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HYMN 237. C. M. A King shall reign in Righteousness. Isa. xxxii, 1, 2, 3. JESUS, our King, bis sceptre sways, Princes, in judgment, 'tend his ways,

And glories in him shine.
2 This man shall be our hiding place,

A covert from the storm ;
And by the riches of his grace

Secure from ev'ry harm.
3 As in a dry and barren place,

Rivers of water flow;
Jesue, the riches of his grace,

Makes fainting mortals know. 4 As a tall shadow of a rock,

Within a weary land,
Is Jesus to his fajoting flock;

He guards them with his band. 5 Clearness of light he will bestow,

Our dimness take away ;
And make us all bis goodness know

In an eternal day.
6 There we shall bear the joyful sound,

Salvation in the Lord ;
And on the fair celestial ground,
Our thankful songs record.

HYMN 238. L. M.

The Coming of Christ ; or, the true Light.
EHOLD the long expected Light !

'Tis Jacob's star, and Jesse's root !
The sun itself is not so bright;

Nor bears a tree such beav'nly fruit.
2 With spreading glories, lo! he comes,

And gloomy darkoess flies apace;
He's brighter than ten thousand suns,
With beams of mercy in his face.


3 Sin, now condemo'd, shall cease to be,

The righteous Judge shall bear the sway;
Shall sioners set from bondage free,

And take iniquity away.
4 Roll on, thou glorious Star of light,

Display thy matchless grace abroad;
And chase the darkness of our night,
And bring the nations home to God. H. BALLOT.

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COME, sing a Saviour's

of his grace,

The Kingdom of Christ and its attendant Glories.

And praise his mighty name ;
His wond'rous love adore,

And chant his growing fame.
Wide o'er the world, a King shall reigo ;

And righteousness and peace maintain. 2 The

He shall for ever wield ;
His foes, before his face,

To strength divine, shall yield.
The conquest of his truth shall show

What an almighty arm can do. 3

His alienated sons,
By sin beguild, betray'd;
Shail then be born at once,

And willing subjects made.
Such numbers shall his courts adorn,

As dew drops of the vernal morn. 4 His realm shall ever stand,

By lib'ral things upheld ;
And from his bount'ous hand,

All hearts with joy be fill’d.
An universe with praise shall own
The countless honours of bis throne. TURNER.

HYMN 240. S. M.
The sound of the Gospel trumpet to a perishing sinful world :

Collected from sundry Texts.
HEAR what a Saviour's voice,

To sioners, does proclaim,
“) all ye ransom'd souls, rejoice,

Redeemer's name !"
2 Where sin and death have reigo'd,

And all their power employ'd ; There is his truth and light maintain’d,

And heav'nly truth enjoy'd. 3 The needy starving poor

Are fill'd with living bread ; The op’ning of the prison door

Proclaims the captive freed. 4 The thirsty, panting soul,

That longs for springs of grace, Bebolds celestial waters roll,

And floods of righteousness. 5 My God, my

Saviour too,
I would thy love proclaim;
Partake of what is brought to view,
And sing thy glorious name,



HYMN 241. L. M.

The Lord is my Shepberd. Psa. xxviii.
HE Lord our shepherd feeds his flock,

And shades them with the tow'ring rock;
Our God provides each heav'nly good,

And fills our souls with lasting food. 2 Where pastures grow in living green,

And spread a rich and flowing scene ;
There do we rest, when toil o'ercomes,

Inhaling all the sweet perfumes. 3 Where waters of salvation Now,

To cheer the humble vale below,

There doth our Shepherd kindly guide,
And for our parching thirst provide.
When from this fold we ever stray,
He marks our wand'ring devious way;
Reclaims our souls to blissful rest,

And brings us leaning on bis breast.
5 The tender lambs, too prone to trace

The path of sin's dark wilderness;
He gathers safely with his arm,

And, in bis bosom, shields from harm.
6 Shepherd and Bishop of my soul,

O make thy wounded servant whole !
Continue all thy gifts of love,
Till I shall reach thy fold above.


HYMN 242. S. M.


Blessings of the Gospel.
IVERS from Jesus flow,

And bright prophetic streams ;
There trees of life inmortal grow,

And light effulgent beams.
2 Leaves from those trees shall heal

The nations of their woe;
Sioners the living balsam feel,

And up to Zion go.
3 Thus from the house of God,

Waters were seen to flow;
And, like the all-atoning blood,

Give health where'er they go.
4 Behold the spicy hills,

And ever-living groves !
Their pleasant fruit the hungry fills,

And truth spontaneous grows.

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H. Ballou.

HYMN 243. C. M.


The heavenly Jerusalem.
AY sacred heat inspire my tongue,

And ev'ry grace impart;
With golden numbers fill my song,

And animate my heart. 2 Of the eternal fair I sing,

Jerusalem above ;
Zion, the city of our King,

Where dwells immortal love.
3 Behold! her walls are great and bigh,

(Sulvation of the Lord) Her gates the word of prophecy, And open

is the word. 4 From north and south, from east and west,

Shall all the nations come ; And find in her immortal rest,

And an eternal home. 5 On emblematic stones she stands,

Where ev'ry grace is found ; Rais'd by the great Jehovah's hands,

And on Immanuel's ground.
6 She like a jasper stone most bright,

Reflects her cheering rays;
In her there is no gloom of night,

But one eternal blaze.
7 Of her the Holy One hath said,

(And faithful is his word) Her seed shall broise the serpent's head

This seed is Christ the Lord. 8 Thus is the male and female one,

The Lord our righteousness ;" The Covenant and Living Son, lo whom the world is blest.


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