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4 The sun receives the splendour of his ray,

Assumes his station, and creates the day ;
And the pale moon reflects her borrow'd light
Superior o'er the shadows of the night:
Ten thousand glitt'ring lamps the skies adorning,

Num'rous as dew drops in a vernal morning.
5 From chaos rising, earth confess'd his pow'r;

Adoro'd with ev'ry plant and ev'ry flow'r ;
And issuing from the hollow of his hand
The waters compass and divide the land;
Seas, rivers, all their destin'd channels knowing,

And jo new forms eternal goodness showing.
6 The new-born earth complete in rich array,

At length prepares to take her annual way,
And with untarnish'd lustre as she stood ;
Her Maker bless'd his work, and call'd it good;
The morning stars with joyful acclamation
Exulting sung, and haild the new creation.

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He comes ! Jehovah comes to bless

HYMN 176. C. M.

Christ's Second Advent.
E comes ! Jehovah comes to bless

The oations as their God;
To shew his truth in righteousness,

And spread his power abroad.
2 The christian world in darkness lies,

By falsehood over-rud;
The inoon and stars no longer rise,

And clouds have veil'd the sun.
3 But lo! the mighty God appears,

On clouds behold him rise ;
He comes to dry his Zion's tears,

And cheer his mourning bride.
4 Now sacred love with mildest rays

In Zion's land shall rise ;
The heavenly sun divinely blaze,
And brighten all the skies.


5 Now truth shall chace the clouds away,

And talsehood reign no more; But one unclouded, heavenly day Sball shine from shore to shore.

HYMN 177. L. M.

Jesus, the Sun of Heaven,
JESUS, thou Sun of love divine,

Thy rays through boundless nature shine ;
Jo thee with bright effulgence meet

Wisdom and love, and light and heat. 2 Through heaven thy glory is display'd

In one bright day without a shade :
Angels from thee supremely prove

The nameless, endless joys of love. 3 With thee they dwell in fervid light,

Nor feel nor fear the shades of night;
Thy heavenly beams will never fail,

But one eternal day prevail.
4 Be darkness known on earth no more,

But truth display'd from sbore to shore ;
Till men of every land shall see

Thy glory, Lord, and worship thee. 5 'Tis done, the Sun of love appears,

The shades withdraw, the morning clears;
Now love and truth prevail again,
And one eternal day shall reign.

HYMN 178. L. M.

The happy state of the Christian.
As we advance in wisdom's ways,

Thy love demands new songs of praise ;
Our pleasures, joys, and hopes increase,

And all withio is settled peace.
2 Our foes with weaker pow'r assail;

With strength increasing we prevail;
Above our ev'ry tempter rise,

with zeal towards the skies.

3 Look we at death? 'tis with delight;

A gentle sleep, and short the night;
Angels support the feeble head,

Our souls have notbing here to dread. 4 Think we of judgment ?. happy day!

Joyful the summons we obey;
It is to meet the God we love,

And take our glorious crowns above.
5 Transporting thought! celestial state !

For this we live, for this we wait;
And while we take the happy road,
Our songs of praise ascend to God.

HYMN 179. P. M.

Lord's Day Morning. HAIL, happy

day, the type of rest, When all the faithful shall be bless'd, And cease from toil and pain ; So we to-day the emblem prove, Cease from all work, but praise and love,

And solid pleasure gain.
2 To-day our mighty Conqueror rose,
In triumph o'er his numerous foes,

And dealb a captive bound;
So we from ev'ry evil rise,
Mount up in thought towards the skies,

And walk on Zion's ground !
3 Begone, ye ev'ry worldly care;
My soul to study, praise, and prayer,

To-day be wholly given ;
I'll humbly wait at Jesus' feet,
The saints in solemn worship meet,

And learn the way to heav'o.
4 Jesus will kindly condescend
To teach my soul, my heart amend,

And fill me with his love!

That ev'ry sabbath I may know,
An antepast of heav'n below,

The rest of saints above!


HYMN 180. L, M.

Fulfilment of God's Promises. Is. lxiii. 7. R'

ISE, ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue,

Prepare a sweet angelic song; Surprising mercies must require

An angel's lay, a seraph's fire.
2 See wbat the gracious God of heav'n'

Hath now to his owo Israel giv'n ;
No heart can feel, no tongue express,

The wonders of his love and grace. 3 In ev'ry age the Lord was kind,

Aud to bis church reveal'd bis mind;
Butlle enjoy a wond'r us store

Oi ineriies never known before,
4 The sun of heav'o illumes the soul,

Oceans of mercies sweetly roll;
The heav'nly streams of truth and love

Flow freely from the Fount above, 5 O happy day! we live to see

How kiod to men our God can be :
His greatest mercies stand confess'd,

And Zion is divinely bless'd.
6 Thy truth and loving kindness, Lord,

We will with holy songs record ;
To us are richest favours giv'n,
And praises shall return to beav'n,

HYMN 181. S. M.
The Lord seen and adored in the Creation.

HEN I survey this world,

With all its beauteous frame
Its great Creator I adore,

And celebrate his name.

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2 The boundless whole displays

The wonders of the Lord :
All nature echoes with his praise,

And be bis name ador'd. 3 The sun in ev'ry beam

Proclaims the God above :
Its ardent rays exbibit him,

Who rules the worlds in love.
The lofty stars by night,

The moon with paler glow,
In ev'ry twinkling ray of light,

Their Maker's honour show. 5 The universal whole

Proclaims Jehovah's praise ; And O, that ev'ry living soul

Would songs of honour raise,
6 The worlds were made in love,

By wisdom all divine;
And while in praise my tongue can move,
That praise, O Lord, be thine !

HYMN 182. S. M.
The Spiritual Sense of the Holy Word revealed.
GREAT God, we give thee praise

For all thy wond'rous grace!
Thy kind and condescending ways
To our poor

fallen race ! 2

Thou hast thy love reveal’d

Beyond what prophets knew; The holy book of truth unseal'd

To our astonish'd view. 3 We wander now no more

Where sons of darkness lead;
But truth in sacred light explore,

And wonder while we read,
The letter of thy word
Before we bardly knew :


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