Sales Stories to Sell by: 95 True Accounts of Success You Can Use to Close More Deals

McGraw Hill Professional, 1 de out de 2006 - 162 páginas
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New Creative Selling Ideas are Being Developed and Tested Right on the Sales Field.

To get them and use them with your own sales prospects, you need to keep your eyes and ears open to what your colleagues are doing. With stories from salespeople in a wide range of industries-from local businesses to international conglomerates, serving every kind of client in every region in the country, your peers in the field share their time-tested secrets that have won them success. Sales Stories to Sell By introduces you to

  • A business forms distributor (and former mime) whose acting skills helped him win over a gatekeeper skilled at screening cold callers and get through to the company's top decision maker
  • A printing sales representative who turned a resistant prospect into his best customer by using a ten-pound bag of lemon drops-and who learned a lesson about selling with a personal touch
  • A vice president for a multiregional trucking company who used a blood drive at his customer's company as an opportunity to impress a customer-and walked away with $5 million in annual revenue

The opportunities for winning the sale are as numerous as the prospects you'll encounter. With the first-hand tips that led 95 sales- people to success, you can turn every customer into a new and profitable client.

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1 Be Prepared
2 Creative Closings
3 Ask and You Shall Receive
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Gerhard Gschwandtner is the founder and publisher of Selling Power. He has more than three decades of international sales and marketing experience and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of sales performance.

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