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estemyth it woll spende vj. or vij. c tonnys of ty[mber,] every ton vjs. viijd. sterling, with the fraught and caryage. Summa, ccxxxiijli. vis. viijd. sterling

Item, the ireon workes wolbe above ccli. sterling.

Item, the see clay, which must be diggide at the flow marke without Newham brydge, and to be caride to the towne by wagons, wolbe above cli. sterling.

Item, where that opon the last warrant delyverde unto [the] surveiour, William Lambert, directide to Mr. Robert Fouler, [vice] treasourer of Calais, bering date at Ampthill the xjth day of September, to delyver unto the saide William Lambert, then employede on the kinges workes, of suche money as were than in the hands of the saide Mr. Fouler, opon his [account] for the yere ending at Myghelmas in Ano. xxijmo H. viij. alle which moneye so delyverde ys nowe clerely spent and gone opon the same, so nowe must be new warrant unto the saide Mr. Fouler for other money for these f[oresaid] workes now knowen of grete importaunce over and b[eyond] other works yet in hande, and not alle fynyshed, [as] the sluce without the Watergate, the utter (ward] at Rysebancke, and within the towne at Mylkgate, (and at] Devylyn tower with the ij. wards joynyng to him (at the] syde, with ther mownte and platforme, as hyt is . . . with also sewing and mending the bray, callyde Mr. L. . . . bray, with harde stone, and amending of the see [wall] with see turff and burras. st with one round

. of the platforme in the topp. Item, the seconde brydge of the the drawe brydge and the horse to .... from the grounde.

Item, the brydge betwene the donge(on and the] castell to be new made or emendide a

Item, the dyke of the dongeon and the .... to be clensyde and new cast, and to be am[endid] where as appereth to be nede ; and also the ... to be amendide rounde about in all places where nede is.

Item, the walle of the base courte round about] to be reparyde as nedith.

Item, the walle betwene the watche tow[ers] ys fallyng downe, muste nedes be amendyde [with] deligence, or ellys it wolle fall downe into the [dyke,] whiche wolbe moche more chargeable.

Item, the Shaking tower on the north-est corner of the saide castelle to


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be takyn downe and brought up agayne, with bothe the ij. wardes on the no[rth] of the same castelle to be amendide where as nedith.

Item, casting of the dyke of the saide castelle woll coste cli. sterling.

Item, the estimat of these other works of the same castelle wolle amounte above cccc[li.]

DEVICE FOR THE FORTIFICATION OF CALAIS, 1532. (MS. Cotton. Faustina, E. vii. pp. 33–38. A second copy is in the same volume,

pp. 103-105.) For Mr. Amner,* towchinge the Fortyfycacion of Cales. A Devyse made by the kinges highenes at his graces being at the towne

of Calis, in the xxiiijth yere of his reigne, for the fortificacion of the

said towne, as hereaffter followeth : First, to make Becham's bulwerke so massy that it be not well bateable. And from the said bulwerke north-est into the see, to the full see-marke, to make a strong bulwerke with an arche for carriage to pass under; and gates to the same, to be opened and shitt as shalbe thought good. And the said arche to be made so as a platforme may be made thereupon. And the said bulwerke from the arche to the sea-wardes to be rownde, and to be made that the same may beate as well into the see to the mouth of the haven, as alonges the greve to Flaunders wardes, and the way to Lantern gate.

Item, to make a travers from Becham's tower to Becham's bulwerke, with an arche for the water to passe under: the said travers to be made as well for the defense of the brais as for the covering of the sighte of the same, soo as no man shall loke nor see alonges the said brais.

Item, from the est point of Becham's bulwerke to another point that is betwene that and the drawe-bridge of the said bulwerke, to be made rownde. And the dowevet at the ende of the said brais ther to be kytt and avoyded away, soo as the said bulwerke may beate alonges the flankes to Mylke gate. And the crosse wall nowe beyng for the olde sayly † to be voyded and taken away.

Item, Becham's tower to be taken downe to the too wyndose at the nether end of the iveys groyng on the same ; and the said tower to be massied up

* The king's almoner at this date was Edward Lea, Wolsey's successor as archbishop of York.

† dove in the second copy, at fol. 103, # i. e. sally-port. In the second copy, at fol. 103, it is written saylewe.


with lyme and sand, stone, rubishe, and chalke, and on the topp thereof to be a platfourme.

Item, the bulwarke betwene Becham's bulwerk and Milkegate to be made so highe, and the canoners therof raysed, that the same may beate as well the parke as the downes, and that there may be made upon the highte of the said bulwerke a platfourme, if nede be, with a vaund mure.*

Item, betwene Becham's tower and Dewlin's tower is vj. towers, accompting the said Becham's tower for one, wherof iij. to be made massy, and iij. open, to beate the flankes of the diche.

Item, half betwene Becham's tower and Dewlyn's tower, within the towne, a mounte to be made of (blank) foote square, for the beating of the parke, the pawne, the downes, and the contretht all aboutes the same.

Item, a lighte bridge to be made besides the said mounte out of the towne, as well to geve socours to the brais, as to retire oute of the same into the towne, as the case shall require.

Item, the cannoners of the newe bulwerk at Mylkegate to be raised, and the splaies thereof to be made as the kinges grace hath devised, so as the same may beate both the flankes ; and the inner wall of the said bulwerke to be taken downe, so as the said bulwerke may be open to the bulwerke before the gate.

