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3 Might I enjoy the meanest place Within thy bouse,

God of

grace, Not tents of ease, nor thrones of pow's,

Should tempt me to desert thy door. 4 God is our Sun, he makes our day,

God is our Shield, he guards our way
From all th' assaults of bell and sin,

From foes without, and foes within. 5 All needful grace will God bestow,

And crown that grace with glory too ;
He gives us all things, and with holds

No real good from upright souls.
6 Blest are the men, whose steadfast mind

To Zion's gate is still inclin'd;
God is their strength, and through the road

They lean upon their helper, God.
7 Cheerful they walk with growing strength,

Till all shall meet in heav'n at length;
Till all before thy face appear,
And join in nobler worship there.


HYMN 141. P. M.

The same.
LORD of the worlds

How pleasant and how fair
The dwellings of thy love,
Thy earthly temples are !

To tbine abode My heart aspires,

With warm desires, To see my God. 2 The sparrow for her

young, With pleasure seeks a nest, And wand’ring swallows long To fiod their wonted rest;

With equal zeal, Lord, I would wait,

Within thy gate, And with thee dwell.. 3 To spend one sacred day

Where God and saints abide,

Affords diviper joy,
Than thousands days beside ;
Where God resorts,

I love it more
To keep the door Than shine in courts.
4 O happy souls that pray

Where God appoints to hear !
O happy men that pay
Their constant service there!
They praise thee still,

And happy they,
Who find the way

To Zion's bill. 5 They go from strength to strength,

Through this dark vale of tears,
Till each arrives at length,
Till each in heav'n appears.
O glorious seat!

Wben God our King
Shall thither bring Our willing feet !



HYMN 142. C. M.

A blessed Gospel. Psa. Ixxxix.
LEST are the souls who hear and know

The gospel's joyful sound;
Peace shall attend the path they go,

And light their steps surround. 9 Their joy shall bear their spirits up,

Through their Redeemer's name; His promises exalt their hope,

Nor Satan dares coodemo. 9 The Lord our glory and defence,

Strength and salvation gives;
Israel, thy King for ever reigns,
Thy God for ever lives.

HYMN 143. C. M.
The Covenant of Grace. Psa. Ixxxix,

And made his


koown: “ Sinners, behold your help is laid

On my beloved Son.



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2 Behold the Man my wisdom chose,

Among your mortal race;
His head my holy oil o'erflows,

The Spirit of my grace.
3 High shall be reign on David's throne,

My people's better King;
My arm shall put bis rivals down,

And still new subjects bring. 4 My truth shall guard him in his

With mercy by his side ;
While in my name, through earth and sea,

He shall in triumph ride.
5 Me for his Father and his God,

He shall for ever own;
Call me bis Rock, his High Abode,
And I'll

support my Son.
6 My first-born Son, array'd in grace,

At my right hand shall sit;
Beneath him angels koow their place,

And princes at his feet.
7 My cov'nant stands for ever fast,

My promises are strong;
Firm as the heav'n his throne shall last,
His seed endure as long.”

HYMN 144. C. M.


The same.

YET ; race,

The children of my Son, Should break my laws, abuse my grace,

And tempt my anger down; 2 Their sins I'll visit with the rod,

And make their folly smart; But never cease to be their God,

Nor from my truth depart. 3 My cov’nant I will not revoke,

But keep my grace in mind;

And what eternal Love hath spoke,

Eternal Trutb shall biod.
4 Once have I sworn (I need po more)

And pledg'd my holiness,
To seal the sacred promise sure

To David and his race.
5 The sun shall see his offspring rise,

And spread from sea to sea,
Loog as he travels round the skies,

To give the nations day.
6 Sure as the moon that rules the night,

His kingdom shall endure,
Till the fix'd laws of shade and light

Shall be obsery'd no more."


HYMN 145. P. M.

Charity Hymn.
ORD of life, all praise excelling,

Thou, in glory unconfin'd,
Deign'st to make thy humble dwelling

With the poor of humble mind. 2 As thy love, through all creation,

Beams like thy diffusive light, So the scorn'd and humble station

Shrinks before thine equal sight. 3 Thus thy care, for all providing,

Warm'd thy faithful propbet's tongue ; Who, the lot of all deciding,

To thy chosen Israel sung :
4 When thine harvest yields the pleasure,

Thou the golden sheaf shalt bind,
To the poor belongs the treasure
Of the scatter'd ears behind.

These thy God ordains to bless
The widow and the fatherless.

5 When thine olive plants increasing,

Pour their plenty o'er thy plain, Gratesul thou sbalt take the blessing, But not search the bough again.

These, &c. 6 When thy favour'd vintage flowing,

Gladdens tby autumnal scene, Own the bounteous hand bestowing ; But thy vines the poor shall glean.

These, &c. 7 Still we read thy word declaring

Mercy, Lord, thine own decree ; Mercy ev'ry sorrow sharing,

Warms the heart resembling thee. 8 Still the orphan and the stranger,

Still the widow owns thy care ; Screen'd by thee in ev'ry danger,

Heard by thee in ev'ry prayer.



HYMN 146. C. M.
Divine Protection, Resignation and Gratitude. Ps. xci.
HEN I survey life's varied scene,

the darkest hours, Bright rays of comfort shine between,

And thoras are mix'd with flow'rs. % This thought can all my fears control,

And bid my sorrows fly;
No harm can ever reach my soul,

Beneath my Father's eye.
3. Whate'er thy sacred will ordains,

O give me strength to bear!
And let me know my Father reigns,

And trust his tender care.
4 If pain and sickness rend this frame,

Aud life almost depart ;

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