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Printer to the Governor and State of Connecticut."

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The CHARTER granted by His fcFajfcfty King
C H ARL E S the Second,

CH ARLES the Second, by the Grace of G O D, K r K & -6f .
England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c".
To all to whom these Presents mall come, Greeting.
Whereas by the several Navigations, Discoveries, and Successful Plantations
of divers of Our loving Subjects of this Our Realm 0/England, several Lands*
JJlands, Places, Colonies, and Plantations have been obtained and Jeltled in
that Part of the Continent o/America called New-England, and thereby the
tirade and Commerce there, bath been of late Tears much increased: And where-
as We have been informed by the humble Petition of Our Trusty and Well-
ieloved John Winthrop, John Mason, Samuel Wyllys, Henry Clarke, Mat-
thew Allyn, John Tapping, Nathan Gold, Richard Treat, Richard Lord,
Henry Wolcott, John Talcott, Daniel Clarke, John Ogden, Thomas Wells,
Obadiah Bruen, John Clarke, Anthony Hawkins, John Deming, Mat-
thew Camheld, being Persons principally interested in Oar Colony or Plantation of,
Connecticut, in N;:w-Engh;;d, that the fame Colony, or the greatest part thereof
Was Purchased and Obtained for great and valuable Considerations, and some other
Part thereof gained by Csnquest, and with much difficulty, and at the only Endea-
vours, Expeece, and Charges of them and their Associates, and those under whom
they Claim, Subdued, and Improved, and thereby become a considerable Enlarge-
ment and Addition of Our Dominions and Interest there, Nowknowye*
T'hat in Consideration thereof, and in Regard the said Colony is remote
from other the English Plantations in the Places aforesaid, and to the, End
the Affairs and Business which shall from Time to Time happen or arise
concerning the same, may be duly Ordered and Managed, we have thought
fit, and at the humble Petition of the Persons aforesaid, and are graciously
Pleased to create and make them a Body Politick and Corporate, with thev
Powers and Privileges herein after mentioned j and accordingly Our Will
and Pleasure is, and of our especial Grace, certain Knowlege, and meer
Motion, We have ordained, constituted and declared, and by these Pre-
sents, for XJs; Our Heirs and Successors, Do ordain, constitute and declare,
that they the said John Winthrop, John Mason, Samuel Wyllys, Henry Clarke,
Matthew Allyn, John.Tapping, Nathan Gold, Richard Treat, Richard Lord,
Henry Wolcott^ John Talcott, Daniel Clark,:, John Ogden, Thomas Wells,
Obadiah Bruen, John Clarke, Anthony Hawkins, John Deming, and Matthew
Camfield, and all such others as now are, or hereafter (hall be admitted, and
made Free of the Company and Society of Our Colony of Connecticut, irl
America, shall from Time to Time, and for ever hereafter, be One Body
Corporate and Poli'ick, in Fact and Name, by the Name of, Governor and
Company of the English Colony of Connecticut in New-England, in America;
and that by the same Name they and their Successors shall and may have
perpetual Succession, and shall and may be Persons able and capable in the
Law, to plead and be impleaded, to answer and to be answered unto, to
defend and be defended in all and singular Suits, Causes, Quarrels, Matters,
Actions, and Things, of what Kind or Nature soever-, and also to have,
take, possess, acquire, and purchase Lands, Tenements, or Plereditaments*
or any Goods, or Chattels, and the fame to lease, grant, demise, alien,
bargain, sell, and dispose of, as other Our liege People of this Our Realm
of Er.gland, or any other Corporation or Body Politick within the fame-may
lawfully do. And further, That the said Governor and Company, and
their Successors, shall and may sot ever hereafter have a Common Seal, to
serve and\ise for all Causes, Matters, Things, and Affairs whatsoever, of
them and their Successors, and the fame Seal to alter, change, break, and
make new from Time to Time, at their Wills and Pleasures, as they shall
think fit. And further, We will and ordain, and by these Presents, for
Us, our Heirs and Successors, do declare and appoint, that for the better
ordering and managing of the Affairs and Business of the said Company


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