English and Scottish Ballads, Volume 4

Francis James Child
Little, Brown, 1859

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Página 64 - They thought King James and a' his men Had won the house wi' bow and spear ; It was but twenty Scots and ten, That put a thousand in sic a stear! Wi' coulters, and wi' forehammers, We garr'd the bars bang merrilie, Until we came to the inner prison, Where Willie o
Página 60 - Now word is gane to the bauld Keeper, In Branksome Ha', where that he lay, That Lord Scroope has ta'en the Kinmont Willie Between the hours of night and day. He has ta'en the table wi' his hand, He garr'd the red wine spring on hie — "Now Christ's curse on my head," he said, "But avenged of Lord Scroope I'll be!
Página 30 - With a' the power that he may be.' 'It stands me hard,' Andrew Murray said, 'Judge gif it stand na hard wi' me; To enter against a King wi' crown, And set my landis in jeopardie!
Página 124 - When they had eaten aye and done, They say'd, some captains here needs must be : Then they choosed forth Harry Corbyl, And ' Symon Fell, ' and Martin Ridley. Then o'er the moss, where as they came, With many a brank and whew, One of them could to another say, " I think this day we are men enew.
Página 60 - And also thro' the Carlisle sands ; They brought him to Carlisle castell, To be at my Lord Scroope's commands. " My hands are tied, but my tongue is free, And whae will dare this deed avow ? Or answer by the Border law ? Or answer to the bauld Buccleuch ? " " Now haud thy tongue, thou rank reiver ! There's never a Scot shall set thee free : Before ye cross my castle yate, I trow ye shall take farewell o' me."
Página 15 - The first flight of arrows the Foresters shot, They wounded him on the knee ; And out and spak the Seventh Forester, " The next will gar him die." Johnie's set his back against an aik, His fute against a stane ; And he has slain the Seven Foresters, He has slain them a
Página 123 - Lord, send us peace into the realm, That every man may live on his own ! I trust to God, if it be his will, That Weardale men may never be overthrown. For great troubles they've had in hand, With borderers pricking hither and thither, But the greatest fray that e'er they had, Was with the men of Thirlwall and Williehaver.
Página 23 - His merryemen are a' in ae liverye clad, O' the Lincome grene sae gaye to see ; He and his ladye in purple clad, O! gin they lived not royallie! Word is gane to our nobil King, In Edinburgh where that he lay, That there was an Outlaw in Ettricke Foreste, Counted him nought, nor a
Página 66 - And he has plunged in wi' a' his band, And safely swam them through the stream. He turn'd him on the other side, And at Lord Scroope his glove flung he — " If ye like na my visit in merry England, In fair Scotland come visit me...
Página 16 - JOHNIE rose up in a May morning, Call'd for water to wash his hands — " Gar loose to me the gude graie dogs, That are bound wi

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