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His praise in softer notes declare,
Each wbispering breeze of yielding air,

And breathe it to the soul.
4 Wake, all ye soaring throng, and sing;
Ye cheerful warblers of the spring,

Harmonious anthems raise ;
To bim who shap'd your finer mould,
Who tipp'd your glittering wings with gold,
And tun'd


voice to praise.
5 Let man, by nobler passions sway’d,
The feeling heart, the reas'ning head,

Io heavenly praise employ:
Spread the Creator's name around,
Till heaven's wide arch repeat the sound,

The general burst of joy. B. Williams's Coll.

HYMN 169. P. M.

Universal Praise.
ET all the earth their voices raise

To sing a lofty song of praise,
And bless th· great Jehovah's name;
His glory let th : beathen know,
His wonders to the nations show,

And all his works of grace proclaim. 2 Great is the Lord, bis praise be great, Who sits on high entbron’d in state,

To bim alone let praise be given ; Those gods, the heathen world adore, Io vajn pretend to sov'reign power,

He only rules who made the heaven. 3 He fram'd the globe, he spread the sky, And all the sbining worlds on high,

He reigns complete in glory there ;
His beams are majesty and light,
His glorips how divinely bright!

His temple how divinely fair!

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4 Let beaven be glad, let earth rejoice,
Let ocean lift its roariog voice,

Proclaiming loud Jehovah reigns ;
For joy let fertile valleys sing,
And tupeful groves their tribute bring,

To him whose power the world sustains. 5 Come, the great day, the glorious hour, When earth shall own its sou’reign power,

And barb'rous nations fear his name;
Fhen shall the universe confess
The beauty of bis holiness,
And in his courts his grace proclaim.

Tate and WATTS.
HYMN 170. C. M.
Praise to God and the Lamb.

With angels round the throne,
Ten thousand thousands are their tongues,

But all their joys are one.
2 " Worthy the Lamb that dy'd," they cry,

“ To be exalted thus ;"
“ Worthy the Lamb," our hearts reply,

" For he was slain for us." 3 Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and power divine ;
And blessings more ihan we can give,

Be, Lord, forever thine.
4 The whole creation join in one,

To bless the sacred name
Of him that sits upon the throne,
And to adore the Lamb.

HYMN 171. P. M.
The New Jerusalem. Rev. xxi. 1.

COME, let us join our cheerful

We soon shall recover our home;
The city of saints shall appear,

The day of eternity come ;

From earth we shall quickly remove,

And mount to our vative abode,
The house of our Father above,

The palace of angels and God. 2 Our morning is all at an end,

When rais'd by the life-giving word,
We see the new city descend,

Adoro'd as a bride from her Lord ;
The city so holy and clean,
No sorrow can breathe in the air

No gloom of affliction or şio,

No shadow of evil is there ! 3 By faith we already behold

That lovely Jerusalem here;
Her walls are of jasper and gold,

As crystal her buildings are clear;
Immovably founded in grace,

She stands, as she ever hatb stood,
And brightly her Builder displays,

And fames with the glory of God. 4 No need of the sun in that day,

Which never is follow'd by night,
Where Jesus's beauties display

A pure and a permanent light;
The Lamb is their light and their suń,

And lo! by reflection they shine,
With Jesus ineffably one,

And bright in effulgence divine !

HYMN 172. P. M.

The better portion.
ISE, my soul, and stretch thy wings, ,

Rise from transitory things,

Tow'rds heavens thy native place ;
Sun, and moon, and stars decay,

Time shall soon this earth remove ;

Rise, my soul, and haste away

To seats prepar'd above.
2 Rivers to the ocean run,

Nor stay in all their course;
Fire ascending seeks the sun,

Both speed them to their source :
So a soul, that's born of God,

Pants to view his glorious face,
Upward tends to his abode,

To rest in his embrace.
3 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mouro,

Press onward to the prize ;
Soon our Saviour will return,

Triumphant in the skies :
Yet a season, and you

Happy entrance will be given,
All our sorrows left below,

And earth exchang'd for heaven.


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HYMN 173. C. M.

Christ's First and Second Coming. SING to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Ye tribes of ev'ry tongue : new discover'd


A new and noble song.
2 Say to the nations, Jesus came

A guilty world to save;
From vice and error to reclaim,

And rescue from the grave.
3 Let hear'a proclaim the joyful day!

Joy through the earth be seen ; Let cities shine in bright array,

And fields in cheerful green. 4 With pleasure list your wond’riog eyes,

Ye islands of the sea :

e mountains sink, ye vallies rise,
Prepare the Saviour's way.

5 Behold he comes, be comes to bless

The nations as their God;
To show the world his righteousness,

And send his truth abroad.


HYMN 174. C. M.

Universal Praise.
RAISE to thee, thou great Creator,

Praise be thine from ev'ry tongue,
Join, my soul, with ev'ry creature,

Join the universal song.
2 For ten thousand blessings giv'o,

For the hope of future joy,
Sound bis praise through earth and heav'o,

Sound Jehovah's praise on high.


HYMN 175. P, M.

Jebovah reigns.
(EHOVAH reigns ! let ev'ry nation hear,

And at his footstool bow, with holy fear :
Let heaven's high arches echo with his name;
And the whole peopled earth his praise proclaim;
Wide, and more wide, the homage still extending

Through boundless space, and ages never ending. 2 He rules, with wide and absolute command,

O'er the wild ocean and the steadfast land;
Jebovah reigns, upbounded and alone,
And all creation hangs beneath his throne :
He reigns alone, let no inferior nature

Usurp the honours of the sole Creator,
3 He bade the struggling beams of infant light

Shoot through the massy gloom of ancient right,
His spirit hush'd the elemental strife,
And fed the kindling flame of nature's life,
Seasons and months began their long procession,
And measur'd o'er the year in bright succession.

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