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Process according to the terms of his warrant, on complaint there-
gent collect of made by the burgesses to the warden, he shall issue

his warrant, under his hand, directed to the bailiff, to dis-
train the sum or rates neglected by such collector, to

be collected or paid out of his estate. Power of bai.

SECT. 6. The bailiff shall, within the limits of each liff.

borough, and on the waters of each harbor, adjoining
thereto, whether within the limits of the borough or not,
have the same power, authority, and privilege, and be
liable to the same suits or penalties, for neglect of duty,
in any case whatever, as constables by law now have, or
are, in their respective towns; and shall execute all law.
ful writs to him directed, by virtue of the by-laws of the

borough to which he belongs, or by the laws of the state, of the treasur- within his said described limits. And the treasurer shall

have the same powers as town treasurers have by law,

and shall be accountable in the same manner. Power of lay

SECT. 7. The warden and burgesses shall have power
ing out high-
ways, &c.

to lay out new highways, streets, and public walks, for
the use of each borough, and to alter those already laid
out, and to exchange highways for highways, or to sell
highways, for the purpose of purchasing other highways,
taking, in all respects, the same measures as are directed
by the laws of the state to be taken in case of highways

laid out by the select-men, for the use of their towns : Remedy for and the party aggrieved by the laying out of such highparty aggrieve ways or streets, may have the same remedy, by applicaed.

tion to the county courts, as is by law provided, in case Discontinu of highways laid out by select-men. And whenever any ance of inigh- highways, laid out by the warden and burgesses, may beways.

come unnecessary for public use, they may be discontin

ed by such warden and burgesses.
Powers in re SECT. 8. The warden and burgesses shall, within the
lation to sick- limits of their respective boroughs, have, use, possess,

and enjoy all the powers and privileges granted to the
select-men and justices of the peace, in the several towns,
by the fifteenth and sixteenth sections of the act, provid-

ing in case of sickness.
Siyn-post to SECT. 9. It shall be the duty of the warden and bur-
be erected.

gesses of each borough, at the expense thereof, to erect
and maintain a sign-post, at some proper place therein,
which shall be a lawful sign-post, according to the law

establishing a sign-post in each town.
Power of war SECT. 10. The warden and burgesses in each bor-
den and bur-

ough, respectively, or a majority of them, shall have pow-
geeses to make

er to make by-laws relative to markets and commerce,
within the limits of said borough; relative to the streets
and highways of said borough ; relative to nuisances with-
in said borough limits ; relative to wharves, docks, chan-




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nels, public landings, anchoring and mooring vessels ; relative to trees, planted for shade, ornament, convenience, use, public or private ; relative to the fruit of such trees ; relative to trespasses committed in gardens, or in the limits of said borough ; relative to walks and buildings, public and private ; relative to sweeping of chim. nies, and preserving said borough from injury by fire; relative to the forms of oath to be taken by the treasurer; relative to warning meetings of said borough, and of said warden and burgesses, and the time and place when and where they shall be holden; relative to the mode of taxation, as to taxes to be levied in said borough; relative to the penalties to be incurred by those who, being chosen to office, shall, (not being excused by said borough,) refuse to serve; relative to a watch; relative to the burial of the dead; relative to public lights and lamps ; relative to restraining horses, cattle, mules, sheep, geese, swine, and poultry, from going at large within the limits of said borough ; relative to firing of guns ; relative to noise and disturbance in the night season ; relative to preventing any building, or buildings, already erected, or which may hereafter be erected, within the limits of any borough, from being used or occupied as a baker's shop, tallowchandler's shop, or blacksmith's shop, or for purposes which equally, or in like manner, in the opinion of the warden and burgesses, shall immediately expose such borough to injury by fire, without licence first obtained from said warden and burgesses; and to inflict penalties Penalties linfor the breach of such by-laws, not exceeding the sum ited ; of fifteen dollars, for one offence, payable to the treasurer, or such other person as the by-laws shall direct, and recoverable by a proper action on such by-law, to how recoverabe brought before a justice of the peace, resident in said ble. borough, or in the town in which such borough is situated: Provided, that no by-law shall be repugnant to the laws of the state ; and that all by-laws, made by the warden and burgesses, shall be approved by the borough, By-laws to be in legal meeting assembled, and, after being so approved, approved and

