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Tabelle über die Veröffentlichung der
Idylls of the King.

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Zur Bibliographie der Idylls vergl.: Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century, ed. by W. R. Nicoll and T. J. Wise (London, Hodder and Stoughton), vol. II (1896), pg. 219–272: The Building of the Idylls.


Gesamtausgabe in einem Bande:

The Works of A. L. T. Complete Edition in one vol. London, Macmillan and Co. Zuerst 1894 [7/6].

Die Gedichte allein:

Poetical Works. Globe Edition. Ebd. Zuerst 1899 [3/6]. Besser gedruckte Ausgabe: People's Edition, in 12 vols. Ebd. [12/-].

Die Dramen allein:

The Dramatic Works. Miniature Edition. 5 vols. Ebd. [12/6].

Neudruck der "Poems by Two Brothers" und des Preisgedichtes "Timbuctoo" 1829 [in keine Ausgabe aufgenommen] ebd. 1893 [6/-].

Kritische Ausgaben mit allen Lesarten [und Commentar]: The Early Poems of A. Lord T.

Edited, with a critical Introduction, Commentaries and Notes, together with the various Readings, a Transcript of the Poems temporarily and finally suppressed, and a Bibliography, by John Churton Collins. London, Methuen and Co. 1900 [6/-].

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In Memoriam, The Princess, and Maud, by A. Lord T. Edited, with critical Introductions, Commentaries and Notes, together with the various Readings, by J. Ch. Collins. Ebd. 1902 [6/-].

Kommentierte Einzelausgaben.

Ed. by F. J. Rowe and W. T. Webb. 1888


The Coming of Arthur; The Passing of Arthur. Ed. by
F. J. Rowe. 1891 [2/6].

Gareth and Lynette. Ed. by G. C. Macaulay. 1892 [2/6]. The Marriage of Geraint; G. and Enid. desgl. 1892 [2/6]. Aylmers Field. Ed. by W. T. Webb. 1891 [2/6].

Alle bei Macmillan and Co. Von diesen [und einigen anderen] Ausgaben bemerkt Hallam Lord Tennyson im "Memoir" pg. XXIII: "Whenever there was any doubtful point in the notes, I referred it to my father: so that in the later editions of these annotated volumes the commentaries may be considered tolerably accurate.”

Von den zahlreichen kommentierten Einzelausgaben (bzw. Erläuterungsschriften ohne Text) seien noch genannt:

The Princess.

S. E. Dawson, A Study, with critical and explanatory Notes, of The Pr. Montreal 1882.. Sec. Edition 1884 [5/-].

Ed., with Introduction and Notes, by Ethel Fry. 1905 [1/6]. Ed. (etc.) by P. M. Wallace. 1892 [3/6].

In Memoriam.

Annotated by the Author. Ed. by Hallam Lord Tennyson. 1905 [5/-].

H. C. Beeching, IM., with an Analysis and Notes. 1900. [1/6].

A. C. Bradley, A Commentary on IM. Sec. Ed., revised, 1902 [4/6].

Eliz. Chapman, A Companion to IM. 1888 [2/-].
Alfr. Gatty, A Key to IM. New Ed. 1894 [3/6].
J. F. Genung, IM.: its Purpose and its Structure. 1894

Jos. Jacobs, Tennyson and IM., an Appreciation and a Study. 1892 [2/-].

F. W. Robertson: IM., with an Analysis by-, and an Introduction by Alice Meynell. 1904 [2/6].

A. W. Robinson, IM., edited with a Commentary. 1901


M. Stevenson, s. u. Biographien und lit. Studien, S. 128.


Morton Luce, New Studies in Tennyson, including a Commentary on Maud. 1893 [1/6].

R. J. Mann, T.'s Maud Vindicated. An explanatory Essay 1856.

Maud, and other Poems, ed. with Notes and Introd. by Eliz. Wordsworth. 1899 [1/6].

Idylls of the King.

Lancelot and Elaine. Ed. by F. J. Rowe. 1895 [2/6]. The Holy Grail. Ed. by G. C. Macaulay. 1893 [2/6]. Guinevere. (desgl.) 1895 [2/6].

Vergl. ferner oben, S. 125.

