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Though by thy daily bounty fed,
Affront thy law, reject thy grace.
4 Not so may our forgetful hearts

O'erlook the tokens of thy care ;
But what thy lib'ral hand imparts,

Still owo in praise, still ask in pray'r. 5 So shall our suns more grateful shine,

And show'rs in sweeter drops shall fall
When all our hearts and lives are thine,
And thou, O God ! enjoy'd in all. DODDRIDGE:

HYMN 206. S. M.

God's distinguishing Goodness to Map.

LORD! our heav'nly King !

Thy name is all divine ;
Thy glories round the earth are spread,

Aod o'er the beav'ns they shine.
When to thy works above

I raise my wond'ring eyes,
And see the moon,


of night,
In peerless splendour rise ;
3 When I survey the stars

That fill the vaulted sky,
Lord! what is man, that he should stand

In thy regard so high?
Or what the son of man,

That thou should'st love him so ?
Next to thine angels is he plac'd,

And lord of all below.
5 Thine honours crown his head,

Wbile subject beasts obey ;
And birds that cut the air with wings,

And fish that cleave the sea. 6 How rich thy bounties are !

And wond'rous are thy ways !
Of dust and worms thy pow'r can frame

A monument of praise.



HYMN 207. S. M.

The heavenly Shepherd.
HILE God my


near, My Shepherd and my Guide, I bid farewell to anxious fear,

My wants are all supply'd. 2 To ever-fragrant meads,

Where rich abundance grows, His gracious hand indulgent leads,

And guards my sweet repose. 3 Along the lovely scene,

Cool waters gently roll,
Aud kind refreshment smiles serene,

To cheer my fainting soul.
Here let my spirit rest :

How sweet a lot is mine !
With pleasure, food, and safety blest;

Beneficence divine !
5 Great Shepherd ! if I stray,

My wand’ring feet restore ;
To thy fair pastures guide my way,
And let me rove no more.


HYMN 208. C. M. God's Condescension in becoming the Shepherd of Men. AND will the Majesty of Hear'n

Accept us for his sheep; And with a shepherd's tender care

Such worthless creatures keep ? 2 And will he spread his guardian arms

Round our desenceless head ? And cause us gently to lie down

In his refreshing sbade?
3 And will he lead our weary souls

To that delightful scene,
Where rivers of salvation Aow

Through pastures ever green?

4 What thanks can mortal men repay

For favours great as thine ?
Or how can tongues of feeble clay

Proclaim such love divine ?
5 Eternal God ! how mean are we?

How richly gracious thou !
Our souls, o'erwbelm'd with humble joy,
In silent transports bow.

HYMN 209. L. M.

Safety in public Diseases and Dangers.
WHEY that have made their refuge God,

Shall find a most secure abode ;
Shall walk all day beneath his sbade,

And there at night shall rest theor head. 2 If burning beams of noon conspire

To dart a pestilential fire,
God is their life ; his wings are spread,

To shield them ’midst ten thousand dead. 3 If vapours with malignant breath

Rise thick and scatter midnight-death,
Still they are safe: the poison’d air

Again grows pure, if God be there. 4 But if the fire, or plague, or sword,

Receive commission from the Lord,
To strike bis saints among the rest,

Their very pains and deaths are blest, 5 The sword, the pestilence, or fire,

Shall but fulfil their best desire ;
From sins and sorrows set them free,
Aod bring thy children, Lord ! to thee.

HYMN 210. L. M.

God the Protector of Innocence.
VIIINE is the throne, beneath thy reign,

Great King of kings ! the tribes profane
Behold their dream of conquest o'er,
And vanish, to be seen no more.

2 What eyes like thine, Eternal Sire !

Thro'sin's dark mazes cap inquire ?
What band, like thine, to virtue's foes

Such awful judgments can oppose ? 3 The meek observer of thy laws

To thee commits bis injur'd cause :
In thee, each anxious fear resign'd,

The fatherless a father find.
4 Thou, Lord ! thy servants' wish canst read,

Ere from their lips the pray’r proceed :
"Tis thine, the drooping heart to cheer,

To wipe away the starting tear ; 5 To vindicate the suff'rer's cause,

To rescue from oppression's jaws,
To curb the haughty tyrant's will
And bid the sons of pride be still.

HYMN 211. P. 'M.
Waiting for Morning. Ps. xxx,

Mental night of gloomy fear:
Source of comfort, source of light,
When, O when wilt thou appear !
Thy beams alone can bid the gloom depart,

And spread celestial morning o'er my heart. 2 Morning of that glorious day,

Which the blest enjoy above,
Where with full unclouded ray
Shines thine everlasting love :
Where joy triumphant fills the bright abode,

O happy world ! fair paradise of God! 3 Thither if the heart aspire,

Shallit, Lord, aspire in vain ?
Shall the breathings of desire
Rise with unavailing pain ?
O thoni, my guide, my solace, and my rest!

In this sad desart shall I rove unblest? 4 Not in vajo aspires the heart,

That depends on thee alone ;

Light and joy thou wilt impart,
Radiant dawn of bliss unknown.
Here let me wait beneath thy guardian wing,
Till from thy smile celestial morning spring. STEELE.

HYMN 212. P. M.
Works of Creation and Providence. Ps. xxxiii.

Your maker's praise becomes your voice ;
Great is your theme, your songs be new ;
Sing of his name, his word, his ways,'
His works of nature and of grace,

How wise and holy, just and true! 2 Justice and truth he ever loves,

And the whole earth bis goodness proves ;
His word the heav'nly arches spread :
How wide they shine from north to south !
And by the spirit of his mouth

Were all the starry armies made.
3 He gathers the wide-flowing seas,

Those wat’ry treasures know their place
In the vast storehouse of the deep ;
He spake, and gave all nature birth,
And fires, and seas, and heav'n, and earth,

His everlasting orders keep.
4 Let mortals tremble, aod adore

A God of such resistless pow'r,
Nor dare indulge their feeble

Vain are your thoughts, and weak your hands,
But his eternal counsel stapds,
Aod rules the world from age to age.



HYMN 213. L. M.

Instructions of piety. Ps. xxxiv.
HILDREN in years and knowledge young,

Your parents' hope, your parents' joy!
Attend the counsels of my tongue;
Let pious thoughts your minds employ.


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