published. shall be published, at least three weeks, successively, in some public newspaper, published in said borough, or if none, in the nearest, before the saine shall be of any validity : and all by-laws, within eight months after they are made and published, as aforesaid, may be repealed Repealable by the superior court, bolden in the county in which the by the supeborough is situated, 'if said court, on a hearing, shall ríor court. adjudge them to be unreasonable and unjust.

SECT. 11. The borough of Killingworth shall have powers of the power and authority to purchase or erect a building, or Killingworth

borough of buildings, for the establishment of a school within its lim- as to schools ;

tate ;

its ; to establish a fund, or devise other means, for the support of the same; to prescribe the different branches that may be taught therein ; and to make all necessary regulations, and to exercise such powers, as the interest of said school may require : and to make by-laws, in man

ner aforesaid, relative to the improvement and preservaas to shell

tion of the shell and scale fisheries, and taking fish within and scale fish- their said limits; provided, that in relation to said fisheeries;

ries, said town of Killingworth shall have given their asas to dee pen- sent thereto; and relative to improvements made in ing the water deepening the water in the harbor of said borough. And

the freemen of said borough, in legal meeting assembled, may appoint all proper officers necessary to carry into effect the by-laws relative to the regulations of said harbor,

and of the shell and scale fisheries, within said limits. Power of con sect. 12. All grants or leases of real estate, belonging veying real es- to said boroughs, signed by the warden, and sealed with

the borough seal, and approved by the borough to which such estate belongs, in legal meeting assembled, and recorded in the town where the lands granted or leased lie,

shall be good and effectual in law. of appointing sect. 13. Each borough shall have power, in legal inspectors ; meeting assembled, to appoint inspectors of every kind

of produce of the United States, brought to the same for sale, or exportation ; and to appoint haywards, and all other officers not enumerated in this act, necessary to

carry their by-laws into execution. of forming and

SECT. 14. The warden and burgesses of each borough, reg'ilatiog a shall have power to form, continue, and regulate a firefire-company. company, and enlist a sufficient number of firemen to fill

the same ; and in case a sufficient number cannot be enlisted, to appoint a sufficient number to fill up the same, and make all suitable and necessary by-laws for

regulating such fire-company. Officers to be SECT. 15. The warden, burgesses, bailiff and clerk of

each borough, and the inspectors of produce, shall be sworn to a faithful discharge of their duty ; and the form

of the oath to be taken by the warden and burgesses, shall Form of oath, be as follows : You, A. B. being elected warden (or for warden, &c.

do burgess, as the case may be) of the borough of swear, that you will faithfully and uprightly discharge the duties of that office, so long as you shall hold the same ; so help you God. And the form of the oath to be

taken by the clerk, shall be as follows: You, A. B. for clerk ;

being clerk of the borough of do swear, that you will faithfully attend, and execute the office of clerk, according to your best skill, and make true entries and records of all the votes and proceedings of said horough, and such other matters as by law, or by the by-laws of


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and recorded.

