The Annual Register, Volume 121

Edmund Burke
Rivingtons, 1880
Continuation of the reference work that originated with Robert Dodsley, written and published each year, which records and analyzes the year’s major events, developments and trends in Great Britain and throughout the world. From the 1920s volumes of The Annual Register took the essential shape in which they have continued ever since, opening with the history of Britain, then a section on foreign history covering each country or region in turn. Following these are the chronicle of events, brief retrospectives on the year’s cultural and economic developments, a short selection of documents, and obituaries of eminent persons who died in the year.

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Página 214 - Queen has been graciously pleased to give orders for the appointment of the undermentioned officers to be Ordinary Members of the Military Division of the Third Class, or Companions of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, viz.
Página 333 - These short Books are addressed to the general public, with a view both to stirring and satisfying an interest in literature and its great topics in the minds of those who have to run as they read.
Página 314 - I conceive it to be the business of Moral Science to deduce from the laws of life and the conditions of existence what kinds of action necessarily tend to produce happiness and what kinds to produce unhappiness. Having done this, its deductions are to be recognized as laws of conduct; and are to be conformed to irrespective of a direct estimation of happiness or misery.
Página 11 - Zululand appears to them to justify a confident hope that by the exercise of prudence, and by meeting the Zulus in a spirit of forbearance and...
Página 286 - There is no duty which so much embarrasses the Executive and heads of Departments as that of appointments ; nor is there any such arduous and thankless labor imposed on Senators and Representatives as that of finding places for constituents. The present system does not secure the best men, and often not even fit men, for public place. The elevation and purification of the civil service of the Government will be hailed with approval by the whole people of the United States.
Página 350 - THE LIGHT OF ASIA ; or, THE GREAT RENUNCIATION (Mahabhinishkramana). Being the Life and Teaching of Gautama, Prince of India, and Founder of Buddhism (as told in verse by an Indian Buddhist). By Edwin Arnold, MA, CSI , &c.
Página 163 - As to the project of a Jerusalem Bishopric, I never heard of any good or harm it has ever done, except what it has done for me; which many think a great misfortune, and I one of the greatest of mercies. It brought me on to the beginning of the end.
Página 208 - Seal granting the dignity of a Knight of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland unto Alexander Taylor, Esq., Doctor of Medicine.
Página 6 - Umpandi, and they have kept playing with me all this time, treating me as a child ? Go back and tell the English that I shall now act on my own account, and if they wish me to agree to their laws, I shall leave and become a wanderer ; but before I go it will be seen, as I shall not go without having acted. " Go back and tell the white men this, and let them hear it well. The Governor of Natal and I are equal ; he is Governor of Natal, and I am Governor here.
Página 200 - Roebuck gave notice that he would move for a select committee to inquire into the condition of the army before Sebastopol, and into the conduct of those departments of the Government whose duty it had been to minister to the wants of the army.

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