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Address to Subscribers, 1 Advantages of Machinery and Manufactures, 310

Agriculture, Population employed in, account of, 310

Altered dimensions, copying with—of the Pentagraph—by turning—Rose engine turning— Copying dies—Engine for copying bustsPrinting from copper plates—Methods of, described—Machine for producing engravings from medals described—Lace, made by caterpillars, 374, 375 Agricultural Schools, account of, 70,150, 200 "Fair in New-York, 297 "Society in Massachusetts, 152 Agriculture in New-York State, 248

"Progress of, in England, 71 "in Scotland, 118 "French and English compared, 265 Animal power, estimated, 229 Antwerp, Map of the Seat of War at, 28 Apple Trees, method of managing, 8 Aquatinta Engraving, account of, 133 Architecture, supposed origin of the Corinthian Order, 277

History of, 309, 327
Ashes, used for destroying insects, 102
Attraction, cause of, explained, 298


Ballingall on Ship-Building, 278
Balloons and Ballooning, account of, 247
Beds, Seed Down recommended for stuffing
of, 184

Bees, on the cultivation of, 265

Beet Root Sugar, 119

Birds, vocal machinery of, 55

Bridges, accont of Iron one over the Thames,

England, 183 Brougham, Henry, Sketch of the Public Life

of, 294

Bulkley's Letters on Guard Rail, 261, 307,355 Butter, great trade in, at Catskill, 39

"method of restoring, when bad, 265


Calculating by Machinery, Babbage's plan, 262

Canals, list of in Massachusetts, 5—Receipts in Ohio line, 5—Receipts of Albany and NewYork line, 22—Receipts on Seneca and Cayuga line, 37—Rideau, 84—On the Importance of, 99—Chesapeake and Ohio, 100, 148, 168, 209—Report of Commissioners on the Funds of, 40—Louisville and Portland, importance of, 102—Crooked Lake, remarks on, 131— - Receipts on Albany line, 149—of Goetha, 149,193—Reports of Commissioners in Ohio, 161—in Great Britain, 178, 194—Tolls of, in New-York State, 182—Method of Conducting Surveys of, in New-York State, 338—

i Loans for, 353—Accelerated Movement on, 357—Commissioners Report of the State of New-York, 114,130

Canning's Life Raft, account of, 198

Carpets, Paper, how made, 245

Carriages, method of detaching from horses instantaneously, 3

Casks, method of cleaning foul ones, 389

Cellar Steps, improved, 181

i Cements, on the cohesion of, with tables, by B.

Bevan,135 Character, on the formation of, 201 Chemical Amusements, 213 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and Railroad Co.

Controversy, 148 ^ Chicago Road, 9T & ^

Chiragon, a guide for the blind to write, 227

City Improvements, 66

Coal Trade, account of, in America, 23

Copperplate Printing, method of, described, 258

Copying, various methods of, described—by casting in metal—casting in plaster, 359— casting in wax—by moulding—on embossed china—on glass seals—square glass bottles —enuff boxes—knife and umbrella handles —tobacco pipes—embossing on calico and leather—by smith's work—engraving by pressure—gold and silver moulding—ornamental papers, 360

Copy ing by stamping coins—military ornaments —buttons—French method—by punching iron plates for borders—cards for guns—ornaments for gilt paper—steel chains—with elongation—wire drawing—tube drawing, 361—iron rolling, 374

Copying with altered dimensions, see letter A.

Corn, cultivation of, best method described, 185

Cranberries, best method of rearing, 23

Curves, lost on railways, 325

Curves for Arches, method of describing, 329


Day-Book for Farmers, recommended, 7
Diving Apparatus, account of, 169
Dome, method of building without centering,


Electro-Magnetic Experiment, 197
Engraving in Aquatinta, 133—in Relief, Asa

Spencer's plan, 327
Ericsson's Improved Steam Engine and Water

Mill, proposed improvements in, 291
Erie and New-York Railroad Company, 337


Farmer, independence of, &c. 38 Farmers, Hints to, 71, 86, 218, 234, 281, 298, 377, 392

Fire Alarm, self-acting one, described, 197

Fire Engine, steam one, account of, 33, 264

Fire Escape, Murray's plan, 137

Fire Extinguisher, Capt. Manby's plan, 230

Flies, how to destroy black and green, 393

Florists, Hints to, 235

Fodder, hints respecting, 151

Food for Oxen and Cattle, 120

Food for Plants, 55

Foot Railroads, 20, 49

Forces too great for Human Power, 343

Foreign News, 10, 16, 32, 40, 56, 72, 88, 108, 120,172,188,205,236, 252,268, 301,315,342, 348, 362, 380 412

Friction Clutch Box, for adjusting intermitting machinery, account of, 70

Fruit, method of preserving in winter, 8 "on the cultivation of, 219

Fulton, Robert, his account of his first steamboat excursion, 291


Geological Map of Courses in Massachusetts, 169

Glass, method of etching designs on, 169—on

blowing of, 169 Gleanings, rural and scientific, 218 Grain, raised on old and new lands, difference

of, accounted for, 102 Grapes, Scuppernong, method of rearing, 86—

on raising by eyes or buds, 185


Hainsselin's Motive Power, described, 370

Harlaim Railroad Controversy, 145

Heads, of metal, brass, or steel, constructed so

as to articulate, 197 Heat, its spreading by conduction, &c. 215 Hemp Machine, account of, 341 Hickory Brooms, recommended on railways,


Holt's Hotel, description of, 214

Home Intelligence, 11, 24, 43, 57, 74, 90,104, 122, 139, 158, 172, 189, 204, 220,236, 253, 284, 300, 316, 333, 349, 365, 381, 395, 408

Homer and Steamboats, 321

Horse Shoe, improved, 180

Horse Shoe Nails, improved, 103

Horticultural Society of Albany, 151

Hosack, Dr., account of his Improved Stereo, rary, 393

Hot Air Blast, 82

Hot Water, method of heating houses by, 39 Hotchkiss' Improved Grist Mill, account of, 234

Human Power, additions to, 310

Hydraulic Press, Russell's, account of, 3, 229


Internal Improvements, generally, account of,

by E. S. Coxe, 211
Iron of Borneo, account of, 134
Iron Boats, description of, 135
Iron Trade in England, account of, 259
Iron, malleable, improvement in, 372


Kettle Holder, improved one, 184 Knickerbacker Magazine, notice of, 130,155 Knowledge and Industry, society for promot. ing, account of, 356


Lathe, improvement in the, by G. Walker, 215

Leading Blocks, improvement in, 129

Levers, advantages of long ones in locomotive engines, 134

Lime, used as manure, 103

Little Falls, description of, 244

Live Stock, method of raising, 281

Liverpool, (Eng.) description of the manufactories of, &c. 227

Locomotion without Steam, 229

Locomotive Ergines, a table exhibiting the performances on planes of different inclinations, 33—Mr. Baldwins, 36

Loudon's Gardener's Magazine, extracts from, 233


M'Adain on Road Making, 196

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