said borough, are to be recorded in your office; and that you will deliver true copies of the records in your hands, when they shall be required of you, taking only your lawful fees ; so help you God : and that the oath to be taken by the bailiff, shall be the same mutatis mutandis, as is pre- for bailift. scribed by law to be taken by constables ; and the form of the oath to be taken by the inspectors of pro- for inspectors, duce, haywards and other subordinate officers, shall be &c. the same mutatis mutandis, as is by law prescribed for surveyors of highways. Which oath may be administer. By whom aded by any justice of the peace of the county, in which ministered, the borough is situated, or if none be present, by the clerk of the borough ; and the clerk shall make a true record of the administering of such oath, and by whom, before the person to whom the same has been administered, shall be able to execute the office to which he is chosen. SECT. 16. Whenever the warden, or other officer, Vacancies,

how supplied. shall resign, or be removed, by death or otherwise, another shall be chosen in his place, to hold the office for the same period as the person he succeeds was entitled to holdit: and the warden of each borough, or in his absence, Moderator. the senior burgess present, at any meeting of the borough, or of the warden and burgesses, shall, ex officio, be moderator thereof; and each borough may, at any time, hold special borough-meetings, whenever, in the opinion of Special meetthe warden and burgesses, or a majority of them, the cir. ings. cumstances of the borough require it: and the vote or choice of the major part of the freemen present at any legal meeting, shall be considered as the vote or choice of said borough.

SECT. 17. And the inhabitants living within the limits of Inhabitants of either of said boroughs, shall remain and continue in- boroughs to be

inhabitants of habitants of the towns in which such boroughs are situat- the towns. ed, entitled to all privileges, and subject to all burdens, in the same manner as if this act had never been passed. And if this act, or any provision therein contained, shall be found inconvenient, or in any respect inadequate, the Power of re. same may be repealed, altered or revoked, by the gene- rocation ral assembly.


An Act giving additional powers to the Borough

of Bridgeport.

E it enacted by the Senate and House of RepSECT. I.

resentatives, in General Assembly conionid, That the corporate meetings of the warden and burgesses

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Court of bure of the borough of Bridgeport, shall, in all legal acts and

proceedings, be styled the court of burgesses; and that the
clerk of said borough shall be clerk of said court of bur-
gesses; but said court of burgesses shall have power
to appoint a clerk, pro tempore, in the absence of the

clerk of said borough.
may cause
grounds to be

sect. 2. Said court of burgesses shall be, and they are raised or

hereby empowered, to cause all grounds in said bodrained, rough, where water at any time stands, or becomes

stagnant, either in the open air, or under buildings in
the opinion of said court of burgesses,) to the annoyance,
either of the health or comfort of the inhabitants of said
borough, or any of them, to be filled up or drained, as
the case may be, and to raise such buildings, if need be,
so high that the grounds under them may be filled up,

and to give liberty or orders to the proprietor or proprieat the expense

tors of such buildings or grounds, to raise, fill up or drain of the proprie- the same, at his, her or their own expense; and designate tors.

how high such buildings, shall be raised, and such grounds
filled up, and where and how deep and wide such drains
shall or may be dug; and if such proprietor or proprietors
shall neglect to raise such buildings, and fill up such
grounds, or dig such drains, in such manner, and within such
time as said court of burgesses shall have designated, and
limited, said court of burgesses may employ some meet
person or persons, to raise such building or buildings, and
to fill up or drain such grounds, and may adjust the ex-
pences thereof, and apportion and assess the same on the

proprietors of the buildings so raised, or grounds so filled Mode of col- up or drained ; and may also assess the damages which lecting monies may be done to any particular proprietor, by cutting for such pur- such drains through his or her land, which damage shall

be paid by the proprietors of the lands so drained. And
the warden or senior burgess of said borough, shall issue
a warrant of distress to the bailiff, or to any other

officer, living within said borough, who is hereby authori-
zed to receive and execute such warrants, or to an in-
different person, against the goods, chatiels, lands and
bodies of the persons so assessed, if the case so requires,
setting forth the sum assessed upon, and due from each
proprietor, and authorizing such bailifl, other officer or
indifferent person, to whom such warrant shall be direct-
ed, to collect the sum so assessed upon and due from each
proprietor; and such bailify, other officer or indifferent
person, shall proceed in the same manner, and have the
same powers, and be under the same regulations in ma-
king such collection, as the law prescribes in case of col-
lectors of public taxes, and shall account to the court of


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