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Let me ever, then, value the far, ODE TO CHARLESTONCOLLEGE.

Which enlivens the valley of life ; When either it shines from afar,

ENCOMPASS'D by a verdant green,

Which oft my feet at dawn have Or sparkles at home in a wife.

preft, Plymouib, Sept. 11b, 802.

Behold the walls, remotely seen,

of Charleston College Stand confeft. INSCRIPTION IN A WOOD IN Hail ! rev'rend pile of classic bricks, SUSSEX.

With not a bell to call the croud,

Oft halt thou witness'd boyith tricks, HENCE bloody Fa&tion, and thy mad- And heard the truant laugh aloud.

ding crowd! Hence bigot Zeal, and Envy, ever first

My busy memory loves to dwell To mar the honours of a virtuous name !

Upon the gaily-circling hours,
Hence all ye crouching satellites of

I lix weeks pals'd within thy cell,
Kings !

Or rather academic bow'rs. 'Tis holy ground within this forest Aade, Blest talk ! to rear the tender thought, None fave sweet Meditation, pensive

And cultivate th' unfolding mind, maid,

[erit, Of idle boy with mischief fraught, Delight to hold their vigils here, while

Or unto wickedness inclin'd. At midnight hour, the ponders deep on But, Muse! restrain thy sportive wiles,

[wind To GEORGE I would my lays address, If, ftranger, then thy devious footiteps GEORGE, whom the Nine avow with Thele Glent glades among, and ivied smiles,

(fels, bowers,

(trude, George, whose endowments all conBreak not their sacred sabbath, nor in- Say! must we both ignobly groan, With step unhallowed on the halcyon

Of ev'ry whining boy the jelt, calm. 'Twill raise thy soul to pure etherial

And on our monumental stone bliss,

Have, “ Here a pedagogue finds reft." To ponder here on man's ephemeral

Avert this fate, ye Gods, I crave ; ftate,

Redeem me from the toil of schools ; Aug. 10.

E. S. I was not born to be a llave,
Or, dully wise, to tutor fools.

TO THE EDITOR OF THE EURO. Coosohatchie, Feb. 3, 1799.


OVER A MAP. I beheld with pleasure my Poems inserted

in your elegant Miscellany ; for iny POWRPUL as the magic wand, ambition is not to be known on the Displaying far each dittant land, Banks of the Hudfon, but those of Is that angel hand to me, the Thames. I, however, rejoice that

When it points each realm and sea. I facrificed to the laurel-gid in the Plac'd in geographic mood, woods of Carolina. Coosohatchie, which Smiling, thew the pictur'd flood, before was not known, may now be Whence, along the Red Sea coait, said to live in long, while the name, Waves o'er whelm'd the Egyptian hoft. from its Indian derivation, conveys a

See ! that little Ile afar, diftin&t idea of the place, and belongs Of Salamis, renown'd in war,

exclusively to myselt. In addition to some more of my own fugi

Swelling high the trump of fame

With glory and eternal shame.
tive pieces, I take the liberty to trans-
mit you a few that are written by Mr. Again the imag?d scene furvey,
George; a poet who wants only to be The rolling Hellefpontic Sea,
known to be admired, and who, like Whence the Persian from the shore
myself, pants to revilit the Land of the Proudly país'd his millions o'er.

And behold, to nearer view,
I am, Sir, &c.

Here thy own lov'd country too,

JOHN DAVIS. That region which producit to me New York, Broad Hay,

So pure, lo bright a gem as thee ! Dec. 7, 1800,


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But, more than inortal is the bliro

Of him who ravishes a kiss,
BUCHANAN's LATIN EPIGRAM In playful dalliance, from those lips,

FROM THE GREEK, Where glowing Love his empire keeps !
Qui te videt, &c.

But, quite a God is, sure, the fwain
Who feels thee, Flavia, kiss again,

And from that mooth the gift receives,
He who thy lovely face beholds, Which all his foul of fen se bereaves !
Where beauty ev'ry charm unfolds,

J. DAVIS. Is surely bleft; but more so he

Coojobatchie, Feb. 5, 1799. Who hears thy voice of harmony !


