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3 Vain, sinful man ! creation's Lord

Thy golden off'rings well may spare :
But give thy heart, and thou shalt find,
Here dwells a God who heareth pray’r.


HYMN 34. L. M.

The Christian sabbath.

And we the sabbath's call attend :
Improve, my soul, the sacred rest,

And learn for ever to be blest,
2 This day may our devotions rise

To heav'n a grateful sacrifice;
May heav'n that peace divine bestow,

Which none but they who feel it know. 3 This holy calm within the breast,

Prepares for that eternal rest
Which for the sons of God remains,

The end of cares, and toils, and pains. 4 In varied scenes, both old and new,

With joy, great God ! thy works we view;
In praise recall thy mercies past,

In hope thy future mercies taste. 5 In holy duties, let the day,

In holy pleasures, pass away;
Ilow sweet this sabbath thus to spend
Io hope of that which ne'er shall end. CAPPE's Sel.

HYMN 35. C. M.

The sabbath of the soul.
SLEEP, sleep, today, tormenting cares,

Of earth and folly born!
Ye shall not diin the light that streams

From this celestial morn.
2 To-morrow will be time enough

To feel your harsh control;

Ye shall not violate, this day,

The sabbath of my soul.
3 Sleep, sleep forever, guilty thoughts !

Let fires of vengeance dio;
And, purg'd from sin, may I behold
A God of purity!

HYMN 36. C. M.

A Lord's day Hymn.
THIS is the day the Lord of life

Did from the dead arise ;
My thoughts, exalt the lofty theme,

In anthems to the skies.
2 Let no vain cares divert my mind

From this celestial road;
Nor all the honours of the earth


soul from God. 3 Think of the splendours of that place,

The joys that are on high; Nor meanly rest contented here,

With worlds beneath the sky.
4 Heav'n is the birth-place of the saints,

To heav'n their souls ascend ;
Th’ Almighty owns bis fav'rite race,

As Father and as Friend.
5 O may these lovely titles prove

My comfort and defence, When the sick couch shall be

my And death shall call me hence,



HYMN 37. L. M.

A hymn for the Lord's day.
TWEET is the work, my God! my King!

To praise thy name, give thanks and sing:
To show thy love by morning light,
And talk of all thy truth at night.

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3 Sweet is the day of sacred rest; No mortal care sball seize


breast : My heart shall triumph in the Lord,

And bless his works, and bless his word. 3 And I shall share a glorious part, When grace

hath well refin'd my heart, When doubts and fears no more remain,

To break my inward peace again.
4 Then shall I see, and hear, and koow,

All I desir'd or wish'd below:
And ev'ry pow'r find sweet employ
In the eternal world of joy.

HYMN 38. C. M.

The Lord's day morning.
AGAIN the Lord of life and light
Unseals the eyelids of the moro,

Aud pours increasing day.
2 O what a night was that, which wrapt

The heathen world in gloom !
O what a sun which broke this day,

Triumphant from the tomb !
3 This day be grateful homage paid,

And loud hosannas sung ;
Let gladness dwell in ev'ry heart,

And praise on ev'ry tongue.
4 Ten thousand diff'ring lips still join

To hail this welcome moro ;
Which scatters blessings from its wings
To nations yet unborn.

HYMN 39. C. M.

The same.

AIL, happy morn! whose early ray

Bebeld the Saviour rise;
Welcome again, auspicious day!

To our rejoicing eyes.


2 On this blest morn, birth-day of hope !

Let not one soul be sad;
This is the day the Lord hath made,

And bids bis saints be glad.
À Come, and the wonders of the day,

In notes barmonious sing;
Tell to the world the conquest's gain'd

By your victorious King.
4 O happy souls, that feel the pow'r

Of his attractive love !
With him they die, with him they live,
And seek the things above.


HYMN 40. P. M.

Attendance upon religious institutions.
''LL bless Jehovah's glorious name,

Whose goodness heav'o and earth proclaim,
With ev'ry morning light;
And at the close of ev'ry day,
To him my cheerful bomage pay,

Who guards me thro' the night. 2 Then in his churches to appear,

d pay my humble worship there,

Shall be my sweet employ:
The day that saw my Saviour rise,
Sbali dawn on my delighted eyes

With pure and holy joy.
3 With grateful sorrow in my breast,
I'll celebrate the dying feast,

Of my departing Lord;
And while his perlect love I view,
His bright example I'll pursue,
And meditate his word.

Miss DAY. c2

HYMN 41. L. M.

The wisdom of God.
THE depths of wisdom who can find ?

Or search an uncreated mind?
From everlasting wisdom stood,

As one brought up and nurs’d of God.
2 Ere earth's foundations deep were laid,

Or mountains in the balance weigh’d,
Wisdom divine, in virgin youth,

Drew ev'ry golden line of truth.
3 She struck her compass, drew her lines,

Her hand the mighty deep confines ;
She measur'd ev'ry globe or sphere,

And mark'd their circuit through the year. 4 The diff'rent seasons did ordain,

The wat'ry clouds to give us rain,
The winds to blow, the streams to run ;

They order keep, since time begun.
5 Well she was pleas'd with all her ways;

They sure were-fix'd for endless days;
But on the sons of Adam's race,

She pour'd the richest of her grace. 6 In them ber joys excelled lar,

Tho' she controlled ev'ry star;
Her sweet delights, and joys unknown,
Are placing men upon her throne.


HYMN 42. L. M. The reign of God--- From the Revelations, and Isaiah

HEN God descends, with men to dwelt,

And all creation makes anew ;
What tongue can half the glories tell,

the matchless wonders view ? 2 Zion, the desolate, shall sing,

The wilderness with roses bloom ;
Carmel and Sharon both shall bring
Their spices, and their rich perlume.

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