Annual report of the Commissioner of the Michigan Department of Health for the fiscal year ending ... 1904

State Department of Health, 1905

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Seite 189 - It has long been known that small-pox: can be prevented or modified by vaccination. It is now believed that a widespread epidemic of the disease can be attributed only to an equally widespread ignorance or willfulness concerning small-pox and its prevention by vaccination.
Seite 47 - ... mind with changes in nomenclature, when drawing deductions from what has been described as the classification of the more or less reliable guesses of a large number of more or less skilled observers. Registration of sickness, if it were possible, would afford a far more efficient index of the sanitary condition of the population than the registration of deaths, which gives us simply the number of cases of sickness which ended fatally, but no idea of the duration thereof or of the number of persons...
Seite 47 - Tonsillitis, for example, is responsible for much discomfort and lost time; its prevalence has some meaning, but its death roll is exceedingly small. Rheumatism is much more widespread than mortality returns would imply; chicken-pox is relatively unimportant, but in some places its notification is required...
Seite 47 - Officers. By Charles Harrington, MD, Assistant Professor of Hygiene in the Medical School of Harvard University.
Seite vi - That there shall be taught in every year in every public school in Michigan the principal modes by which each of the dangerous communicable diseases are spread and the best methods for the restriction and prevention of each such disease.
Seite xiii - An act to provide for a county poor physician for the county of Saginaw, fix his compensation, prescribe his duties, and regulate the liability of the county for the care of indigent persons affected with contagious diseases.
Seite 163 - ... portions of such cost by political subdivisions. DERIVATION: None. COMMENT For improved management made possible by a unified judicial system, the state is to pay for the costs, thus doing away with the widespread practice of having separate local courts maintained and paid for locally. Since burdens may be greater in some parts of the state than in others, and in view of the fact that local sharing of costs may be part of a state's financial structure, the Model allows the legislature to provide...
Seite 134 - ... per cent of the males and 64 per cent of the females were under thirty years of age. Table...
Seite xiii - At the recent meeting of the American Medical Association at Atlantic City, Dr.

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