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A RT. I.-1. Coranus textus Arabicus. Edi- | anda phraseology very different from those of dit Dr. G. Flügel. 410.

any other work with which he may be ac2. Coranus Arabice Recensionis Flügeliana quainted-are all the most attentive reader

textum recognitum iterum exprimi curavit can at first discover. If he makes an at. G. M. Redslob, Phil. Dr. et in Univers. tempt at translation, his patience has to un.

Lips. Prof. Publ. Extraord. gr. 8vo. dergo a still severer trial : 'the only tolerable 3. Al Koran.--By Mahomet. Translated version is that of Sale, who, though a mas. by Sale, &c.

ter of the language, has been betrayed by a

cruel scrupulousness into translating words How is it the Korann is so little read ? Our rather than ideas. In both cases the result most popular tales are adopted from the East, is commonly the same—the student throws by our most popular poetry coloured from its his book in disgust, and adds another to the imagery and its mannerisms ;-Why is the number of those who are content to hearof the most imaginative and most poetical of all beauties of the Korann, without attempting Eastern compositions comparatively unno- to become acquainted with them. Or, if his ticed? The deepest investigations of the his- resolution is proof against the difficulties he torian relate to the stupendous revolutions meets with, he runs through it without at. which Asia has undergone. Why is the elo- tention and closes it without an idea. Many quence in which the most stupendous of chapters indeed, to all but the linguist, are these originated suffered to sleep in silence better passed over than read, as they are on the shelt? In an age when philosophy mere repetitions of others more instructive probes, and religion strives to reconcile, all and none can be perused with interest till the varieties of mental persuasion, why is some clue is obtained to the order and ob. the impregnable faith of half the world gen-ject of composition. erally unread and almost always unstudied ? We flatter ourselves, therefore, that we

Such are the reflections and anticipations shall be doing an acceptable service to more with which the literary tyro enters on the pe. than one class of readers, by taking a cursorusal of the Korann; but he has hardly ry review of the style, matter, and general concluded a chapter, before he finds the an. peculiarities of this extraordinary work, and swer to his queries, and feels himself obliged applying the leading chapters to the circum. to struggle with the very apathy he had con- stances that explain their purport. This it demned in others. A tissue of reiterated is impossible to do without considering at the rhapsody--allusions which are unknown-re same time the character and fortunes of the gulations the necessity and the object of which author; and this article will consequently are not understood-couched 100 in an idiom treat of Mahomet as well as of his Scripture. VOL. XXIV.


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