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And life, thro' Christ's redeeming blood,

Immortal and divine. 3 So let us sing his praise

While life and being last; Then taste those beatitic joys Which cannot be express'd.


HYMN 254. P. M.

God all in all.


SING the gospel day,

When Christ shall fioish sin ;
His wond'rous love display,
And conquer'd rebels bring :
They prostrate fall,

And humbly owo,
That God-alone Is all in all

2 The Saviour Christ must reiga

Till all his foes submit;
And, being freed from pain,
Shall worship at his feet :

Shall prostrate fall, And humbly own,

That God-alone- Is all in all, 3 Then death itself shall die,

And life triumphaot reign ;
No more shall sinners sigh
In darkness, guilt, and pain.
Prostrate they fall,

And humbly own,
That God-alone- Is all in all.

Then Christ shall subject be
To him who reigns above;
And ev'ry creature see
Complete in heav'oly love :

Shall prostrate fall, And bumbly own,
That God-alone- Is all in all


HYMN 255. L. M.

The Voice of Peace to the troubled Spirit.
EE, from the ark, the mystic dove,

On Aying pioions, takes her way,
Thro' distant regions prone to move,

And view the wonders of the day. 2 Lo, she returns and seeks her rest,

And brings the olive branch of peace ;
Thus are the cheerless mourners blest,

The tidings all their hopes increase. 3 So we, upon this ocean wide,

This boist'rous and perturbed state,
Where sin besets, and woes betide ;

Nor we observe the floods abate.
4 Then does the Spirit's witness show

A source of love, a fount of grace ;
A Saviour's goodness makes us know,

And points to God our righteousness. 5 Celestial messenger of joy!

Speed on thy way to this sad heart;
Bring with thee peace, without alloy,
And never from my soul depart.


HYMN 256. L. M.

The Soul's Anticipation of future Bliss.

EAR me, ye spirits of the blest,

To Zion's bow'rs of joy and peace ; Where all is love and heav'nly rest,

And boly anthems never cease.
2 Take me upon your wings, and fly ;

Your lively pinions, hope and faith,
Nor stop, till far above the sky,

I rise, a conqu’ror over death.
3 Here in this world of sin and wo,

I groan in bondage, toil, and pain;
Where'er with wand'ring steps I go,
On earth, for bliss, my search is vain.

4 Here passions, leagu'd in baleful strife,

W Vage with our comforts cruel war;
Hatred and wrath disturb our life,

Join'd in the rude tempest'ous jar.
5 Above such scenes, on Canaan's coast,

A rapt'rous prospect cheers the soul;
Where discord, wrath, and strife are lost,

And seas of bliss ecstatic roll.
6 Sweet heav'nly fields, their bloom display ;

No root of bitterness is found;
The sun of love sbines all the day,

And spreads a joyful scene around. 7 Theo bear me, spirits of the blest,

On faith and hope's most lively wing,
To Zion's bow'rs of heav’nly rest,
Where I may boly anthems sing.

HYMN 257. L. M.

For the Annual Convention. DE

EAR Lord, behold thy servants here,

From various parts together meet, To tell their labours thro' the

And lay the harvest at thy feet.
2 In thy wide fields and vineyards, Lord,

We've toil'd and wrought with watchful care ;
Thy wheat doth flourish by thy word,

Thy love consumes the choaking tare. 3 The reapers cry tby fields are wbite,

And ready to be gather'd in;
The lab'rer shouts with sweet delight,

This is the day to finish sin.
4 Ripe clusters on the vines appear,

We've flagons too of richest wine;
O come, dear Saviour, meet us here,

And crown the banquet all divine. 5 O bless us while we bere remain,

With holy love thy servants fill;



O may thy doctrine drop like rain,

And like the silent dew distil.
6 While we attend thy church's care,

O grant us wisdom from above;
With cautious steps and humble prayer,
May we fulfil the works of love.

HYMN 258. P. M.

The Star of Bethlehem.
CHEN marshallid on the nightly plain,

The glitt'ring host bestud the sky i One star alone, of all the train,

Can fix the sioner's waod'ring eye. Hark! bark! to God the chorus breaks,

From ev'ry host, from ev'ry gem ; But one alone the Saviour speaks,

It is the Star of Bethlehem. 2 Once on the raging seas I rode,

The storm was loud, the night was dark, The ocean yawn'd, and rudely blow'd

The wind, that toss'd my found'ring bark. Deep horror then my vitals froze,

Death-struck, I ceas'd the tide to stem; When suddenly a star arose,

It was the Star of Bethlehem. 3 It was my guide, my light, my all;

It made my dark forebodings cease ;
And, through the storm and danger's tbrall,

It led me to the port of peace.
Now safely moor’d, my perils o'er ;

I'll sing first in night's diadem,
For ever and for evermore,
It is the Star of Bethlehem.
HYMN 259. C. M.

THY presence, Lord, gives pure delight,

, , ,
Our sorrows
Dispels the darkness of our night,

And spreads effulgent day.

takes away;

2 Like water to the thirsty soul

Are flowings of thy love,
Thy spirit sways with soft control,

And bears our thoughts above.
3 Why should we then decline from thee?

In search of folly rove?
Or strive to set our passions free

From the soft bands of love? 4 Extend around thy loving arms,

Infold us in thy breast,
Where, captives to resistless charms,

Our wavering souls may rest.
5 Raise in our breasts a quick’ning zeal,

That faith which works by love; And to our strengthen'd eyes reveal

Our life in Christ above.


HYMN 260. L. M.

Christ the Light and Life of the World.
EHOLD the light! now see it rise,

How fast it spreads ! fills earth and skies,
While night and darkness flee apace,

Before the Saviour's day of grace.
2 The sun's bright beam shall now expire

In brighter rays and warmer fire ;
Nature, regenerate and pure,

Sball rise to glory, and endure.
3 No winter shall these climes annoy,

No chilling blasts young buds destroy ;
The tree of life its fruit shall yield,

And dying man of death be heal'd. 4 Seraphic raptures swell the theme,

And joys bewilder like a dream;
Then wait, my soul, the perfect day ;
Yet walk the bright, the shining way.


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