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1st. The same sign is employed to represent several different sounds.

The sign or letter a stands for the element ā in the word ale.. For ä in arm.

For a in all. For ă in at.

And for õ in what.
The letter e stands for the element ē in the word we.
For ě in met.

For ā in grey.
The letter i stands for i in the word vile.
For i in fit.

For ē in marine.
And for ŭ in bird, virtue, &c.

The letter o stands for o in the word roll.
For ö or oo in move, who, bosom, &c.
For ụ in wolf.

For ŭ in cover, one, &c.
For o in pot.

For i in women.
The letter u stands for ū in the word duty.
For u in full.

For ŭ in but.
For ě in bury.

And for î in business.

vowel element in the word duty.' And these tables will read as nonsense unless the reader first make hiinself acquainted with the sound intended to be represented by each sign.

This he will easily do by referring to the Table of Elements, and learning the sound of each element by observing the sign for the true sound of the vowel element in the well known syllables Ale, arm, all, at, &c., as they are rightly pronounced.

Unless this caution be carefully observed, the reader will do much better to omit these tables entirely, which are designed merely to show the imperfections of our alphabet, and the eccentricities of English pronunciation.

And 2dly. The same element is represented by different signs.

The element ā is represented By a in the word ale.

By ai in aid. By ei in weight and heinous. By ey in grey. By ay in lay.

By au in gauge.
By aigh in straight.

The element ä is represented
By a in the word drama. By ea in heart.
By au in daunt.

By ah in hurrah.
The element a is represented
By a in the word all.

By o in border.
By au in vault.

By aw in law. By al in qualm.

By ough in thought.
By augh in caught.

The element ē is represented
By e in the word evening. By ea in leave.
By ee in meet.

By ei in leisure.
By ie in believe.

By i in marine.

And formerly by Æ in Æolian, and by e in economy, penal, &c.

The element ě is represented By e in the word ever.

By ea in weather. By ai in again.

By a in Thames. By u in burial.

By ei in heifer.

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The element ŭ is represented
By u in the word but.
By ou in touch.

By o in love.

The element ų is represented
By u in the word put.
By ou in would

By oo in foot.

The element ou is represented
By ou in the word gout. By ow in cow.
By ough in slough.

Oi and oy are pronounced alike.

But in order to construct our exercises we use the signs as indicated in the Table of Elements, and proceed to form syllables, by placing successively before all the vowel elements each sub-vowel and aspirate (excepting óng,' which is only a final sound). This gives us the syllables.

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