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And mark, with many a jovial shout,
How well he 'scapes from rolling out;
As now he sits



With starting eyes, and horrent brow,
On brink of fate appears to hover,
Is all but in, and all but over ;
Gripes with one hand the net, and shakes

The other at them in despair,
And asks if no damned statute takes

A British life beneath its care ?
A toss breaks off the words he's uttering,
And swearing trembles into stuttering :
I'm sure you 'll pardon him for swearing-
It is no joke, that sort of chairing !
And Claudian says-(how that old stuff

Boys read, to all men meet applies,)
" That men, like Hodges, must be rough

' In manner—when they take a rise !**

Now Chang and Ching had all the while

Been two among the motley meeting,
And heard the speech--Ching, with a smile,
Listened-and thought some man of guile,

With juggling tricks the crowd was cheating ;
But Chang, with wrinkled brow, and eyes
That like an owl's looked wondrous wise,


Asperius nihil est humili cum surgit in altum.”---Claudian.

Gravely perceived that must be grand,
Which was so hard to understand !
If facts were clear, what use in study ?
The well of Truth is always muddy!

Of course these different ways of viewing
The good man, made them also

eye With different gaze, the seer pursuing

His “ perilous career on high."
Gay Ching his hands with glee was clapping,

Shouting, “ Ah, look! how near a toss over ;" Grave Chang, his arms around him wrapping,

Groaned, “ What a state for a philosopher!" Ching thought it was delightful sport,

Thinking not of the man's longevity; Grave Chang made maxims on the short

Sighted, and vulgar lust of levity!

And now the crowd's career at last, (Just as by Fiam's door it past,) Came all abruptly to an end !

For one of Hodges' two upbearers Had an enchanting female friend,

(A chambermaid to Mrs. Fiam,)

And she, of course, was of the starers, Who with stretched neck, and merry grin Looked out, and saw the palanquin,

As now 'twas bouncing by 'em.

Who doth not know what mischiefs rise
From single glance of maiden's eyes ?*
Both, by the sport exhilarated,
And by the maiden's looks elated,
Willing to kill the girl with laughter
Not caring what might happen after,
This cursed fellow stopped, and sign’d
To t'other what was in his mind;
And then while Hodges, nought suspecting,
His breath was slowly re-collecting,
Deeming at length these barbarous men-a

Glimpse of reason had enlightened,
And that his course aeriâ penna

Would leave him now less hurt, than frightened, --The two their sinews strained, and sent

Their load, with such a heave, on high,
You'd thought the luckless saint was sent

Upon a mission to the sky.
With hair erect, and long limbs sprawling,
The sight was really quite appalling;
So high he went, with such celerity,
It seemed as for some god-like merit, he
Carried from earth like great Alcides
To Jupiter's ambrosial side is.
But, oh! as maiden speakers break
Down, when their highest flight they take;

* I think this couplet I must alter,

It smacks too strongly of Sir Walter !

Ev'n so, (while fearing to be crushed

Each idler from beneath him dodges ;) Swift, heavy-like an avalanche-rush'd

To earth the astonish'd form of Hodges He lay so flat, he lay so still, He seem'd beyond all farther ill. They pinched his side, they shook his head, And then they cried, “ The man is dead !" On this, each felt no pleasing chill ;

For e'en among the Bancokeians, A gentleman for fun to kill,

Is mostly punish’d—in plebeians. They stare-look serious-mutter-coughAnd then, without delay, sneak off; Nor at a house for succour knock't, or Thought once of sending for the doctor.

Fair Nature, in the young, thy beauty

In every clime is seen the best!
And that which manhood makes a duty,

Is impulse in the youthful breast.
So now, our brothers, who, howe'er

Differing in powers, and predilections, Still, nor in stinted measure, share

Man's loveliest attribute, affectionsRemain behind the vanished crowd Kneeling, and o’er the sufferer bowed.

It was a pleasing sight to view,

The same divine expression heighten The likeness of the linked two,

And o’er their dusky features brighten ; Until you saw what nameless graces Breathe into love the rudest faces; When to the outward canvass start The living colours of the heart.

Meanwhile, outflock, in mix'd confusion,

All Fiam's household to the stranger; And with the help of Chang, and Ching, Beneath their roof the saint they bring.

A surgeon call’d—they find the danger Is less than they conceived—a groan, At least announces life not flown; They clear the blood that darkly oozes Out from the skull and their conclusion Is, that a very sad contusion, A broken leg—a score of bruises, Make of the damages they note allThe items of the pleasing total, Far from enough to cure, I'm doubting So great a patriot of mob-spouting..

Here for the present, to the care
Of Fiam, and the brother-pair,

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