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Hall of the House of Representatives, Rickerson.

Austin, Texas,


Monday, August 24, 1914. Robbins.


In obedience to the proclamation of


His Excellency, O. B. Colquitt, Gov-


Watson of Hays. ernor of Texas, convening the Thirty Rowell.

Watson of Mills. third Legislature to meet in Special Ses- Russell.

Webb. sion at Austin, the seat of government, Savage.

Williams of Hopthis the 24th day of August, A. D. 1914, Schwegman.

kins. the members of the House of Represent- Spradley.

Williams of Mcatives assembled in Representative Hall, Stephens.

Lennan. and, at 10 o'clock a. m., the House was Stone.

Woods of Fisher. called to order by Hon. Chester H. Ter- Sullivan.

Woods of Navarro. rell, Speaker.


Wortham. Speaker Terrell then directed the Clerk Taylor.

Yarbrough. to call the roll.

Templeton. The roll was called, and the following

Absent. members were present:




Henry of Bowie. Bagby. Haxthausen.




Mills. Barrett of Jones. Hill.


Morris of Victoria. Barrett of Titus Hornby.




Reedy. Bierschwale. Hughes.






Spann. Broughton. Jordan.




Kirby. Burmeister. Lane.

The Speaker announced quorum Burns. Lewelling.

present. Butler. Low.

Prayer was then offered by Rev. W. J. Byrne. Long.

Joyce, Chaplain. Calvin.

Macgill. Campbell. McAskill.


The Speaker then handed to the Clerk Colquitt.

Mendell. Cooper.

the proclamation of the Governor, which Morris of Coryell.

was read to the House, as follows: Cope. Mulcahy.

Whereas, On account of the lack of Cox of Delta. Murray. Cox of Ellis. Nabours.

storage facilities in this State, many

hundred thousand bales of cotton are Craven.

Neeley. Crisp. Olander.

stored in open yards, resulting in loss Cunningham. Oliver.

and damage to the owners, estimated in Davis. Owsley.

Texas for the last season at several milDickson. Parker.

lion dollars; and on the account of the Diffie. Parks.

unexpected outbreak of war between the Dodson. Patton.

nations of Europe which consume annuGoodner. Penry.

ally over 45 per cent of the cotton crop Greenwood. Powell.

of the United States, the market for Grindstaff. Raiden.

cotton is greatly curtailed, thus making


some provision for storing and holding The Speaker announced that nominacotton in good condition and enabling tions for Doorkeeper were in order. the owners to borrow money on it at Mr. Humphrey nominated J. K. Lane, reasonable rates, imperative. There be- and moved that nominations be closed ing no adequate law providing for the and that the Clerk of the House be inbuilding and operation of warehouses at structed to cast the ballot of the House the public expense by cities and towns for J. K. Lane for Doorkeeper. of the State, or by individuals and cor- The motion prevailed, and J. K. Lane porations under bond, and the need for was declared duly elected Doorkeeper of such a law being apparent, justifies an the House. extra session of the Legislature of Texas

ASSISTANT DOORto act upon this very important matter. ELECTION OF Before the meeting of the Regular Ses

KEEPER sion of the Thirty-fourth Legislature, the cotton crop will have been picked and tion of J. K. Lane as Doorkeeper, left

The Speaker then announced the elecprepared for market. To delay action therefore until the Regular Session of and stated that nominations for Assist

vacant the office of Assistant Doorkeeper, the Thirty-fourth Legislature would result in great loss and injury to the cot- ant Doorkeeper of the House were in

order. ton producers and the public generally.

Mr. Hunter nominated H. T. DunaNow, therefore, being desirous in every

way. way possible to aid and assist the pro

Mr. Woods of Navarro nominated J. T. ducer of agricultural products, and pro

Faulk. vide facilities for storing and holding

Mr. Mendell nominated D. F. Snyder. the products of the farm; the extraordi

Mr. Morris of Coryell nominated J. E. nary conditions above referred to justify

Everett. the Governor to convene the Legislature

Mr. McAskill seconded the nomination in extra session, and I do hereby call the same to convene at the Capitol in of J. T. Faulk.

