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3 The wounded conscience knows its pow's,

The healing balm to give;
That balm the saddest heart can cheer,

And make the dying live.
4 Wide it unveils celestial worlds,

Where deathless pleasures reign, And bids us seek our portion there,

Nor bids us seek in vain.
5 On that bright prospect may we rést,

Till this frail body dies;
And then on faith's triumphant wings
To endless glory rise.


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HYMN 230. P. M.
Freedom from Error, Guilt, and Folly.
LEST instructor! from thy ways

Who can tell how oft be strays?
Save from error's growth my mind,
Leave not, Lord, one root behind.
Purge me from the guilt that lies
Wrapt within my heart's disguise;
Let me thence, by thee renew'd,

Each presumptuous sin exclude:
2 So my lot shall ne'er be join'd

With the men whose impious mind,
Fearless of thy just command,
Braves the vengeance of thy hand.
Let my tongue, from error free,
Speak the words approv'd by thee;
To thine alt all-observing eyes,

Let my thoughts accepted rise.
3 Taught by thee thy servant's breast

Joys the blessings to attest;
Heap'd on those whose hearts sincere
Learn thy precepts to revere.
While I thus thy name adore,
And thy healing grace implore,

Blest Redeemer ! bow thine ear;
God my strength! propitious hear.


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HYMN 231. P. M.
The Birth of Christ proclaimed by Angels.
ARK! what celestial notes,

What melody we hear!
Soft on the morn it floats,
And fills the ravish'd ear.
The tuneful shell,
The golden lyre,
And vocal choir
The concert swell.
Th' angelic hosts descend,
With harmony divine:
See! how from heav’n they bend,
And in full chorus join.
Fear not, say they,
Great joy we bring ;
Jesus, your king,
Is born to-day.
He comes from error's night
Your wand'ring feet to save ;
To realms of bliss and light
He lifts you from the grave.
This glorious moro,
(Let all attend !)
Your matchless friend,
Your Saviour's born.
Glory to God on high!
Ye mortals, spread the sound,
And let your raptures fly
To earth's remotest bound!
For peace on earth,
From God in heav'n,
To man is giv'n,
At Jesus' birth.

Salisbury's Coll.



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Of future years.

HYMN 232. P. M.
Fruitful showers, emblems of the effects of the Gospel.

ARK the soft-falling snow,

And the descending rain!
To heav'n whence it fell,
It turns pot back again ;

But waters earth Through ev'ry pore,

And calls forth all Her secret store. 2 Array'd in beauteous green

The hills and vallies shine,
And man and beast are fed
By providence divine :
The harvest bows

Its golden ears,
The copious seed
3 So, saith the God of grace,

My gospel shall descend,
Almighty to effect
The purpose I intend;

Millions of souls Shall feel its pow'r,
And bear it down To millions more.

HYMN 233. P. M.

The Excellency of the Gospel.
E love the volumes of thy word :

What light and joy those leaves afford
To souls benighted and distrest !
Thy precepts guide our doubtful way:
Thy fear forbids our feet to stray ;

Thy promise leads our hearts to rest. 2 From the discov'ries of thy law,

The perfect rules of life we draw;
These are our study and delight:
Not honey so invites the taste,
Nor gold that hath the furnace past,

Appears so pleasing to the sight.
3 Thy threat’nings wake our slumb'ring eyes,

And warn us where our danger lies ;

W. E :

But 'tis thy blessed gospel, Lord,
That makes the guilty conscience clean,
Converts the soul, subdues our sin,
And gives a free, but large, reward.


HYMN 234. P. M.
The Pleasures of Benevolence.

! HAUL: source of pleasures ever new

While thy kind dictates we pursue,
We taste a joy sincere ;
Too high for sordid minds to know,
Who on themselves alone bestow

Their wishes and their care.
2 By thee inspir'd, the gen'rous breast,

In blessing others only blest,
With kindness large and free,
Delights the widow's tear to stay,
To teach the blind the smoothest way,

And aid the feeble knee.
3 O God of love! with pious care,

In others' joys and griefs to share,
Do thou our hearts incline;
Each low, each selfish wish control,
Warm with benevolence our soul,
And make us wholly thine.



HYMN 235. P. M.

Tranquillity and Contentment.
F solid happiness we prize,

Within our breasts this jewel lies,
And they are fools who roam :
The world has little to bestow;
From our ownselves our joys must flow;

Our bliss begins at home.
2 To be resigo'd when ills betide,

Patient when favours are deny'd,
And pleas'd with favours giv'n :

This, gracious God ! is wisdom's part,
This is that incense of the heart,

Whose fragrance reaches beav’n.
3 Thus thro' life's changing scenes we'll go,

Its chequer'd paths of joy and wo
With cautious steps we'll tread ;
Quit its vain scenes without a tear,
Without a trouble or a fear,

And miogle with the dead :
4 While conscience, like a faithful friend,

Shall through the gloomy vale attend,
And cbeer our dying breath;
Shall, when all other comforts cease,
Like a kind angel, whisper peace,
And smooth the bed of death.


HYMN 236. L. M.

He shall feed his Flock like a Shepherd. Isa. xl. 10, 11. STRONG is thine hand, Almighty King,

Thy potent arm shall rule for thee; Salvation, 'tis thy work to bring,

And thy rewards are rich and free. 2 Like a kind shepherd thou wilt feed

Thy flock, in pastures green and fair ;
To crystal fountains wilt them lead,

And for them ev'ry good prepare.
3 Thine arm shall bear the tender lambs,

And thy soft bosom shall them warm ;
Gently will lead the teeming dams,

And shelter from the wind and storm. 4 Lord, how secure thy folds may rest,

Beneath the shadow of thy wing ;
Iu safety lean upon thy breast,
While all thy saints thy praises sing. H. BALLOU.

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