Item, the said bulwerke before the said Milkegate to be made so massy that it be not bateable, and also so highe, in maner of a platfourme, that the same may not onely cover and defend the gate, and discover and beate into and over the newe bulwerke and brais into the parke, the downes, the pawne, and the contreth ther abouts, but also to beate alonges the flankes of the said brais for the defense of the inner wall and diche.

Item, the newe bulwerke at Dewlyns tower to be rased viij. foote higher, and the splaies of the same to be made as the kinges grace hath devised ; and the said bulwerk to be made further into the bankes of the brais on eyther side, as the ground ther well serveth for the same; and on eyther of the said sides a newe cannoner to be made, the one to beate alonges the flankes * An avant-mur.

+ i. e. country. I In the second copy this is called Dyvelyn tower, and in the Proceedings of the Privy Council in 1541, when its repairs were proceeding, Duvelyn and Dublyn bulwerk. (Vol. vii. pp. 213, 232.) There were a Beauchamp tower and a Develyn tower at the tower of London as well as at Calais (bird's eye view, 1597), but the latter in 23 Hen. VIII. is called Robyn the Devyll's tower. (Bayley's Hist. Appx. p. ix.)

of the brais to Milkegate, and the other to Prince's bulwerke ; and to amend the cannoners along, so as the same may in likewise beate the said flankes.

Item, Dewlyn's tower to be taken downe, as moche as nede shalbe, and the same to be lyned, made broder, and massied up with lyme and stone, and thereupon a platfourme to be made to bere a grete pece of ordinaunce, as well to beate over the bulwerke ther, as to scoure the contreth thereaboutes.

Item, the tower next unto Dewlyn's tower towardes Prince's bulwerke to be

open, and the tower next the same to be massied up for a platfourme; and so every tower from thence to the said Prince's bulwerke, one to be open, and another to be massied up; and every tower that shalbe made open, to be of the heigthe of the vaund mure of the towne wall; and every tower that shalbe massied up, to be of one highte.

Item, betwene the bulwerke at Dewlyn tower and Prince's bulwerke, suche a bulwerke to be made as is betwene Milkegate and Becham's bulwerke, with cannoners in the same, as well to scoure and beate the flankes of the brais, as the contreth ther aboutes.

Item, at the said Prince's bulwerke a gate to be made, and the tower nowe standing in the wall of the towne to be made on the one side of the said gate, and another like to be made on the other side of the said gate; and over the said gate, betwene the said too towers, a platfourme to beate over the bulwerke and brais there.

Item, the said Prince's bulwerke to be made rounde with canoners, for the beating of the said flankes of the brais, as well to Bollen gate as to the bulwerk towards Dewlyn tower ; and the gate out of the same not to be made directly before the gate out of the towne, but on the side of the said bulwerke to the estwardes.

Item, that the counter mure of the inner diche do go furthe as the same is begonne.

Item, that such a light bridge be made betwene the said Prince's bulwerke and Dewlyn toure, as is devised to be made betwene Becham's bulwerke and Mylkegate, as well for men to issue out of the towne for the defense of the bulwerkes and brais, as to recoile into the towne, as the case shall require.

Item, suche a bulwerke to be made betwene Prince's bulwerke and Bolen gate, as is devised to be made betwene Prince's bulwerke and Dewlyn's bulwerke.

Item, that the bulwerke befor Bolen gate be made so that the same may responde and beate the flankes, as well to the newe bulwerke devised to be made betwene that and Prince's gate, as to the bulwerke at the corner of the newe bray.

Item, that suche a lighte bridge be made betwene Prince's bulwerke and Bolengate, as is devised to be made betwene Dewlyn tower and Prince's bulwerke, and another like bridge betwene Bolen gate and the newe bray.

Item, that rounde aboutes the towne where the wall standeth upon arches, the same arches to be filled with brick, and too foote of the vaund mur to be taken downe; and all the loopes to be made mayne wall, and the wall that men goo on nowe to be made as highe as the vaund mure, when the said too foote shalbe taken downe; and then alonges the walle splaies to be made after the kinges devise, in stede of lowpes; and such a rampeir of erthe to be laed to the wall as too cartes may goo afront thereupon, and to be of the same highte that the wall (which men goo upon nowe) is, or some thing lower.


First, at the end of the est juttye, a strong tower to be made, with a plata. fourme

upon the toppe therof, and cannoners out of the said tower, with ventes for the same ; as well to beate the mouth of the haven hard by the water, as along the greve to Gravelingwardes.

Item, the jutty from the said tower to the mayne land to be made brode beneth and narowe upward, affter suche facion and proporcion as by the overseers of the workes, and the workmen of the same, shalbe thought requisite; foreseyng always, that the tymberwerke of the said juttye be sett soo nyghe togethers, and also to be made close on the topp thereof, that the see shall have no power to wesh ne cast out the chalke, nor such other stuff as the same shalbe filled withall.

Item, a travers to be made over the haven with iij. floodgates, for the receyvyng of the water that commeth in with the floode, and the keping thereof till the water shalbe ebbed out of the said haven, and then to open the said floodgats and lett the water passe ; the said travers to be made from the bulwerke in the bray wher the king did appoint, streighte over the downes, and at the end therof a tower to be made, as well for the defens of the same floodgates as to beate over alonges the said downes.

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