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Harvard College Library, 17 Nov, 1892.

Gift of

of Cambridge.




THE credit of this treatise is so fully established by the approbation the former editions have met with, that it would be quite superfluous to say any thing more in its favor. In the

present edition, which has been revised with the greatest attention, I have been careful to avoid all newe-fangled rules, but have endeavoured to render those which I have before laid down more conspicuous and

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intelligent. Most of the late publications on this pleasing and rational recreation

may allure by their novelty for awhile, but are in general so vague and full of error, that, like summer insects, pereunt et imputantur, they must perish and be thought on no more!-Hoping the present edition will be well received by all judicious and discriminating Anglers, I shall conclude with observing

Si quid novisti rectius istis Candidus imperti;, si non,

his utere mecum.

Or Better precepts, if you can impart
Why do-I'll follow them with all my heart."

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