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Christ's birth and circumcision too
Come, thou long expected Jesus
Come, pay the worship God requires
Come thou fount of every blessing
Come sound his praise abroad
Come let us join our cheerful songs
Come thou Almighty King
Coine, sing a saviour's power
Come, serve the Lord with love and joy
Come, blessed Lord, descend and dweli
Come holy Spirit, heav'nly dove
Come, O thou Universal Good
Come, sinners, to the gospel feast
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice
Come, worship at our Father's feet
Come in, thou blessed honour'd Lord
Come, ye who love the Lord
Come, thou desire of all thy saints

DAUGHTERS of pity, tane the lay
David rejoic'd in God his strength
Dear Lord, behold thy servants here
Dear Lord, behold thy children here






EARLY, my God, without delay
Eternal God, Almighty cause
Eternal God, I bless thy name
Eternal Power, whose high abode
Eternal source of joys divine
Eternal source of life and light
Eternal and Immortal King
Eterpal Sire, enthron'd on high
Eternal spirit, source of light
Eternal pow'r, Almighty God
Exalted Prince of life, we own

FAITH adds new charms to earthly bliss
Far from my thoughts, vain world begone
Far from mortal cares retreating
Far hence, each superstition vain
Far from these scenes of night
Father how wide thy glory shines
Father of mercies, send thy grace
Father of mercies, in thy word
Father of all, omniscient mind
Father of lights, we sing thy name
Father of all, whose powerful voice
Father Divine, thy piercing eye
Forsake, my soul, the tents of sin






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Folly builds high upon the sand
Fools in their hearts believe and say
For thee, O God, our constant praise
From all that dwell below the skies
From Jesse's root a branch did rise
From all that dwell below the skies
From worship now thy church dismiss

GIVE to our God immortal praise
Give to the Lord in cheerful songs
Glory be to God on high. Hallelujah
Glory to God op bigh be giv'n
God is a spirit just and wise
God of our lives, whose bounteous care
God is the Lord, the heavenly King
God moves in a mysterious way
God is a name my soul adores
God in the gospel of his son
God reigns, events in order flow
God of my mercy and my praise
God of my strength, to thee I cry
God our kind Master, merciful as just
God of mercy, God of love
God, in bis earthly temples lays
God of my childhood and my youth
God is our refuge in distress
Go worship at linmanuel's feet
Go, saith a risen Saviour, go
Grant us a visit, dearest Lord
Grateful notes and numbers bring
Greatest of beings, source of life
Great Father of mankind
Great is the Lord, his works of might
Great King of kings, Eternal God
Great is the Lord our God
Great God, indulge my bumble claim
Great God, attend while Zion sings
Great God, we give thee praise
Great God, at whose all pow'rful cal}
Great God, how vast is thine abode
Great God, to thee my grateful tongue
Great God, if nature weak and frais
Great God, whose all-pervading eye
Great God, the heaven's well ordered frame
Great God, this sacred day of thine
Great God, indulge my humble claim

II HAD not the God of truth and love Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews Hail the day that sees him rise

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Hail, happy morn, whose early ray
Hail, happy day, the type of rest
Hail, great creator, wise and good
Hail, source of pleasures ever new
Hail, thou once despised Jesus
Hail, the God of our salvation
Happy the man, whose wishes climb
Happy the meek, whose gentle breast
Happy the man, whose cautious steps
Happy is he whose early years
Happy the church, thou sacred place
Happy the mind, where graces reign
Hark the glad sound, the Saviour comes
Hark! what distant music melts upon the ear
Hark! what celestial notes
Hear what the Lord in vision said
Hear what a saviour's voice
He comes, Jehovah comes to bless
High in the beaveos, Eternal God
Holy, holy, holy Lord
House of our God, with cheerful anthems ring:
How did my heart rejoice to bear
How large the promise, how divine
How does my heart rejoice
How beauteous are their feet
How well our great preserver knows
How shall the young secure their hearts -
How blest thy creature is, o God
How rich thy bounty, King of kings
How blest the sacred tie that binds
How blest the man, how more than blest
How bright that sup that makes our day.
How vast is the tribute I owe
How rich thy gifts, Almighty King
How great is our Creator,

