The French in London: From William the Conqueror to Charles de Gaulle

Bitter Lemon Press, 24 de jul de 2016 - 258 páginas
Ever since 1066 there has been a substantial French presence in London. It is now said to be the sixth most populous French city and this book illustrates, explains, and exposes how this came about over more than a 1000 years.
Full of individual stories and overlooked details covering a common history, from William the Conqueror to Charles de Gaulle.

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1 Norman England
2 Exceptional people
3 Bourbons and Stuarts
4 A Country for the Huguenots
5 Enlightenment vs Siècle des Lumières
6 Refugees from the Revolution
7 Napoleon the mortal enemy
10 The great invasion of the nineteenth century
11 Allies and brothersinarms
12 A shared modernity
13 London capital of Free France

8 London a sanctuary for the politically persecuted
9 Romantic visitors
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Sobre o autor (2016)

Isabelle Janvrin was born in France, studied languages at university, and now lives in London.
Catherine Rawlinson was born in France and studied history and art history. She lives in London.
Emily Read is a well-known translator from the French.

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