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3. The weak are strong, the fearful bold,

The dumb shall sing in aotbems sweet;
The lame shall walk, the blind behold

Their God, and worship at his feet. 4 Celestial streams shall gently flow,

The wilderness shall joyful be:
Lilies on parched ground shall grow,

And gladness spring from ev'ry tree.''
5 The wolves, with lambs, in meadows go,
The tiger's harmless as the kid

; The lion shall no anger show,

But, with the calf, shall tamely seed.
6 Thus kings and slaves shall meet in love,

Old pride shall die, and meekoess reign :
When God descends from worlds above,
To dwell with men on eartb again. H. BALLOU.

HYMN 43. L. M.
The operations of nature speak the existence of a God.

Rom. i. 20.
LL nature speaks, let men give ear,

And bow the reverential knee ;
The voice of oature they shall hear,

The God of nature they shall see. 2 Bebold the stars with brilliant light,

And planets which in order move !
They all proclaim a God of might,

And testify a God of love.
3 The glorious sun, whose gentle beams

Enliven all things here below;
The lucid moon, with paler gleams,

Proclain a God that made them so. 4 Survey the whole capacious earth,

The sea and land, rocks, bills, and plains ; The God of pature


them birth, And by his law the whole maintains. 5 Behold the trees in verdure rise !

God's wisdom sbines in all their leaves :


Behold the birds that mount the skies,

And fish that fill the mighty seas ! 6 In them is seen a God of pow'r,

From whom all life and being came :
Then let us all the Lord adore,
And bow before his matchless name.


HYMN 44. C. M.

A threefold cord is not easily broken.
WE Lord in pow'r and wisdom reigns,

With everlasting might;
Unchanging love and truth inaintains,

And beans celestial light.
2 No human mind can comprehend

His vast, mysterious plan ;
Nor angels, who betore bim bend,

His boundless nature scan.
3 O trust in God, each trembling soul ;

Despondency, away!
His blessings reach from pole to pole,

A pleotitude for thee.
4 Wisdom, for good, doth all.controul,

And love and pow'r agree ;
This threefold cord, believe, my soul,

Can never broken be.
5 Uoite in praise, O men, your hearts,

And strike the golden lyre ; Angels, attune your golden harps, And sound his praises higher.


BEHOLD the brilliant

HYMN 45. S. M.
The blessings of the sun. Psalm xix. 5, 6.

L ke to a bridegroom drest,
Come from the curtains of the east,

And shine unto the west !
All nature doth rejoice,
Albis refulgent rays ;

Tbe teeming earth, the fruitful trees,

Attune their voice to praise.
Hark! hear the tupeful birds

Begin their morning lay;
The bleating flocks, the lowing herds,

Welcome the king of day.
Nor man of nobler form,

Nor creeping things more mean,
Doth he refuse to bless and warm,

With his enliv'ning beam. 5

So shall God's only Son,

In lucid beams of grace ;
Arise with healing in his wings,

And all the nations bless.
The woodlands shall rejoice,

The vernal warblers sing ;
But melody of praise from man,

Thro’earth, shall louder riog.


HYMN 16. P. M.

Characters of Christ.
MEDIATOR, Son of God!

Spread thy boundless love abroad.
Counsellor, the Prince of Peace !

Fill the world with truth and grace. 2 Sun of righteousness ! arise !

Send thy light around the skies.
Life of all the quick and deud!

Feed our souls with living bread. 3 Leader of the halt and blind !

Raise to life the sinking miod.
Binder of the broken heart !

Grace to ev'ry soul impart. 4 Op'ner of the sealed book !

Cause the world therein to look.
Taker of the vail away!
Liead us to eternal day.

5 Raiser of the dead to life!

Save the world from war and strile.
Saviour of rebellious man !

Prosecute th' eternal plan. 6 Op'ner of the prison door!

Captive souls to light restore.
Lamb of God to finish sin !
Bring thy work unto an end.


HYMN 47. C. M.
Natural objects, images of Spiritual.

Lo, what a speaking lustre shines

Io all the works of God; His wisdom writ in fairest lines,

His pow'r declar'd abroad.
2 The hear'ns, adorn'd with moon and stars,

Express his glorious skill;
The day bis strong impression bears,

The night attends his will.
3 Their language through the earth is heard ;

One all-extending voice
Proclaims the cheering, peaceful word,

Which bids the earth rejoice.
4 Behold yon glowing, radiant gun,

Great source of blissful light,
Rejoicing, while his course to run,

He sheds effulgence bright!
5 Such is thy law, O God of grace !

Which renovates the soul ;
A law of love, and truth, and peace,

Tbat makes the wounded whole. 6 Nor sball its moral light grow dim,

Or erer fade away ;
The present, gentle, rising beam
Shall shed a boundless day.



HYMN 48. L. M.

God is Love.



My Maker's works, below, above;
And read his name in lines of gold,

I surely know that God is love.
2 When I observe his written word,

His promises of grace I prove ;
I wonder men don't praise the Lord,

For Scripture saith that “ God is Love." 3 What gentle streams of pleasure roll!

What quick’ning from the mystic Dove !

divine fills all my soul, And I cap shout.65


God is Love." 4 Now heav’oly courage I'll put on,

For far away my fear is drove ;
I'll bow before the living Son,
And loud proclaim, “ My God is Love." H.BALLOV.


HYMN 49. S. M.

Christ fairer than men. Ps. xlv. 1, 2.
ELESTIAL Pow'r above,

Impart thy holy fire,
And fill my soul with heav'nly love,

Wbile I attude my lyre.
2 Help me the joyful theme

With pleasure to indite ; The grace

and glory of the Lamb,
The matchless King of Light.
3 Ten thousand times more fair

Than all the sons of men,
Art thou, my Saviour, and my Lord,

My everlasting Friend.
4 Into thy lips were pour'd
Celestial streams of

grace ; That thou might plent'ously afford

To souls in keen distress.

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