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Letter from H, Macleod announcing the establishment of a bursary.

157. To the Rev. Dr. Macleod principal of kings college.

My dear sir,—You know that I have been many years ago talking of * little establishment of a scholarship or bursar ever since the great foundation of the laird of Cadboll failed by his own much lamented demise . . . My intention is furthwith to remit to your college two hundred pounds sterling as a capital fund for the maintenance of a scholar annually at the kings college and university for ever, and do entrust the said sum entirely to the admistration and management of the principal and professors of the said kings college . . upon the following conditions:—

1st, That every such scholar . . . shall be of the sirname of Macleod, . . . and that every candidate for the benefit of this foundation be duly certified by the parish minister or other respectable authority, and by his schoolmaster, as not only being of the name of Macleod, but also of being a boy of good dispositions and promising parts for literature, with this following exception alone, viz:

2nd, That any descendant of iEneas Roy Macleod formerly of Ardmore in Coigach, either by the male or female fine, being always of the name of Macleod, shall be preferred in every case, provided always that they be habile . . .

3rd, That every scholar . . . shall . . . enjoy the benefit during full four years, . . . and be . . . subject to the whole discipline and regulations present or future of the said college . . .

5th, That in case of a competion of candidates the college shall determine the most deserving ... I have the honour to be, . . . with my most devout wishes for the prosperity of your university,

My dear sir,
Your ever affectionate and faithful friend,
Glasgow college, 10 March, 1806. H. Macleod.

Will of the Reverend James Stuart.

158. I the Reverend James Stuart formerly rector of George town and All saints South Carolina, and chaplain to the king's rangers in North America, . . . do make this my last will and testament ... 1 direct my . . . executors to sell out five thousand pounds three per cent. consols ... To the magistrates of Aberdeen ... I give one fifth (part thereof) for the use and benefit of kings college in the university of Aberdeen, and . . . the other fifth in trust and for the use and benefit of Marischall college in the said university of Aberdeen; and to apply the interest of the said two fifths respectively from time to time for ever, in and towards the instruction and better education of youth as to the principals and others having powers vested in them by charter or otherwise, shall seem meet. And I direct that any young man of the name of Stuart, who may be educated at either of the said universities, shall always be preferred to any others . . . I direct . . . my executors ... to pay unto the masters, or others having the government of the academies at Banff and Fordyce, six hundred pounds sterling each . . . and to apply the interest for the instruction and education of any young man of the name of Stuart, . . . and if none of that name shall offer, then to any young man of the name of Simpson, . . . and . . . such young men shall be educated five years at the said academies, and removed from the academy at Fordyce to the Marischall college of Aberdeen for four years, and from the Banff academy to the kings college Aberdeen for four years, and the interest applied by the said colleges for the benefit of such young men during their continuance at college, and so from time to time as any vacancy shall happen thereafter at either of the said academies . . .

May the third 1809. James Stuart.

Extract from the trust disposition and settlement of James Middleton dyer at Steps of Gileomston.

In the fourth place I appoint my . . . trustees ... to pay to the principal and professors of kings college Old Aberdeen, the sum of one hundred pounds sterling to remain under their management, and the interest thereof to be paid yearly to a student of said university in all time thereafter; those of the name of Middleton and Sim to be preferred if properly recommended* Dated 27 July 1810.

160. I James Cruickshank fanner in Toukshill in the parish of New Deer . . . leave and bequeath to the principal and professors of the kings college of Old Aberdeen four hundred pounds sterling, which I appoint my executors ... to make over to them for the following purposes, and under the following conditions, viz., that the said principal and professors shall . . . secure the said sum upon . . . undoubted security, with the approbation of the ministers of the parishes of New Deer and Monquhitter for the time being, . . . and shall apply the yearly interest thereof for the maintenance and education of a student in said college ... of the name of Cruickshank, in the first place; and failing of a person of that name to one of the name of Top or Tap in the next place, and to no others whatsoever. And if no person of the name of Cruickshank or of Top or Tap shall appear as candidates for said bursary, then . . . the yearly interest therefore shall accumulate, and the interest of the whole accumulated sum shall be applied for the benefit of the next candidate bearing either of the foresaid names . . . and it is hereby declared that the minister of the parish of Monquhitter for the time being shall be patron of the said bursary . . . Dated 14 December 1813.

