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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year eighteen hundred and thirtyiwo, by Isaac N. Whiting, in the Office of the Clerk of the District of Ohio.



*This Publication is intended to meet the increasing demand for the first four volumes of Hammond's Reports. Several of the earlier numbers are now en. tirely out of market; and it is with considerable difficulty and no small expense that the entire work can be procured. This volume embraces all the Decisions of the Supreme Court, reported in the first four volumes of Hammond. No alteration whatever has been made either in the statement of the cases, or in the opinions of the Court. The work is simply a republication of the Decisions as reported by Mr. Hammond, including all the dissenting opinions. The arguments of Counsel only are omitted. This omission, it is believed, will be more than compensated, by the reduction of four volumes into one, with a corres. ponding diminution in price; and it will also place this work upon a similar footing with the Reports hereafter to be published, under the Act of 1831, which prohibits the publication of Arguments, unless specially directed by the Court.

The Rules of Court are prefixed, and a new and much more correct and copious Index added.


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