Complete Edition in one vol., with Introd. and Notes by W. J. Rolfe. Boston 1896 [4/-].

Literarische Studien über die Idylls.

L. Dhaleine, A Study on T.'s Idylls. Paris 1905.
H. Elsdale, Studies on T.'s Idylls. 1878 [5/-].
S. H. Gurteen, The Arthurian Epic. 1895 [7/6].
A comparative Study of the Cambrian, Breton, and Anglo-
Norman Versions ... and T.'s Idylls.
R. Jones, The Growth of the Idylls.
H. Littledale, Essays on the Idylls.
M. W. Maccallum, T.'s Idylls and Arthurian Story from
the 16th Cent. 1894 [7/6].

1895 [6/6].
1893 [4/6].

Wüllenweber, Über T.'s Königsidylle "The Coming of Arthur" und ihre Quellen. Marburger Diss. 1889.

Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Biographien und literarische Studien.
A Memoir, by his Son

[Hallam Lord Tennyson].
London, Macmillan and Co. 1897. Einbändige Ausgabe
1906 [6/-].

A. C. Benson, Lord T. 1903 [3/6].

Stopford A. Brooke, T., his Art and Relation to Modern Life. 1894. Sec. Ed. 1900 [5/-].

Eliz. Cary, A. T., his Home, his Friends and his Work. New York 1898 [18-].

G. K. Chesterton and R. Garnett, T. (with numerous illustrations). 1903 [1/-].

J. Ch. Collins, Illustrations of T. 1891. New Edit. 1902 [3/6].

W. M. Dixon, A Primer of T. 1896. Sec. Ed. 1902 [2/6]. O. Elton, T., an Inaugural Lecture.

1902 [1/-].

Th. A. Fischer, Leben und Werke Tennysons.


[5 m.].

Tennyson-Studien. 1904 [3 m.].

W. C. Gordon, The Social Ideals of T. 1906 [66].
Steph. Gwynn, T., a Critical Study. 1899 [2/6].
R. F. Horton, T., a Saintly Life. 1900 [4/6].

P. Jellinghaus, T.'s Harold. Münster i. W. 1907 [2 m. ·]. Münstersche Beiträge zur Englischen Literaturgeschichte, herausgegeben von O. Jiriczek, Heft III.

A. Jenkinson, T., a brief Study of his Life and Poetry. 1892 [2/-].

H. Jennings, T., a Biographical Sketch. 1884. New Ed., revised and enlarged, 1892 [1/-].

H. Jones, The Immortality of the Soul in the Poems of Tennyson and Browning. 1905 [1/-].

E. Koeppel, T. 1899 [2,40 m.].

A. Lang, T. Sec. Ed. 1901 [2/6]. Cheap Ed. [6 d.] 1904.
M. Luce, New Studies in T. [s. o. S. 126].

A Handbook to the Works of T. 1895 [6/-].
Tennyson (Temple Primers). 1901 [1-].

Sir Alfred Lyall, T. 1902 [2/-].

Ch. F. G. Masterman, T. as a Religious Teacher. 1900 [6/-].

J. M. Moore, Three Aspects of the late A. Lord T. 1901 (1905) [2/-].

W. P. Mustard, Classical Echoes in T. 1904 [5/-]. J. Oates, The Teaching of T. New and revised Ed. 1902 [3/6].

E. Parsons, T.'s Life and Poetry. 1892.

D. Rawnsley, Memories of the Tennysons. 1900 [5/-]-
H. S. Salt, T. as a Thinker. 1893.
Schmerler, T. as a Dramatic Poet. Progr. Borna 1889.
R. H. Shepherd, Tennysoniana: Notes Bibliographical
and Critical. Sec. Ed. 1879 [6/-].

E. H. Sneath, The Mind of Tennyson. 1900 [5/-].
M. Stevenson, The Spiritual Teaching of In Mem.
1904 [2/6].

E. C. Tainsh, A Study of the Works of T. 1868. New Edition, completed and largely rewritten, 1893 [6/-]. H. Van Dyke, The Poetry of T. New Ed., revised and enlarged, 1905 [5/6].

-, An Introduction to the Poems of T. 1904 [2/-].

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