Valley of the Upper Wabash, Indiana: With Hints on Its Agricultural Advantages ; Plan of a Dwelling, Estimates of Cultivation, and Notices of Labor-saving Machines

Pratt, Robinson and Company, 1838 - 175 páginas

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Página 133 - If any person or persons shall wilfully do, or cause to be done, any act or acts whatever, whereby any building, construction or work of any railroad corporation, or any engine, machine or structure, or any matter or thing appertaining to the same, shall be stopped, obstructed, impaired, weakened, injured or destroyed, the person or persons so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall forfeit and pay to the said corporation treble the amount of damages sustained by means of such offense.
Página 132 - ... from time to time to fix, regulate and receive the tolls and charges by them to be received for transportation...
Página 141 - The value of the property transported on the canals of the State of New York during the year 1836 is shown by official tables to be $67,000,000. Of that amount, it...
Página v - To measure its extent by well-known objects, it is fifteen times as large as that part of the State of New York, west of the county of Oneida — nearly twice as large as the kingdom of France — and about six times as extensive as the whole of England. It contains 180,000,000 of acres of arable land, a large portion of which is of surpassing fertility.
Página 139 - ... sea-board. The undaunted resolution of this energetic race of men is strikingly evinced by the fact, that the cost of the works which they have thus undertaken, (and most of which are in actual progress) will exceed fortyeight millions of dollars — a sum far exceeding all that New York, with two millions of inhabitants, and two hundred years of accumulated wealth, has ever attempted.
Página vii - In the brief period of twenty-one years, such has been the influx of population into this great district, that Ohio, the eldest member in this brotherhood of nations, now numbers 1,400,000 inhabitants, Indiana upwards of 600,000, Illinois and Michigan, (both of whom have organized their governments and come into the Union) 700,000 ; while west of Lake Michigan, not only is Wisconsin rapidly rising, but even beyond the upper Mississippi, 30,000 citizens have already laid the foundations of yet another...
Página 135 - When a sale of real estate is ordered to be made at private sale, notice of the same must be posted up in three of the most public places in the county in which the land is situated, and...
Página 139 - ... will exceed forty-eight millions of dollars — a sum far exceeding all that New York, with two millions of inhabitants, and two hundred years of accumulated wealth, has ever attempted. The circumstance, moreover, is particularly important, that the public works of each of these great communities are arranged on a harmonious plan, each having a main line supported and enriched by lateral and tributary branches, thereby bringing the industry of their whole people into prompt and profitable action,...
Página 124 - ... discontented and the aspiring, and promises to all a freer life, and a fresher nature. The European emigrant might believe himself as one transported to a new world, governed by new laws, and finds himself at once raised in the scale of being — the...
Página 7 - It is well known to geologists, that that soil is the most productive, which has been derived from the destruction of the greatest variety of different rocks; for thus only is produced the due mixture of gravel, sand, clay, and limestone, necessary to form a good medium, for the retention and transmission of nutritive fluids, be they liquid or aeriform, to the roots of plants.

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