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Amusement, dance, or song, he sternly scorns;

For happiness and true philosophy

Are of the social still, and smiling kind. 1345

This is the life which those who fret in guilt,

And guilty cities, never knew; the life,

Led by primeval ages, uncorrupt,

When angels dwelt, and God himself, with Man!

Oh Nature! all-sussicient! overall! 1350

Inrich me with the knowledge of thy works!
Snatch me to heaven; thy rolling wonders there,
World beyond world, in insinite extent,
Profusely scattered o'er the blue immense,
Shew me; their motions, periods, and their laws,
Give me to scan; thro' the disclosing deep 1356
Light my blind way: the mineral strata there;
Thrust, blooming, thence the vegetable world;
O'er that the rising system, more complex,
Of animals; and higher still, the mind, 13^©

The varied scene of quick-compounded thought,
And where the mixing passions endless shift;
These ever open to my ravish'd eye;
A search, the flight of time can ne'er exhaust!
But if to that unequal; if the blood, 1365

In sluggish streams about my heart, forbid
That best ambition; under closing shades,
Inglorious, lay me by the lowly brook,
And whisper to my dreams. From Thee begin,
Dwell all on Thee, with Thee conclude my song;
And let me never never stray from Thee! 1.471




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The Argument.

The subjecl proposed. Address to the ear/of WilmingTon. Fi'st approach of Winter. According to the natural course of the seasn, variousstormi described. Rain. Winl. Snow. The driving of the snows:

, A man perijhing ampng them; wbente refections. on the wants and miseries of human life. The wolves descending from the Alps and Apennines. A winter-evening described: as spent by philosophers; by the ctuntry people; in the city. Frost. A view of Winter within the polar Circle. A thaw. The whole concluding with moral resteSions on a future state*

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