the destruction of that system of Continental exclusion through which alone she can seriously affect our existence: For, let it ever be recollected, that the efficacy of what is called the Continental System, depends upon its completeness in all its parts. It is indeed the deepest and most mischievous contrivance ever yet devised for the gradual extinction of England. If then Great Britain and Russia can maintain their intercourse, it matters comparatively but little at what period they make their treaty with France. By the very fact of a joint treaty, signed between the allies as one party, and France as another, the Continental System is at an end : and the world is all before us, as well as before our enemy.

But a still more important consideration remains. We should enter into no concert with any power whatever, to the stipulations of which, all States called Independent may not accede without prejudice to themselves. Any treaty or engagement, therefore, involving, or leading to acts of partition of other countries, would, in the present moment, be the height of absurdity, as well as wickedness. It is only from the voluntary union of the principal States of Europe, produced by a sense of their wrongs, and a just hope of redress, that the world can expect relief. If Russia is influenced by a remote hope of adding to the acquisitions she has made since the peace of Tilsit-if Sweden tells us that she will not stir without some prospect of compensation for the robbery committed upon her by Russia in the seizure of Finland--and fixes that compensation in the states of a power that asserts her right, and expresses her readiness to embark with us in the great work in hand,

- from that moment the principle of disunion is planted in our confederacy-and the same errors that have alrcady dissolved five of these incoherent masses, will, by sure consequence, destroy the sixth.

These principles are not only good for Great Britain in making her engagements with Russia ;--they are those which

must govern Russia in her contracts with every other state. By this time, she must be well aware that without Austria it is idle to talk of making any durable impression on the French power. Let her look to this in her arrangements with Prussia and Saxony ; in her plans for Poland ; in her speculations towards the Danube and the Mediterranean ; and beware of consolidating the Austrian and French interests, and converting what is now perhaps but a mere family alliance, into an effective national union,

We are aware that these notions are much too moderate for some of our high-fiying politicians, whom the Russian successes have again brought forward upon the scene. It may be $0 ;--but we have an old-fashioned veneration for Experience, and still are steady followers of the divinity of Prudence. We believe also, that so much substantial good is truly within our reach, as to feel a more than common share of dislike to all gaudy projects that may lead us out of the path which conducts to it.


From November 1812, to February 1813.


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