How precious, Lord, thy holy word
How short and bow fleeting the year
How oft on the ocean of life
How pleasing is the scene, how sweet
How chang'd the face of pature shows

I AM, saith Christ, the way
I am the first and I the last
If friendless in the vale of tears I stray
If solid happiness we prize
I'll praise my Maker while I've breath
I'll bless Jehovah's glorious name
Immortal fountain of my life
Immortal God, on thee we call
Imposture shrings from light
Infinite excellence is thine



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la glad amazement, Lord, I stand
In God's eternity,
Inquire, ye pilgrims for the way
In social temples here we meet
ln songs of highest praise
In the soft season of thy youth
In vain the world's alluring smile
In vain the erring world inquires
In various forms, to saints of old
In Zion let the trumpet blow
I sing the gospel day
I want a principle within

JEHOVAR reigos, let every nation hear
Jehovah lives and be his name
Jerusalem, thou church divine
Jesus, thou Everlasting King
Jesus, we sing thy matchless grace
Jesus, the man of constant grief
Jesus shall reigo where'er the sun
Jesus, I love thy charming name
Jesus his empire shall extend
Jesus, thou son of love divine
Jesus our King his sceptre sways
Join ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue
Joy to the world, the Lord is come

Keep silence, all created things
Kind Lord, before thy face

LET heathens to their idols haste
Let all the various tribes of men
Let him embrace my soul and prove
Let every mortal ear attend
Let us with a joyful mind
Let earth and heav'o agree >
Let all the earth their voices raise
Let men of high conceit and zeal
Let us adore th' Eternal Word
Let me but hear my Saviour say
Let sorrow, Lord, my bosom till
Let all the powers of music join
Let pure devotion rise
Lift your voice and joyful sing
Lo! what a speaking lustre shines
Lo, what a glorious sight appears
Lo, what an entertaining view
Lo, at thy gracious feet I bend
Lo, God is here, let us adore
Long have I sat beneath the sound
Long and mournful is the night

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Lord, what was man when made at first
Lord 'tis a pleasant thing to stand
Lord, we unite our hearts
Lord of the worlds above
Lord, not to earth's contracted span
Lord of the sabbath, hear oar vows
Lord, what our ears have heard
Lord of life, all praise excelling
Lord, we have wander'd from thy way
Lord of nature, source of light
Lord dismiss us with thy blessing
Lord, when my thoughts delighted rove
Lord may thy humble servants here
Lord, dost thou show a corner-stone
Loud let the tuneful trumpet sound
Loud to the Prince of Heaven

MARK the soft falling snow
May all our powers of mind
May sacred heat inspire my tongue
May we thine armour, Lord, put on
May tat kind wisdom whose brighteye
Mediator, Son of God
M're human pow'rs shall fast decay
Mighty God, while Angels bless thee
Must christians pray for nought
My dear Redeemer and my Lord
My Father! cheeriog name
My heart and all my ways, O God
My God, the visits of thy face
My God, in whom are all the springs
My God, permit my tongue
My God, my everlasting hope
My God, thy boundless love I praise
My God, permit me not to be
My God, 'tis to thy mercy seat
My God, all nature owns thy sway
My life's a shade, my days
My soul, praise the Lord
My soul, how lovely is the place

NATURE with all her pow'rs shall sing
No peace my starving soul can find
Not to our names thou only just and true
Not from relentless fate's dark womb
Not diff'rent food, nor diff'rent dress
Not by the terrors of a slave
Now to the Lord a noble song
Now let our voices join
Now shall our souls with pleasure raise

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422 247 218 309 388 472 80 91 167

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