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Soft on the springing corn descend ;

And thy kind blessing makes it grow.
5 Thy goodness crowns the circling year,

Thy paths drop fatness all around;
Ev’n barren wilds thy praise declare,

And echoing hills return the sound.
6 Here, spreading flocks adorn the plain;

There, plenty ev'ry charm displays ;
Thy bounty clothes each lovely scene,
And joyful nature sbouts thy praise.


HYMN 190. L. M.

Autumnal Hymn.
LREAT God! at whose all-pow'rful call

At first arose this beauteous frame,
By thee the seasons change, and all

The changing seasons speak thy name. 2 Thy bounty bids the infant year,

From winter storms recover'd, rise ;
When thousand grateful scenes appear,

Fresh op’ning to our wond'ring eyes. 3 O how delightful 'tis to see

The earth in vernal beauty drest !
While in each herb, and flow'r, and tree,

Thy blooming glories shine con fest! 4 Aloft, full beaming, reigns the sun,

And light and genial heat conveys ;
And, while he leads the seasons on,

From thee derives his quick’ning rays. 5 Around us, in the teeming field,

Stands the rich grain, or purpled vine ;
At thy command they rise, to yield

The strength’ning bread, or cheering wine. 6 Indulgent God! from ev'ry part

Thy plenteous blessings largely flow;
We see-we taste- let ev'ry heart
With grateful love and duty glow.

Gent. Maga,


HYMN 191. P. M.

The divine Majesty and Power.
SING ye sons of might, o sing

Praise to heav'n's eternal King;
Pow'r and strength to him assign,

Bow before his ballow'd shrine.
2 Hark! his voice in thunder breaks ;

Hush'd to silence while he speaks,
Ocean's waves from pole to pole

Hear the awful accents roll.
3 Now the bursting clouds give way,

And the vivid lightings play;
And the wilds, by man untrod,

Hear, dismay’d, th' approaching God. 4 He the swelling surge commands;

Fix'd his tbrone for ever stands ;
He his people sball increase,
And with safety crown, and peace.

HYMN 192. L. M.

The Glory of God.
YOD is a name my soul adores,

Th' Almighty, the Eternal One;
Nature and grace, with all their pow'rs,

Confess the infioite Unknown
2 Thy voice produc'd the seas and spheres,

Bade planets roll, and sups to shine :
But nothing like thyself appears

Through all these spacious works of thine. 3 Still restless nature dies and grows;

From change to change the creatures run :
Thy being no succession knows,
And all thy vast designs are one.
Thrones and dominions round thee fall,
And worship in submissive forms;
Thy presence shakes this lower ball,
This humble dwelling-place of worms.




HYMN 193. C. M.

The Condescension of God.
MIDST the heav'nly pow'rs sublime

God's throne is fix'd on high ;
And through eternity he hears

The praises of the sky.
2 Yet, looking dowo, he visits oft

The humble, hallow'd cell;
And with the penitent who mourns,

'Tis his delight to dwell :
3 The downcast spirit to revive,

The sorrowful to cheer ;
And from the bed of dust, the man

Of contrite heart to rear.
4 With him dwells no relentless wrath

Against the human race :
The souls, which he has form’d, shall find
A refuge in his grace.

Edinburgh Coll.


HYMN 194. L. M.
The Condescension of God to Human Affairs.
H' Almighty stoops to view the skies,

And bows to see what angels do ;
Yet down to earth directs his eyes,

And bends his footsteps downwards too. 2 He over-rules all human things,

And manages our mean affairs :
On humble souls the King of kings

Bestows his counsels and his cares. 3 In vain might earthly monarchs try

Such condescending schemes to plan;
For man was never rais'd so bigh

Above his meanest fellow-man.
3 O could our thankful hearts devise

A tribute equal to thy grace,
To heav'n our grateful songs should rise
And list'ning angels learn thy praise.



HYMN 195. L. M.

The Majesty of God. YE

E weak inbabitants of clay,

Ye trifling insects of a day, Low io your native dust bow dowa

Before th' Eterpal's awful throne.
2 Loud let ten thousand trumpets sound,

Aod call remotest nations round:
Assembled on the crowded plains,

Princes and people, kings and swains. 3 Join'd with the living, let the dead,

Rising the face of earth o'erspread ;
And, while his praise unites their tongues,

Let angels echo back the songs.
4 The drop that from the bucket falls,

The dust that hangs upon the scales,
Is more to sky, and earth, and sea,
Than all this pomp, great God ! to thee.


HYMN 196. C. M.

Universal presence of God.
My heart and all my ways, O God !

By thee are search'd and seen ;
My outward acts thine

eye observes,
My secret thoughts within.
2 Attendant on my steps, all day

Thy providence I see;
And in the solitude of night

I'm present still with thee.
3 No spot the boundless realms of

Whence thou art absent, know;
In heav’n thou reigo'st a glorious King,

An awful judge below.

4 Lord ! if within my thoughtless heart

Thou aught should'st disapprove, The secret evil bring to light,

Aud by tby grace reinove.
5 If e'er my ways have been perverse,

Or foolish io thy view,
Recal my steps to thy commands,
And form


life anew.


HYMN 197. L. M.

God's Omniscience and Omnipresence.
MATHER of all! omniscient mind !

Thy wisdom who can comprehend ?
Its highest point what eye can find,

Or to its lowest depths descend ?
2 What cavern deep, what hill sublime,

Beyond thy reach, shall I pursue ?
What dark recess, what distant clime,

Shall hide me from thy boundless view ? 3 If up to heav'n's ethereal height,

Thy prospect to elude, I rise;
In splendour there, supremely bright,

Thy presence shall my sight surprise.
4 Thee, mighty God ! my wond'ring soul,

Thee, all her conscious pow'rs adore ;
Whose being circumscribes the whole,

Whose eyes the universe explore.
5 Thine essence fills this breathing frame,

It glows in every vital part;
Lights up my soul with livelier flame,

And feeds with life my beating heart. 6 To thee, from whom iny being came,

Whose smile is all the heav'n I know,
Inspir'd with this exalted theme,
To thee my grateful strains shall now.


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