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HYMN 124. L. M.

TITH one consent, let all the earth

To God their cheerful voices raise ;
Glad bomage pay with joy and mirtb,

And sing before him songs of praise. 2 Convinc'd that he is God alone,

From whom both we and all proceed ;
We, whom be chooses for his own,

The flock that he vouchsafes to feed. 30! enter, then, his temple gate,

Thence to his courts devoutly press ;
And still your grateful hymns repeat,

And still his name with praises bless!
4 For he's the Lord, supremely good,

is for ever sure ; His truth, which always firmly stood, To endless ages shall endure.



HYMN 125. L. M.

Praise to our Creator. Ps. C.
EFORE Jehovah's awful throne,

Ye nations, bow with sacred joy ;
Know that the Lord is God alone ;

He can create, and he destroy.
2 His sov'reign power, without our aid,

Made us of clay, and form'd us men;
And when like wand'ring sheep we stray'd,

He brought us to his fold again. 3 We are his people, we


care, Our souls and all our mortal frame; What lasting honours shall we rear,

Almighty Maker, to thy name! 4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs,

High as the heavens our voices raise ;
And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,
Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise.

5 Wide as the world is thy command;

Vast as eternity thy love ;
Firm as a rock thy truth must stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.



HYMN 126. L. M.

Praise to God as the first and the last.
AM the first, and I the last;

Time centres all in me :
Th' Almighty God, who was, and is,

And ever more shall be.
2 To him let ev'ry tongue be praise,

And ev'ry heart be love ;
All grateful honours paid on earth,

And nobler songs above ! Edinburgh Col.

HYMN 127. P. M.

Glory to the most high God.
LORY be to God op bigh! Halleirijah!

God, whose glory fills the sky:
Lift your voice, ye people all,

Praise the God on whom ye call.
2 God his sov'reign sway maintains ;

King o'er all the earth be reigns :
All to him lift up their eye ;

He does ev'ry want supply.
3 Sons of earth, the triumph joio,

Praise him with the host divine ;
Émulate the heav'nly powers ;

Their all-gracious God is ours. 4 Him, whose joy is to restore,

Him let all our hearts adore :
Earth and heaven repeat the cry
Glory be to God on high.



HYMN 128. P. M.

Hymn of Praise.


the Lord, prepare a new song, And let all his saints in full concert join : With voices united the anthem prolong,

And show forth bis praises with music divine. » Let praise to the Lord, who made us, ascend,

Let each grateful beart be glad in its King :
The God, whom we worship, our songs will attend,

And view with complacence the off'ring wo bring, 3 Be joyful, ye saints, sustaip'd by his might,

And let your glad songs awake with each morn :
For those who obey bim are still his delight,

His hand with salvation the meek will adoro.
4 Then praise ye the Lord, prepare a glad song,

And lot all bis saints in full concert join ;
With voices united the anthem prolong,
And show forth his praises with music divine.

HYMN 129. C. M.

Praise to the God of Nature, BEGIN, my soul, the lofty strain ; A sacred hymn of grateful praise

To heav'n's almighty King. 2 Ye curling fountains, as ye roll

Your silver waves along, Whisper to all your verdaot shores

The subject of my song.
3 Retain it long, ye echoing rocks,

The sacred sound retain,
Aod from your hollow winding caves

Return it oft again.
4 Bear it, ye winds, on all your wings,

To distant climes away,
And round the wide-extended world

The lofty theme convey.

5 Take the glad burden of his pame,

Ye clouds, as you arise, Whether to deck the golden morn,

Or shade the ev’ning skies.
6 Let harmless thunder roll along

The smooth ethereal plain,
And answer from the crystal vault,

To ev'ry bounding strain.
7 Long let it warble round the spheres,

And echo through the sky; Let angels, with immortal skill,

Improve the harınony: 8 Whilst we, with sacred rapture fir'd, The great

Creator sing, And utter consecrated lays

To heav'n's eternal King.

Mrs. Rowe,

HYMN 130. L, M.

Universal praise.
NELESTIAL worlds! your Maker's name

Resound through ev'ry shining coast :
Our God a noble praise will claim,

Where he wofolds his glories most. 2 Stupendous globe of flaming day!

Praise him in thy sublime career ;
He struck from night thy peerless ray,

Gave thee thy path, and guides thee there. 3 Ye starry lamps, to whom 'tis gir'n

Night's sable horrors to illume
Praise him who hung you high in heav'n,

With vivid fires to gild the gloom.
4 Lightnings, that round ob' Eternal play

Thunders, that from bis arm are hurl'd!
The grandeur of your God convey,

Blazing, or bursting on the world.
5 From clime to clime, from shore to shore,
Be the Almighty God ador'd :


He made the nations by his pow'r,

And rules them with his sov’reign word. 8 At once let nature's ample round

To God the vast thanksgiving raise :
His high perfection knows no bound,
But fills the immensity of space.

Williams's Coll.


HYMN 131. C. M.

God the Creator of Mankind.
OD of our lives, whose bounteous care

First gave us pow'r to move !
How shall our thankful hearts declare

The wonders of thy love ?
? Wbile void of thought and sense we lay,

Dust of our parent earth,
Thy breath inform’d the sleeping clay,

And call'd us ioto birth.
3 Thine eye beheld in perfect view

The yet unfinish'd plan;
Th' imperfect lines thy pencil drew,

Aud form'd the future man.
4 O may this frame, which rising grew

Beneath thy forming hands, Be studious ever to pursue

Whate'er thy will commands.

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The fields and verdant meads display ;
And bless the hand wbich made them shine
With various charms profusely gay. -
For map and beast here daily food
In wide diffusive plenty grows ;
And there, for drink, the crystal flood
In streams sweet-winding gently flows.

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