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Whitehall Dekober 29" 1745

Doar gange


hon member

translated from the French. You ab.

I am extremely obliged to you for your letter the whe to me in English, must have been to judge of it bz it,

is pertilesen

I am not giver

lah. Tanel labert mynel
in telling you, that I am pliastiese
a place in your thoughts

had not heetats
Congratulate you on your Escape in that fatal day 8 this
Country; who has been to blame time must ther, the General

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eijaspected of vent A Condeck, Phove decret lo'lini ca
reld enhisely cleare) ärzt in Me menos frente, trit
ad again the teachelas, and bare behuires of the
Private mes

and ach the sake home do sushia to the
Courage and rentahin o bhus offices offer they were
abandana inn tharnefale a manner. The white affis
s to be enguired into

and if any are quiltz a must
They will be punished; but that will be but poor sahifaction
the belter you enthe fron Erntargh rever

never reach?
and that to weight most probably
Jale. Recte a' now Paplain tiuronant and
Cratches, he was that there the foot at Gontenor, and


Zaith the same

po, I came

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go, on

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faces amongas

the he has shold his leg, he has not yet much the
122 Jocelyn vi' vele ano at Defterð encamp

from Rence en sundag your briller a la Cour demain
(aka Jailles ci fost amöz

from Caphirils, hei amids are vie
but his beauty rather decreard, the rest of friends

as usual, but are have nens fue
Smce Gurriz gáMenig .

was your rade. The Mention
of everybody is entirely upon the north, and are vais
with great impatience hoce the effect the anival
of Mental wade e in that country will have
upon the rebels; by their not having get marcha
Southward it seems as if they lad laid the
it aside, some go so far as to imagine that

that they

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