There being no further nominations, the city of Austin, beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., Monday, August 24, 1914, and announced the appointment of the

the Speaker declared nominations closed, for the following purposes, towit: 1. The enactment of an adequate law

following tellers:

To take up the ballot: Messrs. Rai. providing for a system of public warehouses, and for the enactment of an ade den, Watson of Hays, Craven, Tarver, quate law providing for

Broughton, Lane, Savage, and Macgill. a system of

To count the ballot: bonded warehouses in which the agricul

Messrs. Byrne, tural products of this State

Tiller, Hill, and Lewelling. may

be stored and safely kept under public

The ballot was taken up and counted,

and resulted as follows: guarantees, or under bond. 2. To consider and act upon such

H. T. Dunaway received 57 votes.

J. T. Faulk received 6 votes. other matters as may be presented by the Governor, pursuant of Section 40,

D. F. Snyder received 35 votes.

J. E. Everett received 2 votes,
Article 3, of the Constitution of Texas.
In testimony whereof I hereunto sign

Scattering, 1 vote. my name and affix the seal of State, at

H. T. Dunaway having received a maAustin, Texas, this the 15th day of jority of all the votes cast, was declared August, A. D. 1914.

duly elected Assistant Doorkeeper of the 0. B. COLQUITT,

House, and at once came forward and Governor of Texas.

took the oath of office, which was adBy the Governor:

ministered by the Chief Clerk. F. C. WEINERT,

Pending count of the ballot. Mr. SavSecretary of State.

age occupied the chair temporarily.


The following members were granted The Speaker announced that he had leaves of absence on account of imporreceived the resignation of D. H. L. Bontant business: ner as Doorkeeper of the House.

Mr. Reedy, indefinitely, on motion of Mr. Rowell moved that the resigna Mr. Byrne. tion of D. H. L. Bonner be accepted, and Mr. Smith, indefinitely, on motion of that the House proceed to the election Mr. Owsley. of Doorkeeper.

Mr. Mills, indefinitely, on motion of The motion prevailed.

Mr. Tarver.

Mr. Fuller, for today, on motion of One page for the Speaker at $2 per Mr. Hill.

day. Mr. Furrh, for today, on motion of One general clerk at $4 per day. Mr. Blalock.

One clerk to the Sergeant-at-Arms at Mr. Burges and Mr. Harris, indefinite- $5 per day. ly, on motion of Mr. Macgill.

One porter to the Sergeant-at-Arms at Mr. Ritchie, for today, on motion of $2 per day. Mr. Mulcahy.

One assistant to the Reading Clerk Mr. Harp, indefinitely, on motion of at $5 per day. Mr. Oliver.

One elevator man at $3 per day. Mr. Dunn, indefinitely, on motion of One night watchman at $4 per day. Speaker Terrell.

One assistant to the Journal Clerk at Mr. Spann, indefinitely, on motion of $5 per day. Mr. Cope.

Two stenographers for use in Attorney Mr. Dove, for today, and Mr. Gates, General's Department at $4 per day. Mr. Fuller and Mr. Ritchie, indefinitely,

Ten expert stenographers at $4 per on motion of Mr. Savage.


One warrant clerk, who shall also be COMMITTEES TO NOTIFY GOV.

an expert stenographer, at $5 per day. ERNOR AND SENATE.

Each of said stenographers shall serve as Mr. Woods of Navarro offered the fol- clerks to committees when so directed

by the Speaker. lowing resolution: Be it resolved, That the Speaker be,

Twenty pages at $2 per day. and he is hereby, authorized to appoint

One messenger to carry papers to the two committees, each to consist of three) Confederate Home at $2.50 per day. members, one of which committees shall

Twelve porters, who shall perform be directed to inform the Governor that I such duties as are usually required of the House of Representatives is now as

porters, and who shall be under the disembled in Special Session in obedience rection of the Speaker and the Sergeantto his proclamation, with a quorum pres

at-Arms, at $2 per day. ent and will be pleased to receive such

One porter for Dr. Cunningham at $2 communications as he may be pleased

per day. to transmit; and that the other com- All stenographers and clerks shall furmittee be directed to inform the Senate nish their own typewriters and ribbons that the House has a quorum present without expense to the State. and is now ready to proceed with busi- Be it further provided that it shall ness.

be the duty of the Speaker, and he is The resolution was read second time hereby empowered to dispense with the and was adopted.

service of any employe when, in his In accordance with the above action, judgment, said employe is not further the Speaker announced the appointment needed or for misconduct of any emof the following committees :

ploye. To notify the Governor: Messrs.

