Locomotive Firemen's Magazine, Volume 33

Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman, 1902

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Página 248 - Initiative petitions shall be filed with the secretary of state not less than four months before the election at which they are to be voted upon.
Página 334 - Neither said report nor any report of said investigation nor any part thereof shall be admitted as evidence or used for any purpose in any suit or action for damages growing out of any matter mentioned in said report or investigation.
Página 21 - SEC. 2. That any common carrier failing to make such report within thirty days after the end of any month shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof by a court of competent jurisdiction, shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars for each and every offense and for every day during which it shall fail to make such report after the time herein specified for making the same.
Página 334 - That it shall be the duty of the general manager, superintendent, or other proper officer of every common carrier engaged in interstate or foreign commerce by railroad to make to the Interstate Commerce Commission...
Página 248 - State not more than ninety days after the final adjournment of the session of the legislative assembly which passed the bill on which the referendum is demanded. The veto power of the Governor shall not extend to measures referred to the people. All elections on measures referred to the people of the State shall be had at the biennial regular general elections, except when the legislative assembly shall order a
Página 10 - Railway bars, made of iron or steel, and railway bars made in part of steel, T rails, and punched iron or steel flat rails, seven-twentieths of one cent per pound; railway fish-plates or splice-bars, made of iron or steel, four-tenths of one cent per pound.
Página 155 - Leaves have their time to fall, And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath, And stars to set, but all — Thou hast all seasons for thine own, O Death...
Página 441 - When summer birds from far shall cross the sea, When autumn's hue shall tinge the golden grain — But who shall teach us when to look for thee?
Página 456 - True worth is in being, not seeming; In doing each day that goes by. Some little good — not in dreaming Of great things to do by and by.
Página 276 - ... brow with sunset glow. Why should good words ne'er be said Of a friend till he is dead ? If you hear a song that thrills you, Sung by any child of song, Praise it. Do not let the singer Wait deserved praises long. Why should one who thrills your heart Lack the joy you may impart ? If you hear a prayer that moves you, By its humble, pleading tone, Join it. Do not let the seeker Bow before his God alone. Why should not your brother share The strength of

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