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And make us rather bear---yea, cling
To the unslak'd and sleepless sting-
Than bid one pang that Being prove,
Lov'd more than all the ends of Love ?

And she was saved—nor knew how nigh
The doom she never sought to fly!
Ev'n with her fair cheek on his breast---

Ev'n with her ripe lips warm from his,
So nearly, and so wildly blest-

There was a barrier to the bliss
A soul itself that nobly prided
To shield the fond heart that confided !

So Time went on his silent

And brought in sight the fatal day;
And now but one brief moon will fail,
Ere Julian's ship unfurl her sail ;
And the frail plank, and faithless sea,
Become, poor girl! a world to thee !

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Melancholy plays the Schoolmaster to Mirth—The curious and perplex

ing dilemma of the Twins—Their escape_The world not free from the misfortunes of Chang and Ching—The conversation between Julian and Chang-Love-The immortality of the soul, &c.—Chang often seeks a renewal of that conversation—The ancient philosophers—The Boudhist religion---The state of Chang's mind on religious matters.


One evening, Julian homeward walking,

Beheld afar a gathering crowd ; And on his ear, the storm of talking

Broke quite“ inelegantly loud."* When one is suffering from blue devils, Noise-mobs—are most tremendous evils ! How very much one's Melancholy Turns up her nose at vulgar Folly! How very bitterly she quarrels With Mirth's sad sentiments and morals ! Calls Joy hard names, and swears 'tis very Silly, and wicked to be merry.

* Lady

was good enough to fashion the above phrase for me. Her Ladyship cannot endure a mob to be the least vulgar; in her works she appears quite affronted at their not wearing silk stockings, and shouting hurrah !-in a whisper.

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