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eyes, which overflowed, in spite of him, at the ideas this technical jargon conjured up)-all as more fully described in the proper evidents and titles thereof-and lying within the parish of Bradwardine and the shire of Perth if, as aforesaid, they must all pass from my master's child to Inch-Grabbit, wha’s a whig and a Hanoverian, and be managed by his doer, Jamie Howie, wha's no fit to be a birlieman, let be a baillie"..

The beginning of this lamentation really had something affecting, but the conclusion rendered laughter irresistible. “Never mind, Baillie,” said Ensign Maccombich," for the gude auld times of rugging and riving (pulling and tearing) are come back again, an' Sneckus Mac-Snackus, and all the rest of your friends, maun give place to the longest claymore." .“ And that claymore shall be ours, Baillie,” (said the Chieftain, who saw that Macwheeble looked very blank at this intimation.)

“ We'll give them the metal our mountain affords,

Lillibulero, bullen a la, And in place of broad-pieces, we'll pay with broad-swords,

Lero lero, &c. With duns and with debts we will soon clear our score,

Lillibulero, &c. For the man that's thus paid will crave payment no more,

Lero, lero," &c.

“But come, Baillie, be not cast down; drink your wine with a joyous heart; the Baron shall return safe and victorious to Tully-Veolan, and unite Killancureit's lairdship with his own, since the cowardly half-bred swine will not turn out."

“To be sure, they be maist ewest,” said the Baillie, wiping his eyes, “and should naturally fall under the same factory.”

“And I,” proceeded the Chieftain, “shall take care of myself, too; for you must: know I have to complete a good work here, by bringing Mrs Flockhart into the bosom of the Catholic church, or at least half way, and that is to your episcopal meeting-house. O, Baron! if you heard her fine counter-tenor admonishing Kate

and Matty in the morning, you, who understand music, would tremble at the idea of hearing her shrieking in the psalmody of Haddo's-holę.” .

“Lord forgive you, Colonel, how ye rin on! but I hope your honours will tak tea before you gang to the palace, and I maun go and mask it for you." .'

So saying, Mrs Flockhart left the gentlemen to their own conversation, which, as might be supposed, turned chiefly upon the approaching events of the campaign.

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Ensign MACCOMBICH having gone to the Highland camp upon duty, and Baillie Macwheeble having retired to digest his dinner, and Evan Dhu's intimation of martial law, in some blind change-house, Waverley, with the Baron and the Chieftain, proceeded to Holyrood-house. The two last were in full tide of spirits, and the Baron rallied in his way our hero upon the handsome figure which his new dress displayed to advantage. “If you have any design upon the heart of a bonny Scottish lassię, I would premonish you when you address her to remember the words of Virgilius ;

Nunc insanus amor duri me Martis in armis,
Tela inter media atque adversos detinet hostes.'

Whilk verses Robertson of Struan, Chief of the clan Donnochy, unless the claims of Lude ought to be preferred primo loco, has thus elegantly rendered : ..

* For cruel love has gartan'd low my leg,
And clad my hurdies in a philabeg' '

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Although indeed ye wear the trews, a garment whilk I approve most of the two, as more ancient and seemly.”. ..^4 Or rather," said Fergus, “hear my song in

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She wadna hae a Lowland laird,

Nor be an English lady;
But she's away with Duncan Græme,
*' And he's rowed her in his plaidy."

By this time they reached the palace of Holy-Rood, and were announced respectively as they entered the apartments...!!

It is but too well known how many gen tlemen of rank, education, and fortune took a concern in the ill-fated and despe.

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