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TOW blessing, honour, glory, praise

HYMN 498.

C. M.

Blessings on Him that cometh in the Name of the Lord. Luke xiii. 35.

By angel hosts are sung; The saints below their voices raise And join the heav'nly throng.

2 Ador'd be he who comes to bless
The nations with his love;

To shew his truth and righteousness,
And ev'ry cloud remove.

3 Blessed be he who comes to reign
In Zion's happy land:

Jerusalem is built again,
And shall for ever stand.

4 No more this kingdom shall decay,
No more the temple fall;
Here Jesus reigns with boundless sway,
The King and Lord of all.

HYMN 499. P. M.

The Resurrection.


life's a shade, my days
Apace to death decline;
My Lord is life, he'll raise
My dust again, e'en mine:



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HYMN 500. L. M.

The Heavenly Bridegroom. Psa. xxiv. 7 to 10. NOME in, thou blessed, honour'd Lord, By earth, by heav'n, by all ador'd ; We hail thee welcome; take thy throne, And in thy Zion reign alone.

2 Our only Lord and God thou art,
Reign thou the sov'reign of the heart!
Thou King of glory, ever bless'd,
By angels and by men confess'd

3 Enter thy church, thou Lord divine, And be the kingdom ever thine!

We shout thee welcome to thy seat,
And lay our honours at thy feet.
4 O happy church, thy bliss how great!
Thy King, in all his heav'nly state,
With thee for ever will reside,
Thy Husband he, and thou the bride.
5 O God, our grateful hearts rejoice,
Since thou hast made our souls thy choice;
While here, our songs to thee shall rise,
And join the chorus of the skies.

HYMN 501.

C. M.

Christian Virtues.

HAPPY the man whose cautious steps

Still keep the golden mean :

Whose life, by wisdom's rules well form'd,
Declares a conscience clean.

2 Not of himself he highly thinks,

Nor acts the boaster's part:
His modest tongue the language speaks.
Of his still humbler heart.

3 Not in base scandal's arts he deals, For truth dwells in his breast:

With grief he sees his neighbour's faults,
And thinks and hopes the best.

4 What blessings bounteous heav'n bestows,
He takes with thankful heart;
With temp'rance he both eats and drinks,
And gives the poor a part.

5 To sect or party his large soul
Disdains to be confi 'd;

The good he loves of ev'ry name,
And prays for all mankind.

6 Not on the world his heart is set,
His treasure is above

Nothing beneath the sov'reign good
Can claim his highest love.

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HYMN 502. L. M.


THOU, whose scales the mountains weigh!
Whose will the raging seas obey!

Thou who canst boist'rous winds control !
Subdue the tumults of my soul.
2 May I with equal mind sustain

My lot of pleasure and of pain;
May joys and sorrows gently flow,
Nor rise too high, nor sink too low.
3 Do thou my passions, Lord! restrain,
And in my soul, unrivalled, reign;
Then, with whatever loads oppress'd,
Center'd in thee, my soul shall rest.
4 O when shall my still-wavering mind
This sweetest self-possession find!
Fountain of joy! I long to see
In thee my peace-my heav'n in thee!


HYMN 503. L. M.


WHEREFORE should man, frail child of clay,

Who, from the cradle to the shroud,
Lives but the insect of a day-
O why should mortal man be proud?
2 His brightest visions just appear,

Then vanish, and no more are found;
The stateliest pile his pride can rear,
A breath may level with the ground.
3 By doubt perplex'd, in error lost,

With trembling step he seeks his way:
How vain of wisdom's gift the boast!
Of reason's lamp how faint the ray
Follies and crimes, a countless sum,
Are crowded in life's little span :
How ill, alas! does pride become
That erring, guilty creature, man!

5 God of my life! Father divine!

Give me a meek and lowly mind:
In modest worth, O let me shine,
And peace in humble virtue find.

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Communing with our Hearts.

ETURN, my roving heart, return,
And chase these shadowy forms no more;
Seek out some solitude to mourn,
And thy forsaken God implore.

2 Wisdom and pleasure dwell at home;
Retir'd and silent seek them there;
True conquest is ourselves t' o'ercome,
True strength to break temptation's snare.
3 And thou, my God! whose piercing eye
Distinct surveys each deep recess,
In these abstracted hours draw nigh,
And with thy presence fill the place..
4 Through all the mazes of my heart,

My search let heav'nly wisdom guide;
And still its radiant beams impart,
Till all be search'd and purified.


5 Then, with the visits of thy love, Vouchsafe my inmost soul to cheer; Till ev'ry grace shall join to prove,

That God hath fix'd his dwelling there. DODDRIDGE.

HYMN 505. P. M.


The Blessings of the Pious and Charitable.
HAT man is blest who stands in awe
Of God, and loves his sacred law :
His seed on earth shall be renown'd d;
His house the seat of wealth shall be,
An inexhausted treasury,

And with successive honours crown'd.

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