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cises is indispensable to the acquirement of a perfectly correct pronunciation.

It will be perceived that the last exercise was especially calculated to beget habits of care and correctness in the pronunciation of unaccented vowels. But it will be observed that in each group of syllables representing a word of three syllables, the vowel elements were identical. Hence the simplicity of the exercise; for, where the organs are once prepared for a certain vowel element, it is far easier to repeat the same element several times in the same word, than to change the effort and produce a new or different vowel sound in the same word. The word ădămănt has three syllables with precisely the same vowel element in each syllable; viz. : the fourth sound of a (ă). The word • ēmănāte' has three syllables, but a different vowel element in each ; hence it is easier to give the former word with perfect correctness than the latter. But as the vowel sound is not always, nor usually, the same in the different syllables of words in our language, we need an exercise which shall involve the necessity of suddenly changing the shape of the mouth, to accommodate the different vowel sounds which may occur in our words.

EXERCISE FOR CHANGE OF VOWEL SOUND. We may now make use of the first exercise upon syllables, that immediately following the Table of Elements; and use the syllables in groups of two and three, thus representing words of two and three syllables respectively, having a different vowel sound in each. In the first instance giving accent to the first syllable of each word; as,

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[Note.—It may here be remarked for the information of those who merely examine this book, and have no knowledge of the experimental teaching of its rules, that, in a practical point of view, the necessity of such exercises must be admitted by all who would wish to excel. It would seem that, with the aid of the careful directions here given, and the oft repeated cautions as to intensity or loudness, contrast, correctness of vowel sounds, &c., any intelligent pupil might safely undertake to perfect himself without a master. I am confident that tasks involving far greater difficulties are daily accomplished by men of mediocre ability; and yet I am compelled to confess that nine pupils out of ten, make but a clumsy and awkward business during some days, and often weeks, of their practice on these exercises, even with the aid of a watchful and attentive guide. Is it necessary to add that, until they do perform them with skill and propriety, they can entertain no reasonable hope of making proficiency in the more advanced stages of elegant reading ?]

The following short list of words in common use, if carefully submitted to the test of extreme accuracy in the unaccented vowel sounds, will furnish a good and easy practice; and the contrast of this with the common hurried pronunciation of them, will exhibit the deformity of careless speech.


Innocence serenity Indolence urbanity Innovate morality Intimate delinquency Isolate charity Iterate futurity Irritate theocracy Hesitate velocity Insulate proximity Identity validity Immaculate rusticity Emancipate agility Itinerate scurrility Elucidate perversity Indurate periphery Eventuate terribly Inelegant fertility Effeminate civility Elliptical hilarity Empirical ferocity Emanate credulity Effectuate diversity Effervescence excellent Epilepsy fervent Epitome imminent Purity redolent Obscurity benevolent Lucidity indolent

indigent incipient delinquent diffident beneficent violent parliament pertinent virulent sentiment military commentary statuary numerary secretary salutary notary sectary oratory rotatory monitory laboratory dilatory derogatory peremptory inventory conservatory

interrogatory parsimony alimony irritable invincible resistible capable interminable pardonable exhaustible comparable remunerable excusable admissible indefatigable benignity urbanity civility obscurity pertinacity tenacity perspicuity pusillanimity inflammable illimitable convertible controvertible

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