The duties of employes, as hereinbeByrne, Greenwood and Allison.

fore mentioned, shall be such as To notify the Senate: Messrs. Woods usually required of the employes of preof Navarro, Lane and Parks.

vious Legislatures, and it shall be the PROVIDING FOR EMPLOYES OF THE sist the members of the House in their

duty of stenographers and clerks to asHOUSE.

correspondence, preparation of bills, etc. Mr. Tillotson offered the following res- Any of the employes may be excused olution:

by the Speaker for cause deemed to him Resolved, That the Speaker of the to be sufficient. House shall appoint the following em

The salary of all employes shall beployes for the Second Called Session of gin when they are instructed to begin the Thirty-third Legislature to serve for work by the Speaker. such compensation as may be hereafter

Signed-Ross, Reeves, Macgill, Dodson, provided. towit:

Goodner, Humphrey, Burmeister, Woods One private secretary to the Speaker of Fisher, Tillotson, Patton, Calvin, Mulat $5 per day.

cahy, Taylor, Grindstaff, Oliver, Cope. One stenographer for the Speaker at $4 per day.

The resolution was read second time.

Question-Shall the One porter for the Speaker at $2 per

resolution be day.

adopted ?

are as




Mr. Kirby offered the following amend- Mr. Cope offered the following substiment to the resolution:

tute for the resolution: Amend by adding:

Resolved, That each member be alOne Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms for lowed to subscribe for three daily newsthe gallery at a salary of $4 per day. papers, and that same be paid for out The amendment was adopted.

of the contingent fund of the House. The resolution amended

Mr. Lewelling offered the following adopted.

amendment to the substitute:

Amend substitute by striking out PROVIDING FOR PRINTING HOUSE "three" and substituting “five.” JOURNALS.

Signed-Lewelling, Burmeister. Mr. Hornby offered the following res

Mr. Dickson moved to table the amendolution:

ment to the substitute. Resolved, That 1500 copies of the

The motion to table was lost. House Journal of each day's session be

The amendment to the substitute was printed, 100 copies to be delivered to the adopted.

The Senate, nine copies to be placed on the

substitute amended desk of each member of the House each adopted. day; three copies to be delivered to the

Question then recurring on the reso

lution head of each State department in the

as substituted, it was adopted. Capitol building, and the remailder to

GOVERNOR NOTIFIED. be left with the Sergeant-at-Arms for distribution as may be demanded.

The committee appointed to notify the Signed-Hornby, Cox of Delta. Governor that the House is organized The resolution was read second time and ready to receive any communication and was adopted.

he may desire to transmit appeared at

the bar of the House, and being duly anPROVIDING POSTAGE FOR MEM-nounced, stated that they had performed BERS.

the duty assigned them. Mr. Baker offered the following reso- APPOINTMENT OF EMPLOYES. lution: Be it resolved by the House of Rep

The Speaker announced the appointresentatives, That each member be al- ment of the following employes for the lowed $10 in postage and the Chief Clerk House: be allowed $5 in postage, and Sergeant

Private secretary to Speaker, Irwin at-arms $5 in postage, to be paid out Ward. of the contingent fund of the House. Private stenographer for the Speaker,

Signed— Baker, Hornby, Butler. Josephine Maguire. The resolution was read second time Page for the Speaker, Reed Granbury. and was adopted.

Porter for the Speaker, General JackSENATE NOTIFIED.

General clerk, Joe Jayne.

Clerk to The committee appointed to notify the

Sergeant-at-arms, Stuart Senate that the House is organized and

Francis. ready for business appeared at the bar

Assistant to Reading Clerk, O. P. Bas

ford. of the House, and being announced, stated that they had performed the duty as

Assistant to Journal Clerk, Noel

Brown. signed to them.

Warrant clerk anu stenographer, Theo. PROVIDING NEWSPAPERS FOR G. Eiserlohr. MEMBERS.

Messenger to carry papers to ('onfed. Vr. Vannoy offered the following res

erate Home, G. W. Webb.

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms in galolution: Resolved, That each member of the

lery. W. W. Williams, House be allowed two daily papers, to

Stenographers: Anna Hofl'man, Minbe paid for out of the contingent fund nie L. Ramsey, Mary Goldstein, Lettie of the House.

Hughes, Virginia Turner, Grace Ward,

Blanche Hillyer, Allye Smith, Annie Signed—Vannoy, Baker.

Saxon. The resolution was read second time. Pages: Thomas Holcombe, Ernest

Question-Shall the resolution be Denney, Robert E. Williams, Clifton adopted ?

Phillips, Tom Rush, Kenneth Phipps,


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