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TEN years have passed since this book was published. The author has taken advantage of the demand for a new edition to revise the book thoroughly, by bringing it up to date, making many additions to the various texts, and otherwise adding to its usefulness.

A systematic study of the texts of standard English authors is now very generally held to constitute an important part of the regular course in most schools of a higher grade. Pupils should have a thorough drill on simple selections before undertaking the more formal study of any representative author. In brief, students should be provided with a judicious and methodical introduction to the standard English texts.

This book aims to supply such a want. It is intended to serve as the basis of a regular course of study in English literature. Enough material is furnished for at least one year's work, except perhaps the purchase of an occasional copy of an inexpensive school text. The arrangement of the book is such that the work upon each author may be abridged or extended as the time allotted for the

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