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n anonymous Writer in a Newf- that there never was a Member of the

paper a Mort time ago publickly Convention of my name. When Louis called on M. Garnerin to answer cer. the XVIth was put to death, I was at tain interrogatories on a subject of a Brusels, serving in the army under very opprobrious nature. The latter, Dun:ourier. at the time, answered the insinuated “ To the second question my answer accusations with a sort of contemptu- is-That I never saw the Princess de ous brevity. The charges, thus replied Lamballe in my life, and of course could to, became a topic of very general con- not have been a party to her murder. versation ; and on the 25th September, I add, that I never was concerned in the same Writer, or another in the same any of the enormities of that or any Ipirit, reiterated the accusations in the other period of the Revolution. form of queries : to which M. Garnerin “ To the third question, I answer immediately published the following by declaring -That I was not accom. Reply:

panied to this country by the execra“ A writer in The True Briton, who

ble wretch who cut off the head of the figns himself Vindex, has thought pro- unfortunate Princess ; nor is, nor ever per' to put to me three questions

was (to my knowledge), such a person ist, « Whether I am not the fame in my service. I am totally ignorant person who signed his unfortunate of a crime which could only have been Sovereign's death warrant ?"

committed by the most favage of man2d, “And, with unparalleled barbie kind. To this third question, there. sity, wanted to carry with bis own

fore, my reply is as positive a negative hands the head of the murdered Prins- as I have given to the two first quescels de Lamballe, to thew to she Queen

tions. of France, then a prisoner in the Tein

“ I have thus repelled the charges ple ?"

brought against me; which, insteed, 3d, (which is inclosed in the post- my deference and respect for the Eng script of the letter), " Whether I was

liíh public have principally induced me not accompanied to this country by the

to notice IN THIS WAY. execrable wretch who actually cut off

“ For the coward who, sculking bethe head of the unfortunate Princess hind an assumed name, has dared to de Lamballe; and whether this wretch attack me, I can only express my peris not here in my fervice ?"

fect contempt. I with ihat he would “My replies to these questions are give me an opportunity of treating him First, That the death of Louis the in a way more confonant to my own XVith was voted by the National Con. defires and to his deserts. Nor, indeed, vention; that I was not then, nor ever

ain I disposed to feel remtiments of was, a Member of the Convention; greater respect for the Editor of ibe True and that of course I did not, nor could, Briton himself, who has suffered his palign liis death-warrani. My answer, per to be the means of giving currency therefore, to this first queltion, is, a to charges, part of which he might, by dire&t and formal negative.

a reference to the Moniteur of 1792 and “ Had this anonymous Affafin re- 1793, or any other periodical work, ferred to the list of Members of the have proved to have been totally un. Convention, and to the proceedings of founded. that period, he might have a certained “ Sept. 26. 1802, GARNERIN."

STATE PAPER. THE GERMAN INDEMNITIES. be more conformable in every respect PARIS, AUG. 23.

to the Treaty of Luneville, more anTHE he First Consul received, in state, in alogous to the political state of Europe,

the Conservative Senate, on the 21st or more favourable to the maintenance inst. a copy of the Declaration by of peace. which the Russian and French Govern- After a long and formal preamble, ments have resolved to conclude the the Declaration states, that the Media difficult points relative to the Indem. ators, having examined with the most nification of the German Princes.-In scrupulous care all the memorials, both the preamble to this important mea. upon the value of the bofles, and sure, it is stated, that the Emperor upon the demand of Indemnities pre. Alexander and the First Consul have sented by the parties interested, have been actuated solely by a desire to leal agreed to propose, that the Indemni. the pacification of all Europe, to effect, ties shall be distribuied in the follow. by their mediation, in consequence of ing manner :the earnest solicitations they had re- To the ARCHDUKE, GRAND DUKE -. ceived from every quarter, what bad For Tuscany and its dependencies, the in vain been expected from the delibe. Archbithopric of Saltzburg, the Prorations of the Germanic Body.- After vonip of Bertolsgaden, the Bishopric adverting to the scrupulous attention of Trent, the Bishopric of Brixen, the with which the two Governments had part of the Bishopric of Paflau situated examined the subject, and the defire of beyond the Iltz, and the Inn on the the Firit Consul to maintain the rights fide of Austria, except the suburbs of of the parties concerned, the reporter Pasau, with a radius of 500 toises;

