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A remedy for every wound,

Or moral pain that can be found. 3 This is the Suviour long foretold,

Hear him, ye deaf! ye blind, bebold !
He's come to make bis


As far as sin, or death is found.
4 No sigh, nor groan, the world shall hear,

He wipes away the falling tear ;
He breaketh darkness' pow'rful chain,

And peace eternally shall reign.
5 No more on eartb shall discord rise,

Nor warriors meet with hateful eyes !
Their pointed weapons shall no more

Be reaking with the crimson gore!
8 Long as the sun shall gild the morn,

Or moon shall fill her silver horn,
Or dife, or being, shall remain,
So long Messiah's love shall reign.



HYMN 102. L. M.

The Brightness of God's Glory.
THAT dazzling light is that which shines,

Beaming refulgent from the east
Celestial splendour through all climes,

And makes each child of sorrow blest? 2 It is the Sun of Righteousness,

The brightness of the great I AM!
In him Jehovah manifests

His mercy, love, and grace to man.
3 He made, from darkness, light to shine ;

So in each heart of Adam's race
He beams the light of life divine,

And comforts all its deep distress. 4 Immortal Radiance of Life!

Io brighter flames of brilliance move,
Till all are turn'd from sin and strife
To sing the deathless song of love.


HYMN 103. L. M. Unto me every knee shall bow, &c. Isa. xiv. 23, 25. Rom. xiv.

11. Philip. ii. 10, 11. TH' unchangeable Jehovah saith,

I, by myself, have truly sworn ; The word's gone forth in righteousness,

Nor shall the sacred word return : 2 That every knee, above, below,

Shall humbly bow before my throne :
And every soul my truth shall know-

In me they've life and strength alone : 3 That every tongue shall loudly sing

To Jesus Christ, the living Lord ;
And make the highest arches ring

In praises of the faithful Word.
4 Thus shall my name be glorify'd,

By all in earth and beav'n above ;


soul confide, And taste the streams of beav'nly love. KNEBLAND.

me shall


HYMN 104. C. M.
The Blessings of the Gospel. Mat. xi. 5.
HAT glorious tidings do I hear

From my Redeemer's tongue !
I can no longer silence bear;

I'll burst into a song ! 2 The blind receive their sight again, The lame can walk abroad

į The foulest leper's washed clean,

The deaf can hear the word.
3 The dead are rais'd to life anew,

By renovating grace ;
The glorious gospel 's preach'd to you,

The poor of Adam's race.
4 O, wond'rous type of thiogs divine,

When Christ displays his love, To raise from wo the sinking mind,

To reigo in realms above!

5 Employ, my soul, thy noblest pow'rs,

Io praising Christ the Lamb;
There ne'er was grace like this before

Hosannab to his name !


HYMN 105. C. M.

The Gospel Mission. Mark xvi. 15, 16.
VO, saith a risen Saviour, go,

My gospel preach to all;
Let the most distant nations know,

And bear, my gracious call. 2 Proclaim aloud my gospel free,

And every creature teach ;
That they may my salvation

My gospel faithful preach.
3 The blest effects then


In them who do believe ;
Their souls, from sin and death set free,

By faith in me, shall live.
4 For want of faith in them that hear,

The word is not receiv'd ;
From sin, and death, and every fear,
Their souls are not reliev'd.



HYMN 106. C. M.
The Message of the Angels to the Shepherds.
WHAT sudden glories did surprise

Shepherds who watch'd their fold
A heavenly form salutes their eyes,

Array'd in shining gold !
2 'Twas night, and gloomy darkoess hung

Over the lands afar ;
Shepherds in pensive numbers sung,

Or watch'd the twinkling star. 3 Deep musing on the prophecies

Of glories then to come ;

With glimm’ring hopes and longing eyes,

They of Messiah sung.
4 But lo ! the long-expected day

Salutes their wishful eyes ;
While heav'nly grace makes a display,

Which strikes them with surprize.
Ś Trembling tbey stand, as in amaze,

To see the vision bright; They steadfast on the angel gaze,

Wbile wrapt in silent night.
6 August the words, which silence break,

And charming to their ears ;
While all their tremblings them forsake,

And they forget their fears.
7 Behold! the tidings which we bring

of heav'nly grace,
Is of your long.expected King,

The Saviour of your race ! 8 To-day is born, in Bethlehem,

The long-expected Light,
To rule the New Jerusalem,
And turn to day the night.

HYMN 107. C. M.
What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common. Acts x.15.

CHEN God would on the Gentiles rise,

In light of truth divine,
He blest his holy servant's eyes

With visions most sublime.
2 The law and prophets open'd were,

While he the vision saw;
The covenant of grace was there,

Descendiog from the law.
3 Like to a vessel, that contain'd

The Gentile and the Jew ;
All that the promises bad nam’d,

Presented were to view.


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4 What God hath cleans'd is not unclean,

The vision truly saith;
Knowledge of what these words do mean
Enlarg'd th' apostle's faith.


HYMN 108. C. M.

By grace are ye saved, &c. Eph. ii. 3. By grace the great Salvation comes,

Through faith of Christ, our Lord ; Not by the works which we have done,

But by th' eternal Word.
2 The power of God, in Christ reveald,

Created us anew ;
And, by his Holy Spirit, seal'd

His children, just and true.
2 As God ordain’d that we should live

In peace and beav'nly love, He doth bis Holy Spirit give,

And comforts from above.
3 Then let us always watchful be,

T'improve the hear’oly grace,
And live from works of darkness free,
And run the heav'nly race,


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Several scriptures on the Kingdom of Christ.
TO Christ the Son, the Father spake,

Lo! ask of me, and I will make
The heathen to thy sceptre bend;
The utmost parts of all the earth
Are thine inberitance by birth,

And wide thine empire shall extend.
2 Now Jesus waves his sceptre high,
Unfurls bis bapners in the sky,

While loud the gospel trumpets sound;

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