161. The reverend . . . Jolmston minister of Crimond bequeathed to the masters of kings college of Aberdeen . . . the sum of two hundred pounds sterling, the yearly interest of which sum he appointed for the maintenance and education of two young men at said university, and the burses to be . . . bestowed always upon those who should have the most preferable performance at the competition for bursaries at said college; those of the name of Jolmston being always to be preferred to any other if found habile, and those of the name of Forbes in the next place. He appointed the said two hundred pounds sterling to be lent out ... by the masters of said college and the representatives of the family of Caskieben, whom he appointed joint patrons of said bursaries with the masters of said college.

Disposition of Jolm Gordon of Murtle.

162. I Jolm Gordon of Murtle . . . have . . . disponed my whole estate and effects . . . to . . . trustees . . . for . . . 6tWjr the payment and appropriation of an annual salary to the professor of divinity of marischal college, or any other theologian, who may be named by my trustees, and who during each session shall actually deliver to the students of said college a course of lectures on practical religion; and the payment and appropriation of an annual salary for the like purpose at kings college, in case my trustees after due consultation see it advisable. Dated 11 August, 1815.

Excerpt from the will of the late sir Jolm Maepherson baronet.

163. In testimony of my gratitude to the university of Old Aberdeen, I bequeath to ditto, so as to afford an annual bursary to any highland student who may be selected to receive the said bursary, two thousand five hundred pounds of my Carnatic stock, bearing an annual interest of four pounds per cent. Dated at Cheltenham, 4 November 1817.

Will of Jolm Forbes of New.

164. I Jolm Forbes of New . . . whereas I have £200 a year long annuities ... at the bank of England, which annuities expire in the year 1860; therefore do establish eight burses of £25 each at the two universities of Aberdeen, to be in gift of the proprietor of the lands of New for the time being, until the extinction of such annuities; the said burses to be enjoyed by students either at a college or at the divinity hall, but not to be enjoyed by any one student above 4 years. And I direct that my executors . . . pay . . . the legacy duty on the said sum of £200 long annuities, so that the burses may be £25 clear. Dated 2 May 1820.

Excerpt from the last will of W illiam Davidson of Bayswater Hill, transmitted in a letter from J. Duthie solicitor London, of date 9 October 1826.

165. I give to the principal and professors of kings college in the university of Aberdeen . . . £400 stock of new 4 per cent. annuities of the bank of England in trust for the following purposes, viz.: First, to sell out the same, and to lend the produce on good heritable security at legal yearly interest. Secondly, this annual interest ... to constitute a bursary for . . . one student at the said college, and to be continued to him even to the end of his studies at college . And I will that . . . the bursary becoming vacant shall be bestowed upon a new student, and that . . . the first . . . student to fill this bursary be chosen by the said principal and professors of the names of Davidson or Knowles Sim Ramsay Simpson Leslie Thom Forbes Gerard or Gordon, giving the preference to my relations . . . and to the nearest in degree of consanguinity . . . and then to strangers in the order here named; which order also is to be observed respecting relations when a greater number (having equal claims) apply than can be admitted. And I further will that this application of the interest ... of the said £400 . . . shall be continued for ever, should no proper student for this bursary be found according to the directions given in this my last will for any particular time; and should there be . . . any accumulation of the above interest ... I then leave to the judgement of the said principal and professors either to elect an additional student or . . . students, or to apply the same in assisting the elected student ... in the prosecution of the study of medicine if he shall have chosen that profession . . . And I . . . direct that public notice of this bequest be given in the Aberdeen Journal, or any other public newspaper near the college . . . about one month before the beginning of the session, when . . . any vacancy occurs.

166. The reverend George Bruce bequeathed in 1828 the sum of six hundred pounds sterling to the principal and professors of the kings college Aberdeen, and their successors in office as trustees, for the use and behoof of three bursars to be educated in said kings college, for the service of God,

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