proceeds to state, that a general plan the Abbeys, Chapters, and Convents, 2 of Indemnity was some time since de. situated in the above-mentioned Dio

termined at Paris between the respec- ceses. The above principalities ihall be tive Plenipotentiaries. The principal posessed by the Archduke upon the object of this plan, he observes, has conditions, engagements, and relations, been the consolidation of peace, and founded upon existing treaties; the the diminution of the chances of war; said principalities shall be taken out of and on this ground, care has been the circle of Bavaria, and incorporated taken to avoid all contact of territory in the circle of Austria, and their ecbetween the two powers which have clefiaftical jurisdictions, both metro. most frequently dyed Europe in blood politan and diocesan, shall be also leby their quarrels. The fame principle, parated by the limits of the two circles; adopted as far as circum!tances would Muhldorf wall be united to Bavaria, permit, with respect to Pruliia, has and its eqnivalent thall be taken from decide t the placing of her Indemnities those of Freisingen. beyond the contact of France and Hol. To the ci-devant Duke of MODENA, lard ; and from this arrangement it is for the Modenese and dependencies, added, Austria will have the immense the Britgaw, and the Ortenau. advantage of seeing all her possellions

To the Elector Palatine of BAVARIA, concentrated! The advantages gained for the Dutchy of Deux Ponts, the by the House of Bden are defended Dutchy of Juliers, the Palatinate of the upon the principle that it has heen Rhine, the Marquilate of Bergoploom, deemed neceffary to fortify the Circle the Seignory of Rivenftein, and others of Suabia, which is between France situate in Belgium and Alsace; the and the great German States : another Bifho rics of Palau, with the reservamotive for this advantage is, that the tion of the part of the Archduke of good conduct of the Prince in queition Wursbourgh, with the re'ervations during the war hat particularly de- hereinafter mentioned ; of Bamberg, served the good will of the Republic ! of Augited, of Freilingen, and of AugAfter a few observations on the utility sbourg; the Provochip of Kempten ; of preserving in the Empire an Eccle- the Imperial Cities of Rothenbourg, baftical Elector, the Report is conclud. Weisenbourg, Windsheim, Schwein. ed by the remark, that it appears im. fort Gochheim, Sennefelt Ailthoulen, possible to draw up a plan that should Kempten, Kaufbeuren, Memmingen,

Din. Vol. XLII. SEPT. 1802.


Dinkelluhl, Nordingen, Ulm, Boff- of Nassau Dillenbourg during the courfe fingen, Buchorn, Waugen, Leutkirch, of the last century, the Abbey of Ravensbourg, and Alschausen; the Weingarten and those of Kappel to Abbeys of St. Ulric, Irsee. Weugen, the country of Lippe, of Kappenbourg, Socfingen, Elchingen, Urlberg, Roo to the countries of Munfter and Del. chenbourg, Weltenhausen, Ottobeuren, kerchen, and Kaisermeim.

To the MARGRAVE of Baden-For To the King of PRUSSIA, for the his part of the county of Sponhim, and Durchy of Cleves, upon the left bank the territories and Seignories in the of the Rhine, and of Gueldres ; the Luxembourg, Alsace, &c. the Bishopprincipality of Maers, the territories ric of Constance, the remainder of the surrounded by Sevenaer, Huissen, and Bishopric of Spires, Balle, and StrafMahlbourg, and the tolls of the Rhine burg,' the Bailliwicks palatine of L.3and of the Meuse; the Bithopric of denbourg, Bretten, and Heidelberg, Hildelheim and that of Paderborn, the with the cities of Heidelberg and Manterritory of Erfort and Untergleichen, heim, the Seignory of Lahr, when the Eichtfeld, and the Mentz part of Tre- Prince of Naliau shall he put in posleffort, the part of the Bishopric of Mun. fion of the county of Alien-Kirchen, Iter situate on the right of the line the remainder of 'the county of Lichdrawn from Olphen, by Munster to tenburg, upon the right of the Rhine, Tecklenbourg, comprising within it the the Imperial cities of d'Offenbourg, two cities of Olphen and Munfter; as Zell, Hamersbach, Gengenbach, Uber. also the right bank of the Ems as farlingen, Biberach, Pfulendorf, and as Lingen; the Imperial Cities of Mul. Wimpten ; the Abbayes d'Schwarzach, haulen, Northausen, and Gonar; the Frauenalb, Aller-Heiligen, Lichtenthal, Abbeys of Herforden, Quedlinbourg, Gendenbach, Ettenheiin-Munster, PeEtlan, Easen Ellen, and Werden. terbaufen, and Salmansweiller.

