The Garden that I Love

Macmillan, 1896 - 168 páginas

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Página 79 - Is- it for thee the lark ascends and sings? Joy tunes his voice, joy elevates his wings. Is it for thee the linnet pours his throat? Loves of his own and raptures swell the note. The bounding steed you pompously bestride, Shares with his lord the pleasure and the pride. Is thine alone the seed that strews the plain? The birds of heaven shall vindicate their grain.
Página 98 - Urania is heard within, singing : ' Now that milch-cows chew the cud Everywhere are roses, roses ; Here a-blow, and there a-bud, Here in pairs, and there in posies. Roses from the gable's cliff With pale flaky petals strowing All the garden-paths, as if Frolic Summer took to snowing.
Página 22 - Not wholly in the busy world, nor quite Beyond it, blooms the garden that I love. News from the humming city comes to it In sound of funeral or of marriage bells, And, sitting muffled in dark leaves, you hear The windy clanging of the minster clock ; Although between it and the garden lies A league of grass, wash'd by a slow broad stream.
Página 130 - ... kiss and deem it Spring, Under the harvest moon. Had I a garden, claustral yews Should shut out railing wind, That Poets might on sadness muse With a majestic mind ; With ear attuned and godlike gaze Scan Heaven and fathom Hell, Then through life's labyrinthine maze Chant to us...
Página 117 - The last still loveliest till — 'tis gone, and all is gray. ' It is all very well,' said Lamia, ' to prate of your beds and your borders, your perpetuals and your annuals, your tea-roses and your pasonies ; but I shall never believe . in you till you turn your little walled kitchen-garden into a real pleasaunce, intersect it with box edgings and paths of broken brick, grow rosemary, rue, lavender, old-fashioned heartsease, little China-roses, and dwarf fuchsias, in rectangular beds, have a sun-dial...
Página 124 - Tell me, will you, what governed you in the laying out of the Garden that you Love ? ' ' What governed me was what I found here : the house, its time-consecrated architecture, its immovable boundaries, the old oak, and not it only, but all the ineradicable old timber within sight, the park, and finally, when all these were allowed for, the general fitness of things. I am quite of opinion that a garden should look as though it belonged to the house, and the house as though it were conscious of and...
Página 23 - Nullas Germanorum populis urbes habitari satis notum est; ne pati quidem inter se iunctas sedes. colunt discreti ac diversi, ut fons, ut campus, ut nemus placuit. vicos locant non in nostrum morem, conexis et cohaerentibus aedificiis: suam quisque domum spatio circumdat, sive adversus casus ignis remedium, sive inscitia aedificandi.

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