10 Life-Changing Attitudes That Will Make You a Financial Success!

Rich Brott, 2007 - 112 páginas
A proper attitude and approach to your financial affairs is not only exemplary, but also necessary. In this book you will find 10 life-changing attitudes that will make you a financial success. They are the I Can attitudes. Not only are they life changing, but also very attainable. With the right guidance, you can become debt free. With the proper attitude, you can break bad spending habits. With enough self-discipline, you can pay cash instead of using credit. You can renew your thinking, change your flawed value system, and rise above your burden of debt. If you are financially accountable, you can enjoy life without spending massive amounts of money. Author Rich Brott wants to help you discover financial solutions and change your improper attitudes so that you can change your life!

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I Can Be Debt Free
I Can Break Bad Spending Habits
I Can Choose to Pay Cash
I Can Renew My Thinking
I Can Change My Flawed Value System
I Can Rise Above My Burden of Debt
I Can Be Financially Accountable
I Can Enjoy Life Without Spending Money
I Can Find Financial Solutions
I Can Change My Attitude I Can Change My Life
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Rich Brott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics and a Master of Business Administration. He has served in an executive position of some very successful businesses. Additionally, he has functioned on the board of directors for churches, businesses, and charities and served on an advisory board for a college and other entities. He has traveled to more than 25 countries on teaching assignments and business concerns. Rich has authored over twenty books. He and his wife Karen, have been married for 35 years. Rich Brott resides in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, three children, son-in-law and granddaughter.

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