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HYMN 25. L. M.

Acceptable Worship.
HOME! pay the worship God requires,

Inflam'd with pure and holy fires.
When love celestial warms the breast,

Our homage, and oor vows, are blest. 2 When piety, and truth refio'd

Possess the temple of the mind,
With grateful Hames the altars glow,
And God will visit man below.



HYMN 26. C. M.

The same subject.
HEREWITH shall I approach the Lord,

And bow before his throne ?
Oh ! how procure his kind regard,

And for my guilt atone ?
2 Shall altars flame, and victims bleed,

And spicy fumes ascend ?
Will these my earnest wish succeed,
And make


friend ?
3 O no, my soul ; 'twere fruitless all;

Such offerings are vain :
No fatlings from the field or stall

His favour can obtain.
4 To men their rights I must allow,

And proofs oi kindness give;
To God with humble rev'rence bow,

And to his glory live.
5 Hands that are clean, and hearts sincere,

He never will despise ; And cheerful duty be'll prefer To costly sacrifice.


Tbeo may

HYMN 27. . C. M.

Sincerity and hypocrisy. John iv. 24.
VOD is a spirit, just and wise,

He sees our inmost mind :
In vain to heaven we raise our cries,

And leave our souls bebind.
2 Nothing but truth before his throne

With honour can appear ;
The formal hypocrites are known

Through the disguise they wear. 3 Their lifted eye salutes the skies,

Their bended knees the ground; But God abhors the sacrifice,

Where not the heart is found.
4 Lord ! search my thoughts, and try my ways,
And make my soul sincere ;

I stand before thy face,
And find acceptance there.

HYMN 28. L, M.

Devotion vain without virtue.
WH' uplifted eye, and bended knee,

Are but vain homage, Lord, to thee :
In vain our lips thy praise prolong,

The heart a stranger to the song.
2Сan rites, and forms, and flaming zeal,

The breaches of thy precepts heal ?
Or fasts and penance reconcile

Tby justice, and obtain thy smile? 3 The

pure, the humble, contrite mind,
Sincere, and to thy will resign’d,
To thee a nobler offering yields,

Thao Sheba's groves, or Sharon's fields.
4 Love God and man--this great command

Doth on eternal pillars stand :
This did thine ancient prophets teach,
This did the great Messiah preach,



HYMN 29. P. M.

Surrounding the merey seat.
VAR from mortal cares retreating, ,

Sordid hopes and fond desires,
Here, our willing footsteps meeting,
Ev'ry heart to heaven aspires.
From the Fount of glory beaming,
Light celestial cheers our eyes ;
Mercy from above proclaiming

Peace and pardon from the skies.
2 Who may share this great salvation ?-

Ev'ry pure and bumble mind;
Ev'ry kindred, tongue and nation,
From the dross of guilt refin’d:.
Blessings all around bestowing,
God withholds his care from none;
Grace and mercy ever flowing

From the fountain of his throne. 3 Ev'ry stain of guilt abhorring,

Firm and bold in virtue's cause,
Still thy providence adoring,
Faithful subjects to thy laws,
Lord ! with favour still attend us,
Bless us with thy wondrous love ;
Thou, our sun and shield, defend us :
All our hope is from above. John TAYLOR.

. HYMN 30. L. M. The love of God better than life. Ps. Ixiji. 1--6. GR (REAT God, indulge my humble claim ;

Thou art my joy, and thou my rest : T'he glories that compose thy name,

Stand all engag'd to make me blest. 2 While in thy house I now appear

Among thy saints, and seek thy face;
0 may I see thy mercy here,
And taste the blessiogs of thy grace !

8 Not all by worldly men possessid,

Nor all the joys our senses know,
Could make me so divinely blest,

Or raise my cheerful passions so. 4 My life itself, without thy love,

No real pleasure could afford ;
'Twould but a tiresome burden prove,

If I were banish'd from the Lord.
5 Amidst the wakeful hours of night,
When busy cares afflict my

head, One thought of thee gives new delight,

And adds refreshment to my bed.
6 I'll lift my hands, I'll raise my voice,

While I have breath to pray or praise ;
This work shall make my heart rejoice,
And fill the remnant of

my days.



HYMN 31. C. M.

Homage and devotion.
ITH sacred joy we lift our eyes

To those bright realms above,
That glorious temple in the skies,

Where dwells eternal love. 2 Before the awful throne we bow

Of heaven's almighty King : Here we precent the solemn vow,

And hymns of praise we sicg.
3 Thee we adore ; and, Lord ! to thee

Our filial duty pay :
Thy service, unconstrain'd and free,

Conducts to endless day.
4 While in thy house of prayer we kneel

With trust and holy fear,
Thy mercy and thy truth reveal,

And lend a gracious ear.

5 With fervour teach our hearts to pray,

And tune our lips to sing ; Nor from thy presence cast away

The sacrifice we bring.


HYMN 32. L. M.

Humble Worship.
REAT King of kings, eternal God,

Shall inortal creatures dare to raise,
Their songs to my supreme abode,

And join with angels in tby praise ? 2 Man, O how far remov'd below!

Wrapt in the shades of gloomy oight;
His brightest day can only show

A few faint streaks of distant light.
3 But see ! The bright, the morning star

Rising shall chase the shades away;
His beams, resplendent from afar,

Promise a sweet immortal day.
4 To him our longing eyes we raise,

Our guide to Thee, the Great Unknown ;
Through him, O may our humble praise
Accepted rise before thy throne. Mrs. Steele.

HYMN 33. L. M.

The sacrifice of the Heart. WHEN, as returns this solemn day,

Man comes to meet his maker, God, What rites, what honours shall he pay?

How spread bis sovereign's praise abroad? 2 From marble domes and gilded spires

Shall curling clouds of incense rise ?
And gems, and gold, and garlands deck
The costly pomp of sacrifice ?


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