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HYMN 244. P. M.
The call of Zivn, and the exhibition of her glory : Collected

from various Scriptures.
RISE from thy wilderness state,

Thou Zion, belor'd of the Lord,
And deck'd in thy majesty great,
Shine forth as the precious restor'd.
Long time, hast thou wander'd forlorn,
Forsaken, and greatly despis'd;
The garments of sorrow hast worn,

Nor the love of thy God realiz’d.
2 Now clotbe thee with raiment of light,

On thy head wear a crown of pure gold :
Thy rad'ant effulgence so bright,
Thy enemies cannot behold.
From the dust of the earth, thou shalt rise,
Renew'd in the vigour of youth ;
Thus the captive, with pleasing surprise,

Hears the ransoming language of truth. 3 Deliver'd to bondage for pought,

Where tyrants, thy steps, have pursu'd ;
Thou shalt, without money, be bought,
Thy Saviour, thy thraldoms, hath view'd.
Thy Maker, thy Husband, thy King,
Shall lead thee to mansions of rest;
And a numerous retinue bring,
To welcome his bride to his breast.


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HYMN 245. C. M.

Confidence in God.
HY thus dejected, O my soul !

Why thus cast down with fear?
If floods of sorrow o'er thee roll,

Is no deliv'rer near ? 2 Hope thou in God, and in him trust,

And send thy fears away; He is both merciful and just;

Nor can bis love decay.


3 My soul, thy highest notes of praise

To thy deliv’rer sing;
And io thy sweetest anthems raise

The honours of thy King.
4 Thy health, thy beauty, and thy pow'r,

Is God, thy gracious friend;
Tben, O my soul ! thy God adore,
Who doth Salvation send.

HYMN 246. L. M.
We are all the Offspring of our God. Acts xvii. 28.
E are the offspring of our God;


All nations, made of the same blood, Are children of his matchless grace,

Thro' Adam's vast and countless race. 2 The Greek and Jew are one by faith;

Christ is the head, th' apostle saith :
All men are brethren in the Lord,

And heirs of his eternal word.
3 Let God be worshipp'd and ador'd ;

He is our Saviour and our Lord :
Nor let our honours e'er be paid

To gods which mortal hands have made.
4 Deliver'd now from sin's dark night,

behold a heav'nly light; The Lord will on bis Zion rise, And raise his offspring to the skies. H. BAI u.

HYMN 247. C. M.

There is no Peace to the Wicked.
No peace my starving soul can find,

Ío sin's deceitful way;
No pleasant fruits to cheer the miod,

Nor light a single ray.
2 A guilty conscience gnaws within,

And I am drown'd with grief ; My soul abhors that monster, sin,

Dear Saviour ! grant relief.

3 0, why should men in sin remain ?

Why walk the tiresome way? Lord, may each sinner grace obtain,

And go no more astray. 4 Hast thou not promis'd in thy word,

That sin shall fioish'd be? Full thy testimonies, Lord,

Aod set the sioner free.


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HYMN 248. C. M.
The innumerable Maltitude. Rev. vii. 9, &c.
EHOLD on Zion's heav'oly shore,

A vast and shining band;
Which can't be told, or oumber'd o'er,

In glorious order stand !
2 From earth's remotest bounds they came,

From tribulations great,
And, thro' the vict'ries of the Lamb,

They've reach'd the heav'nly state.
3 Their robes they've wash'd in Jesus' blood

From ev'ry spot of sin ;
They stand before the throne of God,

And of his mercies sing.
4 Hunger and thirst they know no more,

From burning heats refresh'd ;
The Lamb sball feed them from his store,

And give them endless rest.
5 To living streams of heav'nly joy

Jesus shall lead his flock;
To drink fresh draughts in their employ,

From Christ, th' eternal Rock,
6 God all their tears shall wipe away,

And they bis wonders tell ; Wbile in his temple they shall stay,

And God with them shall dwell. H. BALLOU.

HYMN 249. L. M.

Universal Worship. Rev. v. 13. BA

EHOLD! the visions brighter grow,

Beyond what beasts, or elders know ; They wond'ring stand with sweet delight,

Wbile glories beam upon their sight! 2 Jesus the pow'r of grace displays,

The four-and-twenty stand and gaze,
While all the sons of Adam's loin,

Now to the gospel grace resign.
3 From heaven, earth, and from the sea,

Tbe mighty hosts assembled be ;
And with one voice are heard to sing

The glories of their heav'nly King. 4 Now beasts and elders both unite

To make his praises their delight;
The vision saith this sweet employ
Shall fill the uoiverse with joy.


HYMN 250. S. M.

The Day of Rest.
IN songs of highest praise,

We shout the day divine;
Which, dawning now with heav'nly rays,

Shall soon with lustre shine. 2 Dark clouds shall pass away,

And light shall fast increase, Till us the pow'r of perfect day

From darkness shall release. 3 This is the day of rest,

Prefigur'd by the law;
This day shall make all nations blest,

This day the prophets saw. 4

This day shall finish sin,

(Ye saints, your voices raise) Sball gather all the outcasts in,

To sing eternal praise.




HYMN 251. L. M.

TOW to the Lord who built the skies

Let grateful songs of praise arise
By all that dwell beneath the sup,

Now be bis grace in concert sung. 2 Far as the rolling planets move

He spreads his mercy and his love ;
Thro' ev'ry land, and ev'ry clime,

His wond'rous works of goodness shine. 3 So let bis goodness be express'd,

From north to south, from east to west,
And ev'ry living thing adore
His name, wbile sun and moon endure. S. STREETER.
HYMN 252. C. M.

The same.

Come, shout the wonders of his love,

The vict'ries of his grace ! 2 Far as the circuit of the sun

He makes his mercy known ;
To ev'ry soul thro' ev'ry land

He sends his blessings down.
3 So let his sweetest praises sound,

By all, thro' ev'ry clime;
While moon and stars reflect their light,
Or suos propitious shine.

HYMN 253. S. M.

The same.

Now let our voices raise ;
His wond'rous works and boundless love

Do well demand our praise. 2 He gives us wholesome food

And richest draughts of wine ;

JOIN every heart and ev'ry tongue,

song to God

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