To the Prince of NASSAU ; that is Tu the Duke of WIRTEMBERGHto lay, Nassau Ulingen ; for the prin- For the Principality of Montheleard, cipality of Saarbrock, the two-thirds and his posfellions in Alface and of the County Saarwarden, the Seig.' Franche-Compte ; the Provoftship of nory of Ottweiler and that of Lahr in Ell wangen, the Abbey of Zwiffolten, the Ortenau ; the remainder of the the Imperial cities of Weil, Reutlingen, Electorate of Mentz on the right of the Ellingen, Rothweil, Giengen, AulenMein, with the reservation of the haull, Gmeindt, and Hailbronn. Grand Bailliwick of Aschaffenbourg, To the LANDGRAVE of HESSE-CASand that between the Mein, the county SEL-For St. Goar and Rheinfels, and of Darmstadt, and the county of Er- as provision for his charge of the inbach · Caub, and the remainder of demnity of Helle-Rothenbourg; the the Electorate of Cologne, properly . Mentz territories situate within Aniecalled, with the reservation of the nebourg and Fritzlar, with their decounty of Altweid, the Convents of pendencies, and the village of HoltzSeligenstadt and Bleidenstadt, the coun- hauren, ty of Sayn Alten-Kirchen, after the 'To the LANDGRAVE of HESSE. death of the Margrave of Anspach, DARMSTADT-For the whole county the villages of Soden and Soultzbach. of Lichtenberg, and its dependencies;

Nassau Weu.BOUR--For the third the palatine bailliwicks of Lindenfels of Saarwarden and the Seignory of and Olzberg, and the remainder of the Kircheim-Polauden; the remainder of bailliwick of Oppenheim, the Dutchy the Electorate of Treves, with the of Westphalia, with the reservation of Abbey of Arnstein, and that of Mao ' the indemnity of the Prince of Wit. rianltadt.

genstein, the Mentz bailliwick of NASSAU DILLENBOURG-Forindem- Gernsheim, Bensheim, Hoppenheim, nity for the Stadtholderate and terri- the remainder of the Bishopric of tories in Holland and Belgium ; the Worms, the city of Friedberg: Bishoprics of Fulda and Corwey; the To the Prince of HOHENLOHE-BAR. city of Dortmund, the Abbeys and TENSTEIN; to the Count of LoewenChapters fituare in these territories, baupt; to the heirs of the Baron of with a charge upon him to satisfy Dietrich for the allodial parts of the claims fubfilting and previoully ac- county of Lichtenberg; that is to say, knowledged by France upon certain to Hohenloe for Obetbronn, the haillisuccessions connected with the majority wick of Yaxtberg, and the portions of




Mentz and Wursbourg, to the bailli. To the Count of WARTEMBERG wick of Knufelihaw ; to the others for For Wartemberg, the Kellery of Necke. Rauschenbourg, Niderbronn, Reichsolen, Steinack, that of Erenberg, and the tarm &c. the Abbey of Rollen Munfter. To of Wimpfen, dependent upon Worms the fame Count of Loewenhaupt, and to and Spires. the Count of Hillelheim for Reipoltz- To the Prince of STOLBERG-For the Kirchen, the Abbey of Hieleg-Kreutz- county of Rocheforte, the convents of thal.

Engelthal and Rokenberg. To the Prince and Counts of Loe- To the Prince of ISENBERG-The WANSTEIN-For the county of Wirm- part of the Chapter of Jacobsberg as far bourg, the Seignories of Scharsenech, and as the village of Gembieim.

