Neue Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften und der freyen Künste [ed. by C.F. Weisse]., Volume 2

Christian Felix Weisse

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Página 64 - The like was never seene. Most curiously that bower was built Of stone and timber strong, An hundered and fifty doors Did to this bower belong : And they so cunninglye contriv'd With turnings round about, That none but with a clue of thread, Could enter in or out.
Página 360 - Falstaff's Wedding. A Comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, being a sequel to the Second Part of the Play of King Henry the Fourth, written in imitation of Shakespeare.
Página 250 - We shall not need to say what lack Of leather was upon his back ; For that was hidden under pad, And breech of Knight, gall'd full as bad : His strutting ribs on both sides show'd...
Página 249 - Nor trod upon the ground so soft ; And as that beast would kneel and stoop (Some write) to take his rider up ; So Hudibras his ('tis well known) Would often do, to set him down.
Página 184 - YARICO to Inkle, an epistle. By the author of the Elegy written among the ruins of an abbey.
Página 249 - From whence he vaulted into th' seat With so much vigour, strength, and heat, That he had almost tumbled over...
Página 76 - And with these words, her lillie handes She wrunge full often there ; And downe along her lovely face Did trickle many a teare. But nothing could this furious queene Therewith appeased bee ; The cup of deadlye poyson stronge, As she knelt on her knee, Shee gave this comelye dame to drinke ; Who tooke it in her hand, And from her bended knee arose, And on her feet did stand : And casting...
Página 72 - And forth she calls this trustye knighte, In an unhappy houre ; Who with his clue of twined thread, Came from this famous bower. And when that they had wounded him, The queene this thread did gette, And went where Ladye Rosamonde Was like an angell sette. But when the queene with stedfast eye Beheld her beauteous face, She was amazed in her minde At her exceeding grace. Cast off from thee those robes...
Página 78 - Her chiefest foes did plaine confesse Shee was a glorious wight. Her body then they did entomb, When life was fled away, At Godstowe, neare to Oxford towne, As may be seene this day.
Página 59 - Sore he looked on kyng Estmere, And sore he handled the ryng, Then opened to them the fayre hall yates, He lett for no kind of thyng. Kyng Estmere he light off his...

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