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Página 15 - ... whom issued, in what manner the same was paid for, and the cash value realized by the Company for the same.
Página 30 - He shall not furnish the prisoners with any information or intelligence in relation to secular matters, except by permission of the Warden.
Página 45 - Length in feet of pile or trestle work in wood on all lines.
Página 15 - When and to whom was the original stock, owned by the Company, sold atid what was the cash value realized by the Company for the same?
Página 23 - A list of the stockholders at the last election of directors, showing the name, residence and amount of stock owned by each, must be filed herewith.
Página 46 - Number of miles traveled by passengers, or number of passengers carried one mile ("" total movement of passengers").
Página 31 - They shall remain at their respective posts until the convicts under their charge are called to supper, giving their entire time and attention to the work in han;l.
Página 35 - ... sustained against them, shall have a deduction of one month in each year made from the term of their sentence, and shall be entitled to their discharge so much the sooner, upon the certificate of the warden or keeper of such jail or penitentiary, with the approval of the Attorney-General.
Página 42 - They must approach their keepers in a respectful manner, and be brief in their communication ; they are not to speak to them on ordinary topics, nor address them, except when it becomes necessary in relation to their work or their necessary wants.
Página 7 - ... $54 being for tuition and special fees. There are eighteen scholarships, open equally to members of all the collegiate departments. As has been intimated, instruction is given in the three departments of arts, applied science, and medicine. The first of these has the usual academic course in languages, mathematics, physical sciences, mental, moral, and political philosophy, rhetoric, literature, and history.

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