, other territories in the counties united to To the Prince of DIETRICHSTEIN France ; the parts of Wurtzburg, as far for the Seignory of de Traip, which as the counties of Rhineck and Wer will he abandoned to the Grisons, the thein, on the Right of the Mein, the Seignory of Neu - Ravensbourg. Abbey of Bronnback.

To the Prince of TOUR-Taxis - For To the Prince of LINANGE - The indemnity of revenue of Imperial posts in Menız bailliwicks of Mittenberg, Amor. the ceded provinces and domains in Bel. bach, Biichottheim, Konigshofen, Krau- gium, the abbey of Buchans, with the theim, and all the parts of Mentz, com: city, those of Marchthal and Nernheim, priled between the Maym, the Tauber, the bailliwick of Oitrach, dependent the Neckar, and the county of Erbach, upon Salmanfweiler. the parcels of Wurtzburg, upon the lett To the Count of SICKINGEN-For of the Tauber, the palatine bailliwicks the county of Landithul, &c. the abbeys of Boxburgh, of Morbach, the 'Abbey of O!chenhausen and of Munchroth. of Amorback, and the Provoitthip of To the Count of LEVEN-For Blier. Combourg, with territorial superiority. castel, &c. the abbeys of Schoussenried,

To the Count of LINANGE-Gun- Coutenzell, Heybach, Bamdt, and BouxTERSBLUM-The Mentz bailliwick, or heim. Kellery of Belligheim.

To the Prince of BREŽENHEIM-The To the Count of LINANGE HEDES. abbey of Lindau, with the city. HEIM-- The Mentz bailliwick or Kel- To the Couniers of COLLOREDO-. lery of Neyduan.


Daichtal, the abbeys of Sainte Croix To the Count of LINANGE-WESTER- de Donawerth. BOURG, the elder branch-The Convent To the Countess of STERNBERG--For of Schonthall, upon the Yaxte, with Mandertheid, Biankenheim, che abbeys territorial superiority: the younger of Weifenau and Ilhy, with the city. branch, the Provoltship of Wimpfen.

To the Counts of WESTPHALIA, of To the Princes of SALM SALM and BASSENHEIM--For Ollbruck, of SinSALM-KIRBOURG, to the Rhinegraves, zendorff; tos Rhineck, of Su aelberg; to the Princes and Counts of Salm, Rei- for Kerpen, of Ofein ; for Millendonk, fersheid, the remainder of the Upper Bi. of Quadt ; for Wiekerade, of Pleiten: shopric of Muntter.

berg ; lor Wittem, if Mitternich ; for To the Prince of WIED RUNKEL, for Wennebourg, &c. of Aspremont; for the County of Creange-the County of Reckheim, of Torring; for Gronsfield, Altweid, with the relervation of the ot Nefleirade ; for Welri, &c. the lower bailliwicks of Linz and Unkel.

Bishopric of Munster. To the Duke of AREMBERG, to the To the GRAND PRIOR of MALTA Count de la Marck, to the Prince de For the commardei ies on the leit of the Ligne-for the Principality of frem. Rhine, the abbey of St. Blaise, with the berg, the counties of Saffenberg, Schley, county of Bondort and dependencies, the den, and Fagnolles, the county of Ruck. abbeys of Si Trupert, of Schultern, of linghausen, with the bailliwick of Dale St. Pierre, and of Tennebach. men, as tar as the country of Muntter. The First Contul of the French Re.

To the Prince and Counts of Salms-public, and his Majesty the Emperor of For Rohrbach, Hirchsteld, the Convents Ruslia, after having propofed to regulate of Arnsbourg, and of Ilbenitadt.

thus the demandable indemnities of the To the Prince of WILGENSTEIN- Hereditary Princes, have acknowledge. I For Neumayen, &c. the Abbey of that it was at o ce pollible and fit to pie. Graffichafft, the district of Zuschenau, serve in the fire College of the Empire a i and the foreft of Hellenbergeritriet; as Ecclefiaftical Elector. They propose, in far as the Dutchy of Westphalia. consequence, that the Arch Chancellor

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