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His enemies with sore dismay,
Retire in haste and yield the day,
While trophies to the Lord abound.
3 Before him kings and tyrants fall,
Detest their crowns, and on him call,

And he a pardon freely gives;
The world, in sin, was dead before,
To life, the world, he will restore,

And in him all the world shall live.

4 O Lord, thy government shall be
Extended wide, from sea to sea,

And long thy sceptre thou shalt hold;
As long as sun or moon shall shine,
Thou King of all the earth shall reign,
The mysteries of thy grace unfold.

HYMN 110. C. M.

The Reign of Christ. Ps.lxxii.


ESUS his empire shall extend;
Beneath his gentle sway,
Kings of the earth shall humbly bend,
And his commands obey.

2 From sea to sea, from shore to shore,
All nations shall be blest;

We hear the noise of war no more,
He gives his people rest.

3 As rain descends in gentle show'rs
In the returning spring,
And calls to life each fragrant flow'r,
Which makes the turtle sing;

4 So Jesus, by his heav'nly grace,
Descends on man below;
His blessings, on the human race,
In gentle currents flow,

5 Long as the sun shall rule the day, Or moon shall cheer the night,


6 All that the reign of sin destroy'd
The Saviour shall restore;
And, from the treasures of the Lord,
Shall give us blessings more.




The Saviour shall his sceptre sway
With uncontrolled might.




Confidence in God. Is. xii. 2.

EHOLD, the mighty God,
In whom I live and move,
Is my Salvation, and my Lord,
My life, my joy, my love.
In him secure I'll trust,
Who earth's foundations laid;
Nor e'er withdraw my confidence,
Nor will I be afraid.

S. M.

The Lord Most High 's my strength;
In him my soul is
I'll sing as with an angel's voice ¿
Jehovah is my song.

To draw my soul from him, In vain temptations roll ; Since He, in mercy, has become Salvation to my soul.

Lo, in those brilliant courts, Ten thousand angels sing ; And buman spirits, perfect made, Their grateful tributes bring.

HYMN 112. S. M.

Viewing Christ by Faith. Heb. xii. 22, 23.
ORD, we unite our hearts,


And humbly bend to thee; While we, by faith, approach the mount, And our Redeemer see.






So help thy children, Lord,
Who to this place have come;
To join their hearts and voice in praise,
For life, through Christ, thy Son.
Dear Lamb, come, manifest,
In every soul, thy love;
And make our penitential hearts
In swift obedience move.


Grant each of us, dear Lord,
Sufficiency of grace,
With reverence and godly fear
Acceptably to praise.


O help us, Lord, to pray;
Assist to hear and preach;
And bless our worshipping this day,
We, humbly, thee beseech.

And when these days are o'er
Of worshipping below,
O may we learn to praise thee more,
And all thy councils know.

HYMN 113.

L: M.
Humiliation. Joel ii. 13--17.


N Zion let the trumpet blow,
The congregation gather'd be ;
Let old and young together go,
To worship on the suppliant knee.


2 In one assembly let them bend,
Together hear the sacred word;
Their heart, and not their garments rend,
And turn their face to serve the Lord.

3 Let priests, the ministers of God,

Between the porch and altar weep;
And send their suppliant cries abroad,
That God would spare his wand'ring sheep.

4 The Lord is merciful and just, His kindness he hath ever shown;

In him let all the nations trust,
For in the Lord we live alone.

5 Who knows but that the Lord will send
His blessings down upon our race?
O trust in him! he is our friend ;
A friend to souls when in distress.

HYMN, 114.


L. M.

The Sun of Righteousness.

OW bright that sun that makes our day!
How powerful is each quick'ning ray!
To distant lands and worlds unknown
His life-creating beams have flown.
2 The light of Christ is brighter far;

Compar'd with him, the sun's a star
More brilliant are his rays divine,
And with a clearer lustre shine.
3 More dark the regions of the soul
By Christ illum'd, than the north pole,
When Sol's bright face is turn'd away,
And night and cold succeed the day→→→→
4 And colder too are our dead hearts,

Till he his warming beams imparts;
When into love the passions flow,
Like limped streams from ice and snow.
5 No more impartial is the sun

To planets which around him turn,
Than Christ, whose universal love
Fills earth below, and heaven above.
6 See earth discharg'd from winter's cold,
Soft zephyrs breathe and buds unfold,
The fields and meadows drest in green,
Sweet birds are heard and flowers are seen..
7 But greater freedom do we find

When Christ unbars th' imprison'd mind,
And softer graces breathe within,
When grace subdues the power of sin.

8 And more melodious songs are sung,
And sweeter graces too among
The converts to the gospel theme,
Than lilies in the vallies green.

HYMN 115. L. M.

The power of Darkness.
THEN the blest light of day declines,
And night with murky clouds combines,
The pilgrim oft his way mistakes;
For the wrong road, the right forsakes.
2 The toils of error now come on,

The pilgrim's hope of rest is gone,
Briers and thorns infest the ground,
And beasts of prey are howling round.
3 Grim spectres gleam before his eyes,
Despairing thoughts within him rise,
His useless eye-balls start and glare,
And fancy sees destruction there.
4 An ignis fatuus in the glen,

To the lone wand'rer proves a gin;
He follows the deceptive fire,
And helpless sinks in fatal mire.

5 But superstition's darker gloom

Has caus'd our wand'ring hearts to roam,
Far from the light of truth divine,
Where love and grace forever shine.
6 And more severe the toils we find,

Far more distress'd the fearful mind,
And ranker grow the briers of grief,
The thorns of strife and unbelief.

7 And far more horrid is the yell,

That stuns our ears with death and hell;
More frightful spectres too are scen
In error's wild disorder'd dream.


8 And more deceptive is the fire,
Which false religious views inspire ;
And deeper mire is in the glen
Of error